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Home Sweet Home

Once upon a time in a small town called Noble Creek a kind old couple adopted a baby girl. The little old man and the little old woman were Migets, they raised the baby girl respectively doing right by her in every way, for you see they couldn't have children of their own because they were too small, and so the infant was beloved just as she were their very own daughter. The old couple named the baby ANDRELLA and treated her like a princess.

Years passed and the day came when the little old man and the little old woman died in their sleep one morning from natural causes. ANDRELLA had come of adult age, she had become a beautiful young lady, and now that the old man and old woman had passed away the only relatives she had left were four half sisters, she went to live with them and they were very mean and criticizing towards her. Each day ANDRELLA was scorned and teased by her horrible four step sisters that were as ugly as they were evil. ANDRELLA'S evil half sisters  pressured her each day by telling her that, she wasn't smart are strong enough and that she was an skinny, ugly duckling and that she would NEVER be beautiful enough are measure up to their glam and popularity to be noticed and liked by anyone.

The cruel, mean half sister words were so cold that it hurt ANDRELLA deeply and caused her to feel so low that she walked around in a funk for most of the day.

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The Invite

While ANDRELLA did all the house work and kept the front and back yard clean every day her half sisters wore splendid clothes, drove fine cars and enjoyed dinner parties that ANDRELLA prepared for them and their snobbish guest that had no respect what-so-ever for poor sweet ANDRELLA and she was such a dear but neither of them cared or did they thank her and nor did they compliment her at all.

One morning an invitation came in the mail about a birthday bash for the towns most rich and eligible bachelor Prince JARRY , women and men from every household were invited. The Prince' parents King ANDRE' and Queen Helen ordered the royal staff to mail out invitations to everyone in Noble Creek every August on the thirtieth, that was the Prince birthday. Prince JARRY was the eldest of his four brothers Harry, Larry, Barry and Garry.

Every year during the month of August the Prince celebrated his birthday by having a birthday bash and he invited everyone in Noble Creek. But this birthday bash would be special, for you see, Prince JARRY had come of age to marry one of the many ladies-in-waiting and she had to be right and fitting for the Prince. Before this year's birthday bash end Prince JARRY would have to choose a lady-in-waiting to become his wife, Princess and the mother of his child. The child will be the heir to the throne of Noble Creek, and if it's a boy it will be a Prince and if it's a girl the baby will be a Princess, and one day the child will grow up to be crowned the new king or queen of Noble Creek.

"This birthday bash isn't for you ANDRELLA, so get over it and besides, you're too slow and boring, and you're ugly." Her half sisters scorned with great cruelty.

ANDRELLA spent the remainder of the morning fixing her evil half sisters hair, pressing the wrinkles out of their dresses, shining their shoes and lastly she washed their cars until each one shined bright. When it came time to go to Prince JARRY'S birthday bash the evil half sisters strutted out the doors heart heartedly with their noses high in the air leaving a mess for ANDRELLA to clean.

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The Beautiful Swan

By the time ANDRELLA finished cleaning up the mess her four evil half sisters made she realized that she didn't have anything decent to wear to the birthday bash. Feeling heavy hearted and now left out with the fact that she had no one there that cared about her nor her needs, ANDRELLA became quite saddened, but still she was determined to go to Prince JARRY'S birthday bash!

"Oh, if I had only one wish.." thought ANDRELLA, "I would wish that I had a fairy godmother so I could go to that birthday bash in style."

Just like fast lightning the fairy godmother appeared; she took one look at ANDRELLA and said with the brightest smile upon her angelic face, and the fairy godmothers face was prettier than Snow White and Cinderella combined.

"We must hurry darling there's no time to spare."

And with a wave of her hand the fairy godmother changed ANDRELLA into a diva Princess; the yard dog was turned into a chauffeur, and ANDRELLA'S huffy bike was changed into a white four door Bentley. ANDRELLA thanked the fairy godmother for making it all possible so that she could go to the birthday bash.

"Now you must hurry, my magic holds to midnight only, although I wish it would hold much longer for my most neediest clients I'm sorry to say that it can't. You see ANDRELLA my sweet darling those are the rules of the Elders in the sky above, and neither me nor you must anger them! Darling we don't want the party to end for you before you've had time to smash Prince JARRY'S birthday bash and wowed the crowd with that there spectacular diva ball gown you're wearing that I bestowed upon you with my fancy work of magic- and for sure I know that you want to win the Prince heart and be free of the four bogie, wicked half sisters don't you? And I must say I can work some darn good magic, because honey child you.look, marvelous!" the fairy godmother complimented bragging on her awesome magic powers.

"Yes I do and thank you very much fairy godmother!" ANDRELLA replied thankful with a glee in her lily-green eyes. "Fairy godmother you do have the magic touch. I am so glad to have a good fairy godmother like you." she complimented sweet.

In a split second the fairy godmother vanished from ANDRELLA'S sight. ANDRELLA hurried to the Bentley waiting for her in the front yard, she got inside it and was off to the birthday bash.

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The Belle Of The Royal Birthday Bash

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The Luck Of The Royal House Call

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A Very Happy Ending!

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