Loose Ends

There are a lot of things fantasy author Sophie Clairmont doesn’t like about her divorce attorney, Ben Croft. When they get stuck in an elevator together she’s surprised to discover that there are also a lot of things about Ben Croft she does like, and she’s about to find out there's a lot more of Ben to warm up to.

The Company of Fools

Kate Doucette’s trying to get her life together. She’s working full time at Mike MacNab’s bar, going to school, and she just kicked out her Do-Nothing boyfriend. Things are looking up but with the construction going on in the bar, her money troubles looming over her, and her personal life in the toilet, Kate’s on a ledge and Mike is...

Corrective Measures

Daisy has been trying to kick the smokes most of her life. She's tried gum, patches, vaping, hynonosis -- none of it has worked. Until a stranger on a train tells her that the key to quitting might be to bend over and take a good spanking whenever she lights up. Soon enough, Daisy has put her addiction in Aiden's very capable hands.

Red Handed

Just a few months shy of her 21st birthday, Stella Hale doesn't let the number on her driver's license stop her from getting into Westwood. Her fake ID says she's 21, and she uses it to not only get into the club but onto the lap of a hot VIP. It was almost too easy ... until the club's owner and acquaintance of her father, the...

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