Garondale Tales


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A young girl who goes through turmoil over and over again. Will she ever gain the happiness that she deserves? Or will she continue going through turmoil for the rest of her life? Perhaps she'll turn for the worst.

With ups and downs, her loved ones will guide her through her many adventures. With new friends, and new family members.

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Chapter 1: Garondale

     Have you ever dreamt of your past? Was it a good memory, or a bad memory? I always dream of my past. It's never pleasant. I usually see blood. You might be wondering who I am, and why I have these dreams.

    My name is Lightningbolt Margaret Thunder Storm. I go by Bolt for short. Let's start with fall of 2011, after my 16th birthday. I had a nightmare, and it was one of my usual ones. In the first scene, I saw my dad, laying on the floor, bleeding out. He had just been stabbed by someone I didn't recognize. Our general ran into the room, yelling for my father.

    Had I not shadow jumped to another room, I wouldn't have seen this. Had our general moved faster, I wouldn't be haunted by this tragedy. I was only 5 years old.

    In the next scene, I see an empty bottle of poison, my mom's body is limp, still, and cold. Being only 6 years old, I didn't quite understand. But what did understand was that my mom wasn't breathing, and I knew something was wrong, . I ran down the hall toward the stairs, before sun light broke through.

    I knew that if I woke up our general, he could help. I knocked on the door, and waited for an answer. The second I heard his voice, I squeaked “Mommy isn't breathing!” As he quickly opened the door, I moved out of the way. I saw him dart up the stairs. Moments later, I heard him shout. “SUMMER!!” I knew then that something was gravely wrong. I went back up stairs and went to my mom’s room. Our general stopped me from going in the room. I wanted my mom so badly, but she was no longer with us.

    I sat straight up in the closet I was sleeping in, awakening from the dream. Breathing heavily, I say to myself, “GAH!!... Just a dream...”

    I then grabbed my phone to check the time. Darn, it's only 4:47 A.M.?... I guess I'll go to Nick's...
I got dressed and snuck out of the house. I didn't want my foster dad to know that I was sneaking out again. I don't think I would make it to school with whatever punishment I got. I barely made it to school yesterday.

    In case you didn't quite understand, I'm abused at home. I haven't seen my general from Garondale since I was 7. That was 9 years ago. Sometimes I ask myself why he hasn't come get me, or why he isn't looking for me.

    The sun hasn't risen yet, and I'm walking to my best friends house. Sometimes he's up around this time. Nick and his dad, Mr. Chavez, never know when I'll be in the hospital next. Mr. Chavez gets my medicine, because Jon, my foster dad, refuses to.

    I never understood why Jon is always angry. Maybe it's because his wife left them after several years of verbal and physical abuse. Not just towards her, but their children as well. He's not allowed to see them at all. I'm not sure how he managed to keep that hushed around the other social workers, but obviously he's allowed to be around minors.


    As I walk up to Nick's porch, I notice that the light is on. I see a guy with black shaggy hair, and beautiful emerald green eyes sitting in a rocking chair, in his pajamas. “Bolt? You're early... Well, earlier than usual.” “Ya...” “It was that dream again. Wasn't it?”

    I was worn out, and I didn't want to talk about it. So I went up to him as he stood up. I hugged him and said, “Nick, how did I get so lucky? I mean, being friends with you?” That's basically my way of saying that I didn't want to talk about it, but that I wanted to get some more sleep, or at least try. I must've caught him off guard.

    “Bolt, you're exhausted. Let's go inside and rest, okay?” I followed him in. I was really worn out. I work a few hours a night for my uncles, Rickishay at his Multi-Region Restaurant, and at Socorro's Tavern. Rickishay is my mom's brother. He's called Jon in a couple of times, but cops haven't done an investigation. They say the home is too welcoming to be destructive. They're told Mr. Chavez that, too.

    Socorro is my dad's brother, and I don't know his history. All I know is that he's always drinking, and sometimes it gets out of hand.

    Nick lead me to his room, and I set down my bag and take off my shoes. Nick then pulled out my hair tie. I didn't like it, but I don't complain. I laid down on his bed, and he pulled the blanket on me. His bed was warm like always. Unlike me, I sleep on the floor of a closet. It's not very comfortable. I close my eyes as Nick sat next to me. Before I fell asleep, I heard a voice that sounded like Nick's, only deeper.
    “Oh good, she is asleep.” said Mr. Chavez. “Hey dad.” “Make sure she's got a lunch today, okay?” “Don't worry, I will dad.”

    I drifted to sleep then, and for the first time in a long time, I felt like I was actually getting some rest. Something was different, and it had something to do with the dream I had.
    I see a Japanese man with a long white braid, in a counsel room. I think there was a meeting going on. He didn't look happy, and I think he's talking about me.

    “This should have been done sooner! I told you she would be better off in my care, instead of putting her in an unstable situation.”

    The other members talked amongst themselves. There were a couple of chairs empty. I think I saw myself in the room, but I couldn't tell.

    I woke up, and I felt confused. I then started going through my memories, trying to put a name to his face. “Bolt! Come on, we're gonna be late!” I suddenly sat up the second I heard Nick say that. I hate it when I sleep a little too long on a school day. “Crap! I'm up!” I started brushing my hair to pull it back.

“You can leave your hair down.” “No way, dude!”

    Nick and I go to a school called Webster High. It's an OK school. I would probably like it better if the other girls weren't so mean to me. I do have at least 2 other friends that are female.

    The bell rang as Nick and I ran into the building. We went our separate ways, because we had different classes this year. We shared a couple, though. I ran to my history class. I didn't really care that I was late, because I find history boring. But we have a test coming up, and I did want to pass this one. So I've been trying really hard to remember things in class.

    I walked in, and the entire class had their eyes on me. My teacher noticed that they got distracted and looked. “Ah, nice of you to join us. It's been awhile since you've been late. What's today’s excuse?” “My phone let me sleep too long. I must've shut off the alarm and forgot to turn it back on.” “I see, well, Ms. Storm, please take you seat, we're taking notes today” I nodded and sat down.

    I took out my book and started copying the notes. The other girls kept looking at me. They always did with their judgemental looks. I didn't dress like them, and I didn't act like them, I guess. I was nick named “emo-girl” at this school. I'm not an idiot, I knew they were talking about me. The way I dressed, the way I styled my hair, just everything about me. Let's not forget that I'm also bullied because I hang out with Nick, who is considered one of the hottest guys in school.

    My other classes zipped by. 4th period came long, and we got handouts. I completed the packet within 15 or 20 minutes. I turned in my work and sat at my desk quietly. I sighed, wondering what we'll be doing next. As I sat there reviewing previous spells we were taught yesterday, then the intercom came on. Lightningbolt Storm to the front office please. Lightningbolt Storm, thank you.

    I was confused, the only times I'm called to the front is when I either got into a fight, or when Jon was getting me early for a really cruel punishment. I froze for a moment, as students around me started to taunt me. “OOO!” “Emo-girl got busted!!” “Who'd you beat up this time?” I looked at the teacher, who gestured that I could leave. So I got up and left the class room. As I walked down the hall, I kept thinking to myself. I didn't do anything...

    I went to the front desk, expecting to either see Mr. Hawkins, the principal, or Jon. Instead, I see an elf woman, mint green hair, and eyes the matched. Her skin had a blue tint to it. I didn't pay her much mind. I looked at the lady who sat at the desk, typing something on the computer. “I got called?” I asked her. She nodded to the minty elf, who said something I hadn't heard in years. “Princess?” I turned to her, with a bit of a confused look.

    “I'm Lori,” she continued. “I'll be taking you home.” “H-home?!” I stuttered. “Yes, back to Garondale, your highness.”

    I couldn't believe my ears! Garondale, my real home. The place I was born in, and was raised in for 6 years. I was finally going back! I was getting away from Jon, he had to have been arrested this morning! I didn't know how to react. I wasn't sure if I should be happy, or scared.

    “I... Haven't been there in 9 years...” I finally said. “I know, I'm one of your maids. Shall we collect your things?” she asked me. I liked her voice, it was high, but it was calming. I didn't have a locker, I carried everything with me. Literally. My clothes, pajamas, school books, sketch books, blades, and toiletries. My bag was a magical one, I could put many things in it, and it wont' feel heavy. “N-no... I have everything.” “Then shall we?” she chimed.

    I followed her to the car, which was a black SUV. I sat in the front of the passenger side. As we were leaving the parking lot, I started to think.

    So, I'm going back to my birth place. I wonder how different it is now... That guy in my dream, will he be there? What was he?... A general? He was Japanese, or looked like it... Kaspin... Was that his name? It sounds right. What if I'm not royal enough? Will they kick me out? Or will they have some old hag teach me how to be a 'proper royal'?

    As I was trying to remember what my old room looked like, we pulled up in a long drive way. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the castle doors, starting from the school. “My lady, we're here.” Lori said, stopping the car. I looked out the window. “IT'S HUGE!” I exclaimed. She giggle some. “Why, of course it is, my lady. General Kaspin will greet you in the foyer. He's a gentle man, and he's been a little worried about you, ever since you left.”

    He was worried about me?

    I followed Lori into the castle. She asked me wait in the room that we had entered, and she left. Down the hall, I saw another maid, dressed up like I had imagined. I used my vampire powers to listen in. I could see that she was knocking on a door.

“General? The princess has returned.”

    Oh, that must be general Kaspin's office. Was he expecting me? What's he like? Have I met him before? Will he like me? What if he doesn't?

    I then saw the guy from my dream. He had the white, braided hair. I'm guessing that he's somewhere in his 40s or 50s. The maid told him where I was, and he started walking toward me. I saw his staff, and took a good look at it. I could feel magic from it. I started to wonder if he was a ninja wizard.


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Chapter 2: General Kaspin


Wait... Lady Lightningbolt??
    From the corner of my eye, I see something. I turned to look at it. It was a painting of what looked like a prince. He had oddly shaded red hair, and it was curly. I studied the painting, because that prince looked familiar to me, but I couldn't figure out why. I also started to wonder how long it took to paint something that big, and how hard it was to get it hung up. His blue eyes matched mine.
    "Miss Lightningbolt?" I heard a voice to the side of me. I turned, and there was the man who I think is Kaspin. Ugh, I hate being called that...
    "Is it really you? Are these old eyes deceiving me??" he asked, looking... Relieved? Happy? I'm not really sure what his facial expression is, but there's something about him that I just instantly trust. I suddenly have the urge to tell him everything that has ever happened to me. The abuse, rape... Everything. Every little detail. Just who is he exactly?
    "Uh, I don't think so... You're General Kaspin, right?" I finally asked, feeling shy.
"Yes, my lady. It's been a very long time."
    "You were in my dream last night... I mean this morning!.. I think you were in a meeting."
"A dream?"
    "Ya, you were upset about something. I saw other people too."
    We started heading upstairs. I didn't know where we were going, so my best assumption is my bedroom. This place is huge! I'm guessing the castle itself is about 600ft tall! That's a lot of stairs to climb.
    "Hmm... There have been plenty of times like that." he said, thinking to himself.
"Is it like... A council meeting?"
    He laughed a bit. "There have been plenty of time like that, too!"
    I was quiet for a few minutes. Then a light bulb seemed to have gone off. "Is there really an angel here? I heard about one being here."
    "You mean the man whore?"
"Man whore? But, I thought he was an angel, I wouldn't have thought of angels behaving like that."
    "You'd be surprised."

    He opened a door to a cooled room. It was beautiful! "What room is this?" I stupidly asked. "Your bedroom, my lady." he said, with a smile. I walked in, and soaked in the beauty. The bricks even gave it a nice renaissance feel. My bed was clean, with blue bed sheets and a matching pillow case. I must've liked glow-in-the-dark-stars, because the ceiling was full of them. I was trying to remember what it was like being in this room. I had a balcony! I had to check out the scenery when I was done unpacking and trying to settle in. Then I noticed something on the headboard of the bed. Setting down my bag, I went to take a look at it. It was kind of round, and it had feathers on it. I picked it up, and realized that it was a dream catcher.
    "I remember this! You gave it to me when I was having really bad nightmares!" I said, sounding surprised that I even remember that night at all.
    Kaspin nodded, still smiling. "Are you having trouble remembering things?" "Yes, I am actually. I'm surprised I even remember the dream catcher."

    "Dinner should be ready soon, I'll greet you downstairs, Lightningbolt." Kaspin said, getting ready to leave the room. "Uh, K-Kaspin?" "Yes?" "Uhm... I just go by Bolt now..." Kaspin nodded. "All right miss Bolt, I'll meet you downstairs." I nodded. I unpacked my magical bag, and noticed the closet. I peeked in and turned on the light. It looked like a whole other room! I shut off the light and backed away, closing the door. I looked at the bare brick wall, and stared at it. There was something odd about it. I could feel a slight draft. I used my right hand to feel the bricks, even though I can't feel anything at all. One of the brick shifted slightly, and for whatever reason, I pushed it in. Then a door opened! Obviously, it's a hidden door. But where does it lead to??
    I suddenly remembered dinner, and so I closed the hidden door, and I went downstairs, where Kaspin was patiently waiting.

    A couple of weeks went by, and a social worker came by, but she wasn't alone. Jon was with her. I didn't know until Kaspin came to me though. He didn't look happy. In fact, he looked pretty pissed off. "My lady, I bear bad news..." I gave him a confused look. "What do you mean?" I suddenly felt like my world was crumbling... Again.
    "Jon is here to take you back in, for an evaluation." I was shocked. There was so much evidence, what did they need an evaluation for?? My chest got tight, and breathing became a little difficult. "T-take me back?..."
    "My lady, just say the word, and you won't have to go back." he said. I knew the laws pretty well though, because I'm in the system, and I can't be emancipated because of my suicide attempts. Royal or not, I had no choice but to comply. They could probably put me into some sort of rehab program if I fought them. I also knew that I wouldn't be with him long. I decided to brave it out. I told Kaspin that I didn't have a choice, I had to go back. I was terrified still, so I did ask him a question before leaving. "You'll come get me, right? If I really need you, will you come get me, Kaspin?" I felt tears coming, my throat hurt, and my chest was tighter than before. "Of course."
    With that, I nodded, gathered my things, and left to the same environment as before. I knew that nothing had changed. Jon was basically a socio-path. As the car left the long drive way, I looked in the back window. I watched Kaspin get smaller. I waved goodbye to him, trying not to cry. He waved back. The look on his face reminded me of Nick. He was worried. Not quite like general would be, but... More like a father would be. I did start looking up to him in that way, he was the only figure I've ever really had. Even when I was little. My dad wasn't really around a whole lot. He was always busy with meetings, I think.

    A few days go by, and I was right. Jon didn't change. He was at the bar, and I was at the house cleaning. The doorbell went off, and I was hesitant to answer. There was a man there. I had never seen him before. "My car broke down, may I use your phone?" he asked. I slowly nodded, and lead him to the phone. I stayed several feet away, but I was close enough to know what number he dialled. I watched carefully. 8..7 5... 2 4...0 0.... Jon? Why is he calling Jon??
"Hello?" I heard him answer. "Hey, I'm here." the man told him. What is he here for??? I don't like this!!
    I'll spare you the details. Let's say that I blacked out after some horrible, reliving experiences... When I came to, the man was gone, my clothes ripped up, and I'm in pain. I called Kaspin, trying to keep my breathing under control. It was past midnight, I knew that for sure.
    "Hello?" said a sleepy voice. "Kaspin???" I said, starting to hyperventilate. "My lady??" he said, sounding more awake suddenly. "I-I need y-you!!" I said, going into a panic attack. Kaspin said that he was on his way and hung up. I dropped the phone, and then I dropped to my knees. Everything was spinning, and everything became a blur. I blacked out again.
    I woke up in a room I didn't recognize. Not right away, anyway. I see a analogue clock. It's only 4:33A.M. I felt a hand touch my leg, and I freaked out. I used my physic ability to throw whoever it was against a wall. I immediately regretted it, because it was just Kaspin. "Sorry!" I said. "Just don't-" Before he finished his sentence, I accidentally "dropped" him. Causing him more pain. I winced, then went up to him. "Kaspin, I'm sorry! I didn't know it was you!" I said, feeling really bad. "It's okay, I'll be fine. What about you? Are you okay, my lady?"
    I thought about it for a moment. I didn't hurt any more, at least. "Uhm... I think I'm okay." I said. Kaspin nodded and got up. I also stood up. He picked me up and carried me back to the bed we were laying on. I had different clothes on now, so I felt okay. We talked for awhile, and we somehow got onto the subject of families. He told me about his wife and daughter, and how they died in a house fire. I gave him my condolences, and he mentioned that I reminded him of his daughter a bit. He also said that he wishes that he had a daughter again. Me and my big mouth, I said, "maybe you still can." I quickly got shy. "What do mean?" he asked, looking curious. I shrugged, now trying to play dumb.     "Bolt..." "I honestly don't know, Kaspin." He stared at me for minute. I didn't know what to expect. Next thing I knew, he kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes kind of tightly. Just one of my natural reactions, I guess. "All right, your majesty... Get some rest, now." I nodded, resting my head on his chest. He didn't seem to mind, so I didn't move. I was surprised that I even slept well.

    2 weeks go by, and I started school again. Only I was going to "rich bitch high". It was the first day of school, and it wasn't going to well. One of the girls, Serena Armijo, really didn't like my style. Yes, I was in school uniform, but I also was wearing my skull leggings (girls had to wear skirts), my favorite emo gloves, and my hair was in a ponytail like usual. With my bangs covering my right eye. She kept taunting me, calling me "emo-girl" like the last school I was going to, with Dolliah. Only this chick was worse! The jokes she was making were uncool, and I was disappointed when the teachers didn't do SQUAT!!
    After school, I had enough of the verbal abuse. I dealt with it at my last school, I'm not putting up with it here. I went up to her, and punched her, right in the jaw. I dropped my bag, and she dropped hers. We went at it as a circled formed, with students chanting "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" She even fights like a girl, she had a hold of my hair. So I bopped her in the nose. I didn't break it, but it did start to bleed. "YOU BROKE MY NOSE!!" she shrieked, letting go of my hair.
    "Next time keep your fucking mouth shut!" I hissed at her. "ENOUGH!!' a loud, deep voice boomed. I turned, and I find an angry Kaspin. Uh oh... "What is the meaning of this??"
    "She broke my nose!" she shrilled again. "My lady, this isn't how a princess acts." he said, giving me a stern look. I had a sarcastic, kind of cocky tone to my voice.
    "I wouldn't exactly know, I didn't really grow up in the princess life."
    "Bolt..." he said, getting irritated with me. A part of me didn't care, but a bigger part of me was screaming to stop. "I don't like being made fun of for my appearance nor my past experiences!!" I kind of snapped. He looked at her and asked if it was true. I was surprised that she had even owned up to it. Kaspin then asked who started the fight. I knew that I was in for it, but because of my demon side, controlling my thoughts sometimes became difficult. I admitted that I started the fight. Kaspin was quiet for a moment. "My lady, you have a title to uphold." I had that sarcastic tone again. "Right, because I have a bad record as is.." That really made him blow. "This disrespect needs to stop!!" I was quiet, surprised at my own attitude towards him. I guess this is also part of me testing his patience.
    He took me to an empty class room, so that we could speak alone. Unfortunately, my attitude hadn't stopped yet.
    "I don't know where this attitude is coming from."
"I would assume one of my parents. You know, genetics."
    "Lightningbolt, that is enough!"
    I told him that I didn't care about what the council thought about my actions, and that I didn't care about how a princess is suppose to act. After I said that, I was bent over on a desk, and spanked. I think with his staff. It hurt like hell.     When he was done, I stood up. I didn't know how to feel, I was angry, a little upset, but I guess mostly surprised. I also said something that I knew I would later regret.
    "You may be General, but you ARE NOT my father!"
    "I swore on my life that I would protect you! That also means guide you! If you don't like it, take it to your fathers grave!!"
    With that, I stormed out. Hot tears running down my face. I got into the car and waited to go home.
    When I got to my room, I did my homework, left it out for review, and then I thought about my actions. I realized that I was lashing out. I wasn't on my medication, so the things I say and do are a little imbalanced, I guess. I felt bad for the attitude I gave him, and felt the need to apologize.
    He came and got me for dinner, I could tell that he still was mad at me. If my parents saw me now, they'd probably would be disappointed in me. I hated that thought. I stumbled over my words, but I made a sincere apology to him. He nodded and said thank you. I still wanted to cry, that's how bad I felt.
    After dinner, I started to wonder where my next home would be located. I knew that I wasn't going to be at the castle for very long, but I also knew that where ever I went, I just knew that I'd be in good hands.


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Chapter 3: The Loss of a Mother

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Chapter 4: A Place to Call Home

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Chapter 5: The Road of Recovery

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Chapter 6: True Love

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