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--- Prologue ---

"Oh so you two are from ... the city ?" the villager asked watching his guests with wonder. It's been a while since people from the cities would even cast their eyes on the mere villagers. They few that ever did were probably filthy scoundrels. But these people. They seemed to be in a more prestigious ranking.

That's what scared the poor old man . He sat tense in his seat around the barely lit small wooden table drinking barley from his wood mug as he watched the strangers drink as well. The small flame from the candle danced in the centre of the table. It gave him a little peace knowing that if either of the guests were to reach over and attack him they might get burnt.

They seemed dangerous yet they didn't dress it. They seemed to only be journeying. Far away from its humiliating truth.

Harry looked up at the humble villager and placed his wooden cup down on the table with a soft thud but still wrapped his fingers around the handle. It's easy to say the truth now , but it's even easier to tell a billion lies to cover it.

'If I were to say oh . I'm hiding away from the evil vermin you call your princess with the intentions to destroy Thymania while there is a death sentence waiting for me, would you still be housing me?' he thought bitterly and his hand slowly tightened around the handle.

The act neither slipped the villager nor Elizabeth and she kicked his foot under the table slightly as the villager's adam's apple made a brief distinct appearance then went away again . Harry looked at Elizabeth with a straight line plastered on his lips then looked away .

"The Suburbs" he muttered with a resounding low voice even though it was intended to be quiet and looked away as he drank again. He wasn't angry at the villager. Matter of fact he was no way near upset with him but instead thankful. He was only upset with the slight possible intentions that may be threading through his mind.

"Please don't mind Ha-Henry and his way with manners. Thank you for bringing us in here. So do you farm?" Elizabeth asked shyly trying to lighten the mood and Harry rolled his eyes. Sure he loved her but she needed to learn that kindness wasn't always necessary. 'Henry? How preposterous of her to dare and try to protect me' he mentally huffed glaring at the table.

After probably a good hour the villager is still going on and on about farms but the information seeps into neither of their heads. Elizabeth kept nodding with confused eyes but Harry just stared at his new surroundings.

Elizabeth watched him from the corner of her eyes with slightly pinched eyebrows then quickly returned her gaze to the rambling villager. 'Did he switch languages or something?' she thought and then glanced back at Harry.

His chestnut hair was still pushed back messily from his forehead and his full heart shaped lips were pursued as he examined the wall beside him. The action caused the muscles in his neck to be a little more prominent. He was wearing a a long worn out grey jersey and a black combat pants. Nothing he would wear when going near the palace.

When he showed signs of turning back around she quickly averted all her attention back to the villager. " see due to farming I could get a better income and try to do better than stand up to my name as a bottom feeder. I guess it isn't so hard in the city is it?" he said and she mentally thanked herself for tuning herself into the conversation in time to hear the question.

" Well actually yes. I mean we don't farm or anything but we fish-"she paused in her words when Harry snorted "I don't fish... Vanessa" and rolled his eyes once more. "Well I for one fish for survival due to how selfish and arrogant the royals are with their goddamned egos" Elizabeth settled in snapping glaring at Harry for a bit.

Harry in turn looked down at her giving her the look as if to say 'Don't push me' and she rolled her eyes as she looked back to the man who watched them curiously then she gave him a full fake smile as she said " That's about it. Need help with the dishes?".

She didn't even wait for the answer. She just got up with her mug grabbed Harry's and the villagers one then made quick graceful yet aggressive strides towards any room that seemed to be the kitchen. 

Harry watched as the tail of her tall peach skirt disappears behind her and presses the heels of his hands to his eyes as he leant back in the seat with a groan. How despicable she was. He couldn't stand her but he couldn't do without her. 

But she didn't need to know that.

As far as she's concerned she doesn't know that he watches her sleep at night. She doesn't know that if anyone were to ever lay a finger on her he would tear them limb by limb. She doesn't know how deeply he cherishes each and every one of her rants.

She doesn't know. And she never will.

He slowly drew his hands away waiting for his vision to come back from his distorted faze and outright ignored the trembling villager who excused himself to go to the bathroom. As soon as his vision came together he noticed something.

A large metal object hanging from the wall. It had a metal blue color edging its way around it but it was mostly grey. The faint pattern in the middle is what really drew out what it was. A grail. Not only any grail but just the one they needed.

"Holy shit"

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