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The Great Shift (reality hack)

    This book is entirely fictional. However I would implore you to allow your imagination to stretch for a little while, I invite you to examine the parallels between this writing and the world we live in today, in these crazy, media-driven, conspiracy-fueled, apocalypse minded times. There is something that I for one have been noticing for some time now, I will never forget growing up just how cynical and closed-minded the general public used to be. The slightest suggestion contrary to social norms and commonplace roles in society would get you laughed right down the street, or at least ostracized into obscurity. It seems quite an oddity the way things have begun to change. People are defying their own archetypes and delving into the territory of those that wonder about the world around them. They are starting to ponder the greater mysteries of life, self and the universe as a whole. Even those people who for what seemed the entirety of an era distracted by the whims of their program are beginning to awaken to something. I sit in awe of this myself, as one who has always looked for the hidden things with relentless fervor. I have in the seeking of wisdom mired in the stillness of meditation, reaching out for an answer, ever elusive, ever alluring and undeniably priceless. I stand before you now, dumbfounded as those who for the longest time were blind of all notions that there certainly is an answer. So I broaden my search the more, trying to find the ultimate treasure, that of pure and un-defiled wisdom. I believe I have found it.

Anruda The Enlightened one


    Every one remembers the way that the world changed. Natural disasters, the kind inevitable due to the flow of time, as universal weather passes in the continuity of cosmological seasons. Despite all the wailing and preaching humanity had endured for far too long the biblical prophecy’s of the future completely missed the mark about the actual course of history. Past and present. Just like all written accounts of yesteryear. Just like all predictions of the future. Time is a river that is not impeded by the stones. What actually happened was all too obvious to those that had learned near the end of the era before the great shift how to look and listen, to harmonize with the great frequency of nature. It was a hectic atmosphere for some time before nature it self seemed to intervene, breaking up the stability of the society in it’s stagnant form, so that a new branch would begin to flower the tree of humanity It may sound trite to blame the total disruption of the modern world and the standing order on a stint of bad weather, but hilariously enough that is exactly what it took and exactly how it happened. The period of time came to be called the era of the great shift, it began when natural disasters began occurring upon the planet with astonishing regularity some time ago andcontinued for no-one knows how long. When these cataclysms were going on almost all the information humanity had amassed was lost. Electrical storms disrupted all communications across the planet, due to earthquakes and fires, floods, and the melee of chaos. Written records were lost or destroyed. history in that time, had been largely erased. And as time proceeded forward those who had lived in the time before and had the only remaining memories of the old world had died. The story of humankind had begun to be written anew, as logic would suggest to those around now it had been many times before.

Time is a cycle, an ellipse.

    To those who had been born near enough in time to the onset of natures destructive part of it’s cycle, this was a very logical conclusion. To them it only seems obvious that this occurs, it is a part of continuity. And it was during this time that the balance of power had crumbled and humankind as a result became liberated from heard conformity as the illusion of the mystical lie that had been modern society was shattered before them all. As a result a great transformation began to occur from within as man finally learned the hidden secrets of nature, with the practice of meditation, and the restoration of the pineal gland. They all began to awaken as if from a deep sleep, a descending dream.

A great deal of mans ability long dormant, became an actuated mode of being.

    However there are those that still clung to the ideals of the old world, those that would consolidate power even in these times of ascending unity. When the governments of the world had splintered, the religionists fought to claim control of humanity and enslave it to the whims of the dying belief systems remnant of a forgotten world. Across the many lands newly shaped upon the earth a war still raged between the awakened ones and those who clung to outmoded ideologies.

They dictated control under a veil of illusion.

    In one quiet corner of the world lie a haven of pure utopia, in the northwestern isle of Cascadia, a serene and fertile paradise. In Cascadia weather was mild, the sky usually grey/blue the waters clear and clean, and when the sun brakes through the clouds so utterly beautiful. In what was once North America a country had been cut from the mainland by massive fluctuations of the water table, giant rivers carved by towering cascades separated her from the mainland and so was then named Cascadia. And in this place life flourished, people here were in tune with nature and here was the center of something new. A new world. A new way. Humanity was growing up. Humanity was solving it’s problems. Unity was ascending. In this land, everyone and everything was awake. Nothing ever crossed the two rivers, nothing ever crossed the ocean, no one ever entered or departed. Everything was here, perfect continuity, sustainable life, a culture entirely at peace. A culture without rule or belief. A people that thrived in harmony and inclusion. Among them was one empowered, a sage of great wisdom and power who served as the guardian of the awakened, land and people. but this is not his story. This is the story of his student. This is the story of an era following the great shift.

This is the story of Lotah.

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Andrew Truman

Wrote this more or less on a whim, I've been grasping at the strings of something in the vain of the old epics for awhile. The passage of time, and the thought of ages beyond our reach, because of the limitations of a lifetime, has always fascinated me

Andrew Tomas Truman

Firstly, let me thank you for reading and offering a critique, That is a huge complement to be even compared to a masterpiece like the jungle book, I am humbled. As for some of the mechanics of the book, at first I was going to do it the way you suggested which was to name the cycles differently, I did not for two reasons, and I would likely do well to work them into the story: 1. The Cascadians have evolved a bit and can understand the length of time without being specific, i.e, they have an intuitive sense and the second reason was simply that doing it the other way seemed too confusing to me anyway. As for the book I am 100% in the writing phase right now and am not really doing any edits yet, after I finish the creative part I will get to that, Still got a long ways to go! Havent even gotten to the war yet...

Jessica Mendoza

I like the story very much.
It has that classic and remote feeling of The Jungle Book. It's very poetic but intricately descriptive yet simple to read. (does that make sense?) I was only confused sometimes with the cycle differences. Sometimes 300 cycles could be 300 days (almost a year) or 300 cycles means 300 years? I see that you specify at the end of each cycle with (year) or (day) but maybe something like "full cycle" for year or maybe "Great Cycle" for year. I had a difficult time with "time" in my own novel but decided to call days: "Solar cycles", months: "Moon cycles, years: "Season cycles"

The Author

Please feel free to comment, I value constructive critisicim very highly!


The lake was a placid, serene and empty space, soft trees, grass and dirty sand in a swirl around the natural bowl of water. Lotah had been standing completely still, his arms raised and pointed outward in one posture for some significant amount of time, his form began to shake from the strain. His mind, racing as he struggled for internal silence, reaching into the void that is stillness seeking that understanding that lies within.

Suspend the head...

The words of Anruda, Lotah’s Graviton and guardian of Cascadia. Lotah struggled to silence his thoughts while trying to remember the esoteric instruction of his teacher. The energy in the air as a gentle breeze stroked the surface of the lake gathering toward him.

Keep the eyes soft...

Observe the energy drawing inward from both the left and the right, maintain the balance:bring everything to center...

Lotah was about collapse from the strain pulling on him as he had been standing still for so long. In the field of his vision he could begin to see the energy manifest as it steamed and glew luminescent rising like heat from the waters, shaking free from the soil and the dirty yellow sand waving upward through purple and violet grasses, cyclone around the wildly diverse trees, a few that peopled the ground around the lake.

Gather and project outward...

The static appearing condensation of qi drew inward toward the core of his being traveling before him and about him was then suddenly disrupted and dispersed as Lotah mentally was broken, his focus long lost. He collapsed into the ground defeated and exhausted by the intensity of his practice. Standing meditation was not for the faint of heart. It is, as a practice one that at a glance seems effortless, but is actually an entire ordeal of mind and body at it’s highest plateau. To be still, is to drift into the frequency of the universe and become whole, but the attainment of inner stillness is incomparably difficult. The greater ones stillness then; the greater one’s gravity and power to influence the vast elements of nature. Only through tireless diligence does one attain understanding.

To master oneselfThat is the highest attainment...

Lotah did not feel as one who had attained any particle soever, of that mastery. Though he tirelessly sharpened both his mental acuity and physical form; it ever seemed elusive. Though, as a certainty... Lotah was not a candle that would flicker and then burn out, he was a steady flame white hot and burning with dormant luminosity.


“Ho, Lotah!”

A man near him, waved and crossed path of setting stones. These setting stones formed the walking highway of Cascadia a multiplicity of different shapes placed and filled with sand to form the flat of the road. The architecture around the square ubiquitous and simple. The equality in the division of resources meant all had homes in which to live, none went ever hungry, deprived of friendship or cast out. Shelter homes cut from earth and built into a renewal of harmony with it. Cascadians lived as a part of the natural order not as conquerers of it. Much of the material for the shelter biomes collected among the garbage of the world before the great shift, which contained all sorts of workable building materials. Tires, glass bottles, metals and woods. Tools. There in Cascadia was a transformation of the garbage of the old world into the arcitecture of the present. In and around these shelters lay embedded Magnetite shards that were tuned to a conducive frequency by sound would then become electro-magnetic-ly charged and provided heat and light to the shelters carved from rocks or cut from wood. These buildings were colored with dyes derived form the fruits of the region. The man then broke into a sprint toward Lotah and lunged an open palm diagonally across Lotahs shoulder toward his jawline. Turning simply, Lotah articulated this man’s motion, stepping outside of his thrust and pulling his arm in the direction he was already traveling, kicked one of his feet out from under him sending him forward and down into the dirt.

“Na, if you don’t even know how to breath, you will never learn how to flow in motion! Have you never observed Anruda?”Lotah opined, shaking his head martial clothes shifting in color matching the tones of his surroundings. That which he is wearing blazoned with the daos and certainly unique. Na picked himself up, green and hempan clothing now filthy with dust. Na stepped in pace beside Lotah as they continued up the square....

A throng of Cascadians sat in rings encircling a raging bonfire gathered for the purpose of harmonizing qi. By becoming silent and still, they become bolstered with the frequency of nature. Every night before they all dispersed to sleep in their biome shelters they cluster together to recirculate and engender the renewal of the life force, Qi. Before the flames lay a circle of stones and seated in his asana was Anruda, Graviton. The enlightened. The silent. The otherworldly. An occilating hum resonated outward from Anruda, a sphere of visible blue electricity vibrating around him, as he breathed the air all around him distorted and shook. His aura was hot and rising just as the fire that burned in the square.Anruda rarely spoke, save for with Lotah, his Gravi. As Gravi, Lotah was personally chosen by Graviton to carry forward The mastery of Qi into the next generation. He had chosen Lotah because of his rare talents. Over the course of his learning Lotah often questioned why Graviton lives so quiet ...and some time ago Anruda had explained it to him, the reason why he practiced the habit of silence.

I must take care that my words never become exalted around the others. When the words of one are raised to a higher meaning than they imply it begins the cycle of delusion; sowing falsity and illusion. Let them observe and ever each person must seek their own understanding.

All of the other Cascadians had various talents too, all derived from their awareness of qi, their respective forms arrayed by the shades of their personality and natures. Some infused qi into metals they worked into living, singing tools, which swang and shaped the shelter homes, others work their astonishing creations in the land, growers of plant life bearing properties one might describe as magical. Gradually as dusk then gave away to the deeper darkness of starlight Anruda stood, Brushing away dust, returning it to the ground. Having completed his evening meditation, gave a subtle bow toward the Cascadians, turned and departed. The other citizens of Trophia remaining in the living room of nature, discussing the happenings of the daytime and the new cycle (day) soon to arrive come morning...


Not all of the worlds technology was lost during the great shift, that calamitous upheaval in the cycles of time when all had been knocked askew. Each settlement in Cascadia had a wall of monoliths that depicted how the advanced Global society that had existed before collapsed beneath the weight of the disharmony it has sown into the natural order. Thrown out of balance the elements had become chaotic, and the structure of society was rent to pieces. People survived, but were scattered and divided but there was no longer any central leadership. No more borders. Humankind had to start over. The Ivory monoliths infused with ebony depicting and in a most simple means explained as much to those living here in Cascadia now what must be hundreds of cycles (year) after the great shift. But some of attainments and capabilities of the ones who came before had been recovered by the seekers, scholar Islanders tasked with understanding and unlocking the secrets and knowledge from the remnants derived of the old world. As such the world moved in a phenomenological splendor.Marthy was one of the shapers, best of all of them in fact. Na and Lotah looked on wide eyed in wonder at his latest masterwork, a staff which had electrical properties derived from old battery’s, imbued by Marthys talents of qi. The Cascadians were well aware of warlike conditions in the world before and indeed still in the world beyond their borders. Martial training was an endeavor of all the Cascadians, both for self-protection and self-growth, For It was known how chaotic the struggle for survival had been before they had come to this peaceful country and they would be prepared if it ever needed to be protected. “Wow! Lotah See this!”

Na exclaimed Grasping at a multi-colored spherical object from a pyramidal pile. Marthy Quickly stepped between The marbleesque oddments and Na, sweeping his arm away.“Now a-hol on there ye knot-head! Ya’ll ain’t much brighter than an slinky are ya? Do you even see what these might do?”

Marthy motioned to stand back, Lotah and Na of course knew well enough to listen When Marthy Had finished shapin’ somethin. Behind the solid stone table upon which he worked his astounding curiosities through the open window was a bolder off in the distance heavy and sitting in the grass.Marthy winked, Pointed at the bolder and pinched a single ball from the pile and dropped it above his open palm where it floated above his hand.

“I call these puppies, kinetic circles”

He rotated his body outward “Yeeeeeee-ah!”

Turning his palm downward toward the bolder and the sphere screamed through the air at incredible speed squealing at a high pitch and upon impact shattered every bit of it, crumbling and crashing into the ground.Lotah stared in awe. “That did I see?!”

Exclaimed Na wide eyed and amazed. Marthy all a-Grin Nodded toward them saying:

“And the best part...”

Then whistled as if calling a pup, and the ball swam through the air back to the space above his hand. “A fine creation Marthy”

Lotah bowed fist under palm. Lotah motioned and Na followed him out of his shop. ...

“Graviton!” A man seeding the soil startled as Anruda seemed to appear out of nothing before him. Bowing ever so subtle, Anruda continued on his way, making not a single sound, not disturbing even the leaves on the ground as he passed, always moving with graceful agility. The man suddenly felt troubled. The look on Gravitons face was not one he was accustomed to, something had Anruda concerned, as Anruda only ever had the guise of peace on that any Cascadian had ever known. The very moment stirred uneasy feeling into the wind.


As was customary the denizens in the central settlement of Cascadia had gathered for morning repast. Na and Lotah sitting among a group of peers neath' a wooden covered area that had stood for a great deal of time, a surviving relic of the world before. And of course the youngest denizens of Cascadia were all twenty-two or twenty-three years of age, gaps of thirty years between parent and child was a fixed progression. Most chose to become wandering Nomads upon their century of cycles (year) in age, poetic in the tradition of embracing total immersion in nature until their qi is returned to the earth. The cycle of birth was the agreement of all Cascadians long ago to reproduce but once in a generation. At age thirty would-be parents must undergo ritual bestowed of the elder parents of the previous generation. The blessing to parentage. This had been initiated as a deterrent to overpopulation which had polluted, and misused the life of the planet. Breakfast was today a meal typical to Cascadian Cuisine, vittles that grew from the earth and spawned in the waters. Cascadian’s were, as a rule, averse to eating anything other than fish unless it had died naturally.A large gathering friends were having a casual conversation over breakfast, The silly, intelligent Na seated alongside a reserved and well spoken Lotah among them. All of them of similar garb, diverse in color yet of a make akin to the attire of the natives that once occupied the lands here. “They made an even better fruit, see the hue of this fruits skin” A Lady of a deep and purple hair looked toward Na with her honeyed yellow eyes. Sia, was rather fond of the splendor Na created in his work.“Ah, a new life fruit!” Na nodded his green hair ever a mess. his trade was in cross germinating plants using qi. His was a rare talent, even among the Cascadians. And the new breeds of plants all had astounding properties. Some when broken apart oozed multi-functional healing salve, and others contained all the body needed to not hunger or thirst for days.Sia, the water barer, noticed empty cups, and taking one of the jugs from the pole that she carried across her shoulders, wiggling her fingers first over the jug releasing some of her purple qi into the water, cleansing it of impurities. Then setting the jug back down dipped the cups into the water refilling them. “Well I must return to practice.”

Lotah standing, bowed to his friends and began the miles long trek to the hidden lake where he reached for self-mastery.

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    The journey was fairly distant for most Cascadians to venture, out to the quiet place Lotah had chosen to retire to for his practice. Except for seasonal migrations, most stayed and toiled within the five settlements situated around Cascadia where the terrain was flat in-between the winding hills and valleys around the curve of the mountain and the forest. Deep inside of Trophia, there was the lake where Lotah traveled for meditation, Midlake. So called for being near the middle of the island nation, formed of the rivers that bled through the land.Lotah, feeling mighty today, departed in perfect silence off the edge of Trophia. He dashed through the darkness of the trees into the turn of the mountain path where breaking into a free-run sprinting and jumping across obstacles as he came upon them, keeping a worthy pace for the considerably lengthy journey of several miles unto the midst of the space of meditation.

The best place to meditate is where nature presents several of it’s forms at once.

    Lotah had pondered that for a long time before he came to understand it. In other words, where the river meets the land as a mountain towers above it. Where trees pepper the landscape. Where the wind is blowing down around and through it. Or most simply, where there is a lot of diversity in one place. Drenched in sweat by the time he came winding up the path around Midlake, Lotah, pondering aloud: “I am too dirty. Ah, here is some water.” He came to the point where the bank was raised highest above the lake jumping in, hands pointed like a spear cutting the surface twain before him. Swimming himself clean he approached one of his favorite places where the arrangement of the trees formed a canopy ceiling. Their arrangment creating a mystical sort of outdoor room. Coming up out of the water, shaking dry blinding white hair staring out from dark eyes. Lotah, much adored for the night-black iris of his eyes. Standing then in a breezy focal point on the sand shrouded slightly by trees Lotah raised his hands assuming the “rising” posture and began standing meditation. The qi gathered toward him as he stood there intimating a statue, a steady fluctuation in air pressure around him. He thought of how Anruda, strange in his words had illuminated hidden things.

    Become completely still as you are standing, and you will step directly into the flow of qi, The tide of the universe. Stillness tempers the body like steel, deepens it’s gravity.

    Lotah pulled qi from the ground upward through his feet with the magnetic polarity his hands. As it gathers illuminating his aura he is gradually fortified by it’s power, invigorated by vibration and light. Though Lotah pushed himself relentlessly to become more and stronger each cycle, (day) he had only just begun to understand what it was to become aware of and focus qi. He pondered often Anruda’s qi. It was perplexingly astounding the way that Anruda seemed like an impossible being. Graviton Anruda defyed all reason, It were though he bent the universe at his every whim. Though Lotah had seen him project the energy in a sort of aerial push that felt like a cyclone, so seeking his own capacity in the art, he had yet to bring sufficient force into fruition necessary to direct it forward. His inner intuition knew it could be done and that he had the ability to manifest his potential. He could feel and he was aware of the concentration of the qi within his form and en-shrouded in his aura. Drawing backward with the essence of it gathered between his palms he shuffled forward extending his arms directing the force forward but as ever, he only saw the vibration of energy trickle out from his hands slightly and disperse back into the ground.

    You must learn to perceive what is subtle and forget what is obvious.

    Lotah was flustered, already trying to move beyond the phase of standing into that of projecting qi. It was also even more difficult as despite the awe commanding prowess of Anruda he was nearly impossible to understand. He spoke in such an exact language it eluded translation. But within the phantasmal being that was Anruda was limitless power, and the wisdom that unlocked it. Even standing before him he seemed an entire dimension away, within the length of one’s arm... yet ever out of reach.... It was some time ago, Lotah dreaming through his memories as he stood in quiet setting, gently trying to silence the clamor of the mind, it was a pilgrimage with Graviton to southernmost settlement upon the island, Aur. “Graviton, Anruda you wear such strange skins.”

    Anruda smiled and laughed. He laughed long and loud, although it was not often understood why. Though Anruda was revered for his talents, his silence, and guardianship of Cascadia He was a man outside of his own time and world. He was paradox to them. “Iv’e had these for so long, just simple ebony jeans and a black tee shirt I fortified so that they would last as long as I do.”Anruda suppressed his laughter, as Lotah; confused looked back at him with a tilted glance.“Jeeeeeensana T-sure?”Lotah shook his head trying to stay awake, his mind was wandering into the land of dreams. Thinking to himself: Focus Lotah, focus and awake. He knew that if he allowed his mind to wander so easily he would never manifest qi. Stillness is a rather elusive state of being, the mind churns incessantly, and the body shivers and aches. Often it seems an inner voice is saying;It’s ok.Dream. Give up your meditation however. Don’t you wish to move? You know you want to sprint and jump and bound and leap. It’s ok try again later. Trying not to think often invites the thought; don’t think, don’t think.But in stillness, one taps into the source. Anruda sometimes called it Daos. Remember one can see the daos, but you cannot give it a name. It is something you feel that has no substance, it is not here or anywhere. The daos is zero. It is empty, but it has no space. It is at once vast and minute... One of the characteristics of standing meditation is acute awareness. Lotah noticed early on that the slightest movement or sound in ones surroundings becomes magnified countless times upon the senses. An evergreen across the lake swayed gently in the breeze, it’s branches dancing like the stroke of a painter’s brush and the percussive swish of the leafy coat soothing in the ear. The motions of local wildlife, squirrel and mallard, deer and crow all so vivid to the periferal field of vision. there was one far removed in presence coming into view. Lotah turned his attention toward this approaching being without moving even a twitch. He knew without looking it was Anruda. Lotah relaxed and turned to greet him, fist under palm. Anruda was clad in his loosely woven ceremonial Graviton robes, which bore a curious appearance of opal edged in silver lining. “How goes the standing?” Graviton could read it in Lotahs expression, that he had yet to ascend to the next plateau; projection.

    “I wouldn’t feel too defeated Lotah, even I was long perplexed with the problem of trying to achieve projection of qi. But remember Gravi, The keys are more often in the simple than the complex.”

    Anruda assumed a wide legged stance and stood with his hands in front of him, stared into the space between them and became frozen from all motion. A static wave of energy quickly came into existence flowing between his palms sparking bright and azure. Lotah striving to derive any insight he could through observation of Graviton, paying close attention. Anruda maintained the current of qi between his palms for a moment and then relaxed his posture smiling: “Or to say it plain, try focusing on the space between your hands! Get back to the basic stuff. Attain mastery of that and projection will come to you on its own.”Lotah nodded, this was one of those rare occasions where he could fathom just what Anruda was talking about, it even seemed a very plausible means to bridge the gap forward. Lotah mimed the posture Anruda demonstrated. “I can see at once you are too tense. Don’t try to grab hold, but rather let go. Harder than it sounds, that. When you start visualizing the qi the tendency is to strain and haste after fruition, don’t fall into those motives, be patient and detached.”Lotah released the tension in his shoulders first, gradually sinking into his meditation....

    Back in Trophia it was nearing dusk. The Cascadians went about their usual rounds as it was not the least bit uncommon for both Gravi and Graviton to vanish for days at a time. It was almost the hour set aside each evening for the recirculation of qi. Sia and Na were sitting in the square in enamored conversation, they had already long prepared for the coming cycle of generation, the chance to become parents they had wait for all their lives, and now the opportunity only a few year cycles away. Na was smiling “Ho, that Lotah. Hope he comes back before it snows.” Sia giggled in the starlight at this funny truth equal with Na in the curiosity of Lotah's profound nature. “I wonder what it’s like, chosen by graviton. Imagine all he can see!” Na nodded in agreement, then clapped his hands together suddenly with a bang. “I won’t let him be too far evolved apart from me! If I learn from Lotah, I’ll also be a Gravi!”

    Na of course, ever wanting to be on even footing again with his friend. These days he seemed ever more distant. But again however, all Cascadians stared up at the same sky.

    ...Anruda never taught, so much as demonstrated, teaching requires speech at some level and Anruda mostly spoke to Lotah, besides him there was no other Cascadian that truly understood why. He was an enigma in totality to them. How ever, he could often be seen practicing his martial forms, seeming a high tier of superhuman. People often attempted to emulate him and in a sense Lotah, as Gravi was translator of both the art and it’s explanation. Because of the records of the Great shift upon the monoliths of knowledge and history, war was understood though no Cascadian had ever personally known it and as such those bearing the heart and soul of a warrior did follow after the airs of Gravi and Graviton. More recently however Anruda had been strangely absent and Lotah had become more and more the mentor, though he himself did not know it. “...Gravi”Lotah had been dosing, dreams spilling into the waking world. “Stop, go and rest. You are too tired to focus. In the morning, train. Get as awake as possible. Then, return here and continue until you are again unable to stay awake.” Then saying nothing more, Anruda turned and departed disappearing from view as if he’d never been there to begin with, in such a manner as to make one question if he had ever been. Though his voice came forth again through the row of trees

    “Consider the color purple, and it’s significance to projection.”

    Lotah fell to the earth right where he stood and slept. ...

    The solar cycle was in decline, summer heat on the fade and days shrinking into longer absence of the sun. The denizens of that little hamlet of Trophia toiled hastily Neath a sky of purple bolstering the earthships against the cold and abrasive smack of the coming weather, as well as gathering for the duration.Marthy aided in the fixing, if it was broken Marthy could determine how to repair it Making a determined path between this task and another, apprentences in tow he went. His own personal gaggle of knot-heads so named by him. Na worked to gather the yields of the planet, a task Cascadians in unity attended; to store foodstuffs in the natural pantrys in the stone of the houses as well as kept under refridgeration in root cellars. The water-bearers gathered rain collected at the bottom of sloping gutters traveling the roof of the biomes around and downward into a bowl, collected and transfered into earthen jars. A purple bush of hair waddled forward, red filthy clay save a sky blue rimmed earthen jug in hands, the water splish-splashing out from side to side upon approach of Jikk who was engaged in hand to hand combat practice with several of his warrior peers. They moved in qi and fought also with qi. A person who lived before the great shift would liken their art to Chi-gong, but many dimentions more sophisticated. “Relive your thirst.”

    The bearer spoke. “It’s like you knew, every time sia!" Yellow spheres glinting a reflection in the mirror-like water within the jug. After such a fashion the Cascadians carried on in the absence of Lotah.


    Hands pointed vertically with such a raging fury, Lotah, standing forcefully rigid and losing his composure gradually as he became further frustrated and impatient at being unable to push qi as does Graviton. This endevor not being of a recent undertaking, Lotah had been relentlessly attempting such feat several cycles (year) now The last three in fact, only to fail each time, an illusive element missing and seeming beyond the span of that which he could rightly fathom. Though he was well versed in gathering qi, he could do no more than to hold onto it, able, to draw it, but once gathered unable to do any more than release it again. Forgetting to maintain his focus, he pondered going again over it in thought: Have I not become strong enough to generate kinesis? Is it because I am thinking? How does Anruda manifest qi? Why, I know It's there, I cannot...Lotah was straining recklessly, tensing up and hyper-ventalating air through his teeth as he shook, bringing his hands downward in front of him 'till they hovered a few inches apart qi flowing between them.A motion in the distance. Closer. Too fast to follow...Anruda stood before him.

    "Stop Lotah, that is enough."

    Lotahs arms fell to his sides and his head began to sink in the air with exaustion, his knees buckling he crumpled against a stone upon the ground.

    Anruda leaned forward and pointed out his index finger in his direction. "Relax and try to listen."

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