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Yes Girl~ Bea Miller

 Sometimes life throws clouds and other times it throws bricks. Mine threw a brick wall at me and expected me to catch it. I'm still trying not to fall down. 

I've been hurt a million times before and I will be hurt a million more. Shit happens. Doesn't it? 

So you're wondering what the heck I'm rambling on about, aren't you? 

Let me introduce myself. I am a girl of the age of 19. I am blonde, I am tall, and I am American. I could be described as a basic witch. (gotta keep the story PG kids) (haha jk. This story is not for younger viewers). But the thing is, my life is about as far from basic as I think possible. I've gone through hardships bigger than I thought possible, I've met people that have changed my life for the greater good and for the ultimate bad. I've been beaten bloody. I've seen death itself. I've watched my best friend commit suicide. I've been raped twice. 

In short, my life is just one messed up thing after another. 

But it doesn't matter does it? It doesn't matter what I tell you right now because that's not the point of writing all of my silly, stupid little thoughts down. The point of writing something down is to show yourself something that's magical. 

But this story is far from fiction. This story has the power to shake the world. So before reading, I'd like you to tag all of your friends. Share the story as much as possible. Let people know my story. Because once in a while, you find a story that shakes and breaks your heart. 

I hope that this one changes you. I hope that this one turns your life in a completely different direction. I hope that my words can make you think about things that you didn't think would ever cross your mind. 

Life is just one thing after another, and whether it's bad or good, it happens. We all hope to grow up and live luxuriously. Nobody wants to grow up in poverty. Nobody chooses a bad life. 

It just happens. And it happens to those who don't deserve it 8/10 times.

But the thing is, I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I deserve it. Am I one of the 2/10 people that deserves all the pain thrown at them? Am I one of the people that has done something so horribly wrong that I deserve to be punished so awfully? What did I do?

Why? Why? Why? 

But not to worry, because I'll let you decide whether or not I did something wrong. I'll let you decide whether or not I deserve this life. 

So before we dive right into the fucked up story of my fucked up life, let me set down a few ground rules. 

This book is 100% worth sharing and reading. Not because it's particularly well written, but because people need to hear this particular story in order to truly understand how some people live. So please please please tag all of your friends. Share the story a million times. Let the whole world know exactly what's become of me. Because my life may suck, but yours doesn't have to. I want this book to lead as a warning for those who read it. 

You can control what comes your way. No matter how big the army that's stampeding at you is. (If this is in a literal stance, I say to hell with my words. Run you stupid motherfucker) 

I also sincerely hope that you plan on commenting or voting to let me know that you're here with me and that you hear me loud and clear. This book will mean everything to me. And I hope it keeps you on your toes, wanting life to get better. 

I've got a secret for you: it hasn't yet. 

But before you put the book down, I want you to breathe for a minute and tell yourself that you need to read the book. Please. For me. 

Read this book for me. Share this book for me. 

I vow to personally thank as many people as possible that vote/comment. I swear I'll acknowledge every single one of you. So what's there to lose? 

Read the damn book. How many times do I have to tell you? 

And if you're still wondering why this book is in non-fiction, then it's a super simple answer. This book is my life. No lies, no stories, and only 100% truths. 

So yeah, my life is it's own version of hell. And I'm going to live it and ride it until I manage to go where I want to go in life. 

So before you insist on helping me, I think you should sit your ass down because I don't want your help. I can manage my own life, thank you very much. The decision to get help is my decision, and you're not going to do a damn thing about it. 


This story is not going to be the best book ever written. It's not going to even be great. But still, read on young soldier. It's worth it. I promise you. 

Now to end the chapter on a good note, you're probably wondering why I named the chapter after a song. The lie would be that the song fit the chapter well. The truth is that I listened to that song until my heart broke in two. I listened to that very song all the way through writing the chapter. That song is what started and finished this chapter. That's why it's the title. 

Oh and one more thing. You might've noticed that the word count on my chapters are a bit short. But the thing is, this story is based off of my life. Does my life have a word count? No. It doesn't. 

And if it does, I pray to god that my word count is really, really high.

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