It dropped vertically, fast enough to almost look as if it was falling, uncannily like the swoop of a bird of prey, to be hovering directly above his head but slightly to one side. Still transfixed, he did not connect it with danger. Quickly it aligned itself with his shoulders. The worm drive expanded the diameter of the wire, making...

Murder in the Fabric

As the legend of George grew, he knew that it was his use of the technology that drove his success rate in murder clearances. Melbourne 2020. Prosperous, but tense. He had a bad feeling about this one. It was so sophisticated. So elaborate. More worthy of an international terror ring than a domestic murder.


The world is divided between the green new economies and the old fossil fuel economies. The green economies move against Australia quickly and decisively. With millions of refugees heading north, a small group tries to turn the situation. Andrew and Phil are recruited by Kylie. The two futures face each other. It is a showdown with the...

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