1000 Reasons to never love Anyone


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       Well I suppose it would do well to begin with an ounce or two of clarification. Firstly I am not against a good relationship if you can find it... but hey, what I am saying is it is highly unlikely that you will find love, doubly so if you had the bad luck of being born into some form of misfortune or other. 

    No, what I am actually trying to say is that for a number of people, and indeed for a variety of reasons there are definite advantages to the great strategy of living alone, and indeed by choice. Let me also add that this is not to say you should not care about anyone, be there for others or get along with people. It would be quite hard after all to travel through a life completely devoid of any friendship. Ties to family of course carry importance by their very nature. 

No, that which I am speaking about is love. Love is quite to often too far a feeling, it is unnecessary to the continuity of things.

I would also argue that love is forgivable to a point, after all isn't love tempting? Isn't it alluring? It seems nearly vital to exist at all,  yet it is also costly to the self. It is also understandable and there is no real reason to criticize those that do, yet it should be understood that to walk the path of solitude is potentially a higher ideal.

Hereby, within I shall espouse my arguments against the institution of love.

And as well the reasons that it may truly be superior to deny it.


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Damn good reasons

1. You will get hurt every single time.

2. One way or another you know this is true, love may bring joy but it will always also bring pain.

3. You will have significantly less time for yourself if you fall in love.

4. If you have dreams that you would see come true and things that you aspire for you had better accomplish them before you fall in love because you will have far less time for yourself after you do.

5.Though this may not be true in every single case (never forget there are exceptions to every rule) It is most likely that whoever you are with will not fully share all of your interests.

6.As well the person you marry will likely become frustrated if you work on yourself too much. Just because one couple lets each other do whatever they want does not mean you will be as lucky.

7. Most relationships are of the master and slave variety.

8. If you love someone they will control you to one degree or another.

9. Love will get you killed.

10. Love gets other people killed.

11. If you don't believe 9 or 10 turn on the news, wait a few minutes.

12. Love and hate are polar opposites

13. It is likely then that he/she who knows love also knows hate.

14. If you love someone keep in mind that you may have to watch them die.

15. If you die first they will most likely come to love someone else.

16. People lie when they say "I love you"

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Misdirection, deception

1. Only love can turn a genius into a loser.

2. How many people in this world have come just within reach of bringing all their dreams into reality

3. Just to fall in love and fail.

4. And then spend the rest of their life unhappy.

5. How many people have told some one they loved them and lied?

6. Just to fulfill ulterior motives?

7. After all don't you feel as though your intelligence is insulted,

8. When a mere associate proclaims: "I love you bro!"

9 And in how many ways are we supposed to be indebted for their merely saying so?

10. People will try to sell you things you don't need under the facade of love.

11. It is not unusual that demands are made because of the false duty of false love.

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