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Chapter one-The New Girl

 As you were texting your mum telling her that you have arrived at your new school.She then texted you saying "Good Luck and not to worry about her" you similed and thought to yourself I will always worry about you.After you finished texting her saying "Bye" you heared a group of girls screaming Kai! and Baekhyun!.You turned around to see what the commotion was about but because there was to many to what was happening.You decided to walk to the school office to find out your classes,after getting your papers you looked and saw that you are in group 7x4 and your locker was 703.But for some reason the names Kai and Baekhyun flashed though your mind and you gasp and realised who they were.You are not surprised though because this school is best known for there amazing singers ,but you are also scared as you used to sing and play guitar (was your biggest secret).Then again "It isn't like they know me or I know them so I guess I am fine" I say quietly,to myself.A short time after that the bell goes and off you go to your first class.Before you know it it is break so you decide to eat a snack while listening to some music on your phone.You then plug in your head phones and listen to Busy Doing Nothing by Ace Wilder.As the song started you couldn't hear a word anyone was saying and that had started to sing the song."I am not made for working overtime and you know.""Don't even like the nice to five I wish those days lazy days were everyday.""And you know, I wouldn't want it any other way although some may I throw life away I just ain't got time to save.""I may be insane and I may complain don't belebie no pain no gain.""cause I'm busy,busy,busy doing nothing at all I'm stressing over nothing over noth---"you sang happily until you realised that you were still in school and that almost everyone was staring at you shocked.As I scanned the area I saw them again Kai and Baekhyun with the other members of exo.(yep exo goes to this school but they staring at me with there mouths opened)I gained eye contact with them but I soon broke it .I ran to a place I school where no could find me but I then heard people saying "its that the girl who was just singing." "wow word gets around fast here" I mumbled to myself.But then the bell went again I check to see what class I had next and of course it had to be music.

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