His Invisible Mate


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Chapter 1

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Reinna Pahilino

Can't wait to read more.

His Invisible Mate

 High school, when I say that word everyone thinks of something different. A horrible teacher, homework, me? All I can think of is the days I have until I graduate. My name is Elle Knightly and I’m 16 years old.

High school being one of the brutal places for a child. The students are divided in three categories:

1) The Populars, they know almost everything and everyone in the school


2)The Thrivers, they can fit in anywhere, they are not popular but no at the bottom of the scale either

3)The Nobodies, that’s me, I am a nobody, it does not matter if we are there or not

So here I am wearing a tank top and jeans pulling my dirty blonde hair into a high ponytail. I peacefully look into the mirror and smiled at my generic aqua blue eyes. I walk out of my bedroom door and quickly sprinted down the stairs. I didn’t notice my mom sitting at the kitchen table. I jump as she says “did you sleep well” I swiftly turned to face my mom and said “ you scared me” in a frightened tone “ but yes, I did sleep well; thank you for asking.”

I turn back around to the refrigerator to get milk for my cereal however I realise my mom sits at the table with a cup of tea but no food.

 “Have you eaten” I questioned

“No sweetie, I’ve been busy filling in paper works”She answered

I look at her with worry and a hint of guilt in my eyes “ you shouldn’t work yourself so hard, it’s bad for you.” I said making sure she knew I was worried for her. “At least have something to eat, I’m making cereal if you want some.”

“I’d love that dear” My mother answered coughing as though she was ill.

As I poured the milk in two bowls filled with cereal I can’t help but worry about my mom. Was she feeling ok? Is she sick? I feel a wave of worry hit me like a tone of bricks. I stand there with questions flowing through my head until I could no longer hold in the panic. As I placed a bowl of cereal in front of my mom and one opposite I sat down and immediately asked, “are you feeling alright, You’ve been coughing a lot lately and its worrying me?”

I watch her take a deep breath then exiles the fresh air, as she does that she answers, “I’m alright love, it’s just a cough.”

“If you say so” I said in return not feeling any better than before. I look at my phone to check the time and notice that it’s already 8:25 and school starts at 8:30. I quickly say my goodbyes to my parents ignoring the fact that my twin brother Ryder left for school without me. I ran out of the house and played seven and a half songs before finally reaching school. 

As I look to my left I see my brother as usual with the other ‘populars’. I cant help  but role my eyes at the fake act my brother puts on just to impress a few probably ninety nine percent plastic girls. Behind him I see one of his good friends Aiden. He is the schools player and of course captain of the rugby team. I look to Aidens side and see Ashley hanging on to his left bicep. She is a play high school mean girl/ bitch. Everyone either envy’s her or fears her. But me? I just feel bad for whatever poor soul has to deal with her sorry ass.

Anyway because of my late entrance I only have 3 minutes to get to class. Because of this I straight away ran to class; or should I say fast walking to class. As I got to home room I looked in the see through glass to see that no one except for the teacher is in there. Not wanting to be the only student in the classroom I gabbed my ear plugs from my bag and played some music on my phone. Without noticing my surroundings I felt a tap on my shoulder. I jumped at the strangers touch but turn around to say “yes?”

Aidens Pov:

Standing in front of me I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. Ashley and some other girls I know could never ever begin to compare. Her dirty blonde hair is pulled into an effortless ponytail down to the centre of her back; and her aqua blue eyes has lashes that are around the same length as two centimetres. I had been two carried away in her willowy eyes I did not notice that she was talking to me.

Most likely looking like a ripe tomato I said “um... sorry can you repeat that?” “I was distracted” I added.

She rolls her eyes and shoots me a ‘are you serious’ look. I heard her sight as she says “I was wondering what you wanted, you came to me after all.” 

“Right” I said with my heart practically jumping out of my chest, “I was wondering if you knew if  Ryder Knightly is in that form?”

This mysterious girl looks confused then says “my brother?” I am so shocked by this statement my eyes widen and I blink a few times before she has the chance to continue. “Ryder has home room with Mr. Chadwick.” After realising who this was I felt a little discouraged to ask her on a date considering she’s my best friends sister, so I didn’t. “Thank you” I said as I walked off avoiding eye contact. You could almost here the disappointment in my voice but she probably won’t notice.

Elle’s Pov:

Watching the charming yet mischievous boy walk off I could hear a slight bit of disappointment in his voice. Probably because one of his best friends has a nobody sister like me. Either way I knew who that was. I knew who had just talked to me.

Aiden Daniels...

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