Something's Not Right


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 No one had ever believed her, but Jessica knew what She saw that night. In their eyes, Jessica was just a drunk teenager who was wasting police time. They didn't want to know and didn't want to hear what Jessica had to say. It was a suicide and that was that, nothing more to look into, no more to discuss and no more paperwork.

Chapter 1: somethings not right

Jessica lived in a small town in the Scottish Borders. Hawick had a small community, where news seemed to travel quickly and everyone new of everyone. 

It was results day, Jessica had set up a house party at her friends where they could either celebrate their good results or drown their sorrows if they did not get the results that they had hoped for. 

Jessica woke up early that Thursday morning, and to her delight had great results. This just put her in an amazing mood for the evening that was to come. She thought she better text her friends and make sure the plans for the evening were set and to wish them luck on their results.

Jessica had four close friends who she was never apart from, these girls grew up together and had a very close friendship. The girls had a group chat over Facebook so even when they weren't together they were talking.

Jess pulls her phone out and straight onto the chat.

Lilly:  okay guys, has everyone got their results?

Jess: yeah I do!

Tracy: yep...

Emily: sadly😂

Eve: I was woken up early by them coming through the post box.

Lilly: okay, since we all wanted to do this together, what did everyone get?

Emily: I got 3 Bs and an A

Lilly: I got a B in my HNC 

Eve: I got 2Bs and 3cs

Jess: I got 4 As and a B

Tracy: I got 5 Cs

Jess: Well done everyone! Can't wait to celebrate tonight😆

Lilly: Can't wait either, come to mine for 6! And everyone snapchat me so I can see your outfits😊

Jessica was excited for this evening, after the summer 2 of the girls were leaving for university so the group wouldn't be the same, but even then she knew that not much would change. Jessica got to Lilly's for 6 like they had discussed. 

Jessica had long dark hair that sat beautifully over her shoulders. Her eyes blue like the sea, she was seen to be an attractive young women who always smiled like she had not a care in the world. 

All the girls had arrived except Tracy, an hour past and Tracy still hadn't appeared, the others had started drinking without her and thought she wouldn't be long now.

"Anyone heard from Tracy?" Eve said anxiously

"It's been an hour I'm getting worried" Jessica said quietly 

"Guys there's no need to worry, she will be here! She was looking forward to tonight as much as we were!" Lilly smiled

The others looked at eachother and back to Lilly as if the alcohol was already going to her head.

"Fine, fine! Il phone her" Lilly said 

Lilly dialled Tracy's number expecting an answer from the first few rings, yet her phone ring off to voicemail.

"Well that's weird, someone else try?" Lilly said 

Emily pulled out her phone and attempted to call Tracy but yet again, voicemail.

"I'm sure she will here soon, she's probably just doing her make up" Jess said nervously.

The girls continued to drink, every now and then trying Tracy's phone but still with no luck.

Not long after whilst the girls were deep into a drinking game of 'would you rather' they were interrupted by the buzz of Jessica's phone.

Jessica looked down at her phone then round at all the girls, their expressions showing they wanted to know if it was Tracy.

"Well that's a bit odd" Jessica begins with a puzzled look over her face.

"Was it Tracy? Where is she?" Eve asked 

All the girls seemed to look confused, where was Tracy and why wasn't she there? 

Jessica begun to read the text message that she had received "Sorry, can't make it. Love you guys. T" 

"Something's not right, she was great this morning when we spoke over the phone. She was so excited to celebrate tonight. I have a bad feeling. Call her again?" Emily suggested 

Jessica phoned Tracy, this time her phone didn't even ring, her phone went straight to voicemail. She had turned it off.

"If she's turned it off she must not be feeling well or something, we will all go to see her tommorow. Let's just enjoy the rest of our night I'm sure she will be fine" Lilly said rolling her eyes 

The rest of the girls look around but something didn't sit right with them, they felt uncomfortable like something was wrong.

"Cmon guys just have some fun" Lilly continued

Lily had blonde hair that sat around shoulders length, she had a small attractive figure. She was loud and confident, her opinions mattered although the only drama she could tolerate was her own. 

Emily changed the subject to this boy she had been seeing. 

Apparently this new guy in her life was the start of something, something that she had never experienced before. All of them are the same to Emily, she meets a new guy every couple of months and everytime "he's the one" although they never last. 

Jessica was sat with her own thoughts when she appeared to be listening to Emily but all she could think about was Tracy.

"I think I'm going to go home now, I don't want to be to drunk for going home" Eve said  whilst smoking a cigarette. 

"Yeah I think I've had one to many, and better start walking" Jessica said 

Lilly and Emily lay along the sofa sipping their cocktails.

Jessica pulls over her coat and zips up her boots "thanks for having us Lil, il probably see you guys tommorow" 

Jessica stood outside into the cold air, she could see her breath as she walked down the hill. The town was quiet, all she could hear was the distant sound of cars and the wind whistling threw the trees. A couple approached her, as they got closer she staggered over the road to avoid the couple drawing nearer to her. She looked over the road, and swore she saw Tracy, with some boy who she had never seen before. Jessica thought this was unusual due to the small close community that comes with Hawick. If that was Tracy who was she with and why had she never seen them before? 

Jessica shouted over "Tracy? Tracy is that you?" 

The young women looked over to Jessica, quickly put her head down and the  couple both speedily walked in the opposite direction.

Jessica pulled her phone out and speed dialled #4 - Emily.

The phone rung and in the distance Jessica heard a scream. 

"Jessica? Are you there?" Emily answered

Jessica sped her walk up and as it seemed she had sobered up. She sensed fear in the atmosphere, she was scared. Something was not right. 

"Emily, something is not right! I swear I just saw Tracy with a bloke, I heard her scream, I'm scared" Jessica panicked

"It couldn't have been Tracy! Don't be silly, your just drunk. Get home and let me know when you are. Would you like me to call a taxi?" Emily replied, brushing Jessica off as though she was a child who thought there were monsters under her bed or hiding in her wardrobe.

"I know what I saw Emily! I'm not drunk it was her" said Jessica 

"Just get home Jess, everything will be fine in the morning" Emily hangs up.

Jessica hurried home, quickly shut the door behind her and locked up. She was scared her heart was racing and she was just glad to be home

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