Forever Yours


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"How is she?" Mrs baker gazed at me with the most worrisome face. Still, I couldn't look at her in the eye. 

Not after what I did.. 

2 months ago~ 

"Are you good?" I simply asked out of the blue, as we walked to class. Kara nodded. 

"Elly, stop worrying. Yes, he cheated on me and dump me but it's possibly for the best." She choked out an answer. 

I knew she was trying to keep strong, but in inside..she was a fragile flower that got stomped on. I only smile at her, in support. 

The bell rang no sooner than later...

We walked to class and just like that..all laughter died down.  They stared at us with the most intensity. We sat down, ignoring the looks we were getting. 

Sierra walked to us, she smiled. "Hey Elly." She greeted. "Kara.." kara only smiled. 

"Kara!!." A sickly sweet voice called. It was Brooke. She shoved Sierra out the way, earning a glare from Me and Sierra both, but she was to busy talking to Kara to even notice. 

"I heard your breakup with Aaron. I'm so sorry." Sarcasrm dripped in every word. 

In truth, she was the least sorry. Now that Kara was out the way, she could have him completely. With that, she walked away. 

Price you have to pay when you had dated the most hottest boy in school, news spreads...

"Ignore her." I whispered. 


We three, sat down for lunch. We were lucky we even got seats in the cafeteria, it's almost impossible to get one without bieng with the stereotypical group, or a cool kid. 

Sierra nudge me, kara saw that and looked to where Sierra was pointing me to look. It was Brooke with Aaron. We saw them, and immediately Kara looked away. 

Then out of nowhere, someone commented. "Look guys! It's Kara and her friends." People have eyes, they know.

Was that our label now? 'Kara and her friends' 

Brooke smirked, walking over to us while dragging Aaron. 

"Sorry Kara..I guess Aaron realized that I was the better choice." I glared at Brooke. 

"Give her a break." And just like that, all eyes turn to Sierra. 

"Why don't you tell me something I actually care about." She scoffed. "Hey, I'm sorry if guys actually want me." 

I laughed, "Honey, guys only want you because your legs spread wider than the Equator."   


"Man! Brooke face when you said that." Sierra chuckled. "Your bawse." 

"Tell me something I don't know." I flipped my hair. "Gotta go." 

"Leaving so soon?" Kara asked. I nodded, "yeah..unfortunately my grades are dropping so I'm suppose to be tutored at my house by one of our school mates." I reached in for a hug, from both. 

"See ya.."


I closed the door, on my way in. "Mom I'm back." I announced. 

My mom came running in the living room, "about time. You turor is here. He's in your room." She kissed me in the cheek. "And boy he is a keeper.." she teased. 

I rolled my eyes, I went up the stairs. I sighed, twisting the knob to open. 

The sight I saw was horrific. I looked at the person in disgust. "A-Aaron! Your my tutor?..." 

he smirked, towering over me. Damn he's tall. "I guess so." He answered. 

God, are you even up there? 

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