My Mind And Soul


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Chapter One: Black Ops


My Mind and Soul

Chapter I: Black Ops

"Doritos or Ketchup?"

"Does it matter?" I glanced over to Chase as he walked back into his bedroom, holding the two different bags in his hands, waving them around. The look he had given me right after the words came out of my mouth and the scoff that came with it was proof that he thought my opinion was invalid. Honestly? They're chips — I'll eat whatever one he gives me.

"Does it matter?" Chase repeated, scoffing once more, "of course it matters! Ketchup is like, obviously the better option?"

"Then why didn't you just pick the Ketchup ones?" I laughed. Chase frowned at me, throwing the two bags at me before he walked over and sat down onto the bed sulking.

"Because I was trying to see if you would pick the shitty Doritos."

I rolled my eyes that time, shoving the controller back into his hands, "Forget the chips and play the game would you?"

"Alright alright, fine," Chase laughed, quickly un-pausing our current match on Black Ops. We had been playing all afternoon since I arrived at his apartment, just because it was Saturday and really, we had nothing better to do. Did I have homework and projects to do? Yes, but those could wait till tomorrow. I wasn't in the mood to drown myself into a whole bunch of class work when I could just play video games with my best friend.

After several more rounds of Black Ops, we switched to Zombies. While the game loaded I opened the bag of Ketchup chips and shoved a few into my mouth. Chase had grabbed an entire handful and began chowing away at them while the match started and we began to kill off all the zombies we could find. Usually when we played we would make it to wave 10 before either one of us fucked up and we had to start over.

"Fucking SON OF A BITCH!" Chase yelled out profanities as he got obliterated by a wave of zombies, "I thought I boarded that shit up?? Are you kidding me?!"

"Your fault for not checking properly," I stuck my tongue out with a smirk, finding his outbursts amusing. By the time we were finished our last round it was 5:30 in the evening.

"Excuse me?? Did you not see me board up the bitch?? And I shot those bastards in the head but they apparently have god powers!"

I bursted out laughing then, leaning back which caused me to fall off his bed with a loud thud. I fell on my ass with a gasp. It was now Chase's turn to be the one laughing and pointing. Was it bad to say that he sounded like a dying pig because he started to snort like one? Nah, it wasn't — it was the truth.

"Ahaha! Oh my god! That was amazing!" Chase laughed, smacking his thigh as they do in comedy skits, "you should have seen your face!"

"Says the one who sounds like a pig rolling in mud!" I retorted.

"...A pig rolling in mud? Seriously?" Chase raised a brow at me then while I pushed myself to my feet with a shrug.

"It's true," I replied

"That's a shitty comeback," Chase commented while crossing his arms.

"Your face is just as shitty honestly," A feminine voice sounded from the door, and as I turned my attention over I noticed Naomi standing there, leaning against the doorframe with her arms crossed. She had a smirk on her face.

"What's that supposed to mean?? That I'm ugly?" Chase frowned.

"Well...yes," Naomi nodded her head. I laughed as Chase looked at her with a giant frown, as if she had just stole all of his candy and threw it into the fire pit.

Naomi was Chase's roommate and one of our good friends. We had met her our first year of college which was just over a year ago while Chase and I were just checking out the campus. Honestly, when she first approached us she looked quite intimidating even if she was shorter than the both of us at 5'6. When she opened her mouth, the first thing that she said was a comment on Chase's hair and how it looked like he had gotten attacked by a bunch of wild squirrels, and even though Chase was offended I took quite the liking to her that day. She was caring but a bitch at heart.

"That's so mean! If I called you ugly you would cut my head off!" Chase pointed offendedly.

"Because I'm a girl — and you can't say that to a girl," Naomi flipped her blonde hair off her shoulders with smile and a teasing glint in her eyes — she was obviously just trying to get on Chase's nerves which she often did. Since day one she couldn't go long without calling him out on something.


"Not bullshit — anyways, Austin is out most likely getting drunk with his friends so I need you to hold Aurora while I give her those meds the vet prescribed," She smirked.

"....your devil cat? The cat already hates me and now you're going to make me hold him hostage? You're sick Naomi...truly sick in the head," Chase shook his head, slowly standing up from his bed as she snorted.

"Oh relax, he loves you."

"No he doesn't."

"Well! Have fun with your psycho kitty — I'm gonna head out an perhaps get some homework done?" I cut in, starting to make my way out of Chase's bedroom with the two following behind me. I heard Chase's whine just as I reached the front door and slipped on my shoes.

"You're gonna leave me alone with this bitch?" Smack. "Ouch! What the hell was that for?!"

"For being insulting," Naomi flashed him a look and he pouted before sticking his tongue out like a child.

I laughed and shook my head, "I'll see you tomorrow Chase — we're having lunch with Lewis and Elton after class remember?"

"Oh yeaaa...but that's so far away," He sighed heavily. He reached over and pulled me into a tight hug and playfully smothered a kiss to my cheek — he was a few inches taller than I was, "I'll see you tomorrow boo~"

"Yea, see you tomorrow," I chuckled, wiping my cheek with my hoodie sleeve. Chase smiled, waving at me like a dork before groaning and moving after Naomi's loud voice telling him to hurry his ass to the kitchen.

"I'm coming! Just wait a fucking minute!"

That was the last thing I heard before I exited his apartment, walking down the hall towards the elevator. It took minutes before I was eventually outside of the building. There was a slight breeze that honestly felt relaxing — the weather in the vampire dimension was usually warm and often had a nice breeze to it; it never actually got cold. Moving to an empty wall, my eyes glowed silver for a brief moment as a purple glow illuminated the wall, the portal opening to life. I stepped into the bright light before appearing back into the human world and right in front of my cabin porch.

Even if I was a vampire myself, born and raised as one, I lived in the human world for many different reasons. One reason being that it was quite peaceful, and I enjoyed the bright blue sky when I woke up in the morning. I lived in a cabin in the middle of the forest and away from human population — the closest town was 20 minutes away. In the vampire dimension the sky was like an infinite pinkish red colour and even if it was nice on its own I still quite enjoyed the blue. Another reason was that up until 17 and from the age of 15 I grew up in this place, and I wasn't fond of moving back into the dimension for odd reasons.

I pulled out my keys and unlocked the front door. When I stepped inside and turned on the lights I was greeted with the smell of wood and other relaxing scents like flowers and vanilla. The aural was quiet and peaceful which matched the ambience.

The interior of the house was ninety percent made of wood and logs. It was a decent sized cabin fit for myself, an individual living by themselves in such a desolate area. The living room and the kitchen were connected as one open space. The fireplace was made out of stone and hung over top was my flat screen. The brown leather couch was rested back against the stairs which led up to he bathroom and my own bedroom. Overall I quite enjoyed living there because even if I was by myself it still gave me that homey feeling.

I set my keys onto the kitchen table after slipping off my shoes. Rummaging through the refrigerator and cabinets I grabbed the necessities needed for making myself dinner. After cooking pasta, drenching it in cheese with vegetables on the side, my food was served. I took my plate to the living room and set it onto the coffee table before looking through my school bag to find my homework. Once it was found I sat onto the couch and began working on my homework and essay with the tv on as background noise. I took the occasional breaks to sit and eat my dinner.

Essays were the devil himself — the planning part was killing me; just writing the thesis alone was hard enough and it was all due in a few weeks time.

Sighing, I got to work for the next few hours. Once I was done a majority it was around 9 o'clock at night. I put my stuff away and quickly cleaned up the dishes before putting them away. After all that was done I turned off the tv and headed upstairs to the bathroom while rubbing my face. It was only nine in the evening and yet I was exhausted. Between work and school it drained my energy completely which made sleep basically heaven for me. Right now though I just needed to relax for a little before I actually head to bed.

That's what I did — I relaxed in a warm bath for 20 minutes before answering a few texts, changing into a pair of sweats, and headed off to bed by ten o'clock. By the time I was up and headed back to the vampire dimension for class it was eight in the morning. My classes lasted long hours until twelve in the afternoon, the time when I was meeting up with Chase and our two friends Lewis and Elton; the two of them were mates, which meant they were bounded together for a lifetime.

Every individual in the dimension had a mate — whether it was another vampire or in rare cases a human. You couldn't feel the bond of your mate until 18 years of age. It's basically like a destined marriage, once you met the one person you are bound with for eternity you are already married pretty much. Even if the whole soulmate thing was a blessing and an amazing thing in our dimension, I wasn't in a rush to meet my own mate. After living in tragedy for most of my life being bound with someone wasn't exactly on my to-do list.

There were also classifications in the dimension; vampires with gold eyes (male and female), were classified as the breeder population. They could impregnate other vampires who were part of the conceiver class (again, men and women), who were the ones who could get pregnant and are spotted with silver eyes. My eyes were silver, and Chase's eyes were gold.

"Takeuchi!" A familiar voice called out. When I turned my head I noticed Chase along with Lewis and Elton heading out of the building and over to my spot underneath a tall tree.

"Hey," I laughed once Chase drowned me in one of his tight hugs. When he had let go I turned to Lewis who was currently smirking at me, his arm snaked around Elton's waist as he leant against his side.

"We would have came out sooner but Naomi wouldn't stop running her mouth," Lewis laughed, "she's still pissed off about Cierra."

"She'll get over it eventually," Elton shrugged, before kissing Lewis on the cheek, "let's go — there is this new café about a fifteen minute walk from here and apparently it's really good."

After talking for a few more minutes we all started walking towards the café. Once we had reached the family oriented building that smelt of pastries and coffee, we lined up in front of the register and looked up at the menu or at the displayed desserts. I already knew Chase was eyeballing the donuts—he was a sucker for those. Especially the blood filled ones.

We all ordered food and ice cold blood drinks before finding a booth by a window and sitting down. Lewis and Elton sat in a booth together while Chase and I sat in the opposite one. Lewis had gotten a chicken wrap while Elton and I both ordered cheesecakes to try. his donuts.

Overall, the lunch was heavenly. The aroma had a distinct feeling but it was comfortable and charming. I would definitely come back to this place — it was also a plus because the food was really good too. I glanced over to Lewis who was choking on his food from laughing at what Chase had said.

"D-dude! You have got to be joking! Mitchell did not get with her!" Lewis asked in disbelief with the occasional cough from his choking. He took a sip of blood while Chase was nodding his head with a smirk.

"He did. Not kidding. The whole football team was talking about it, but Nate was the one who told me," He laughed.

"That's messed. Kathy is such a bitch!" Lewis scoffed loudly.

"If you tell him that he'll punch you in the face. The guy doesn't know shit," Chase shrugged, biting into his chocolate donut.

Elton was listening in on the conversation despite working on his work for class. I noticed by the way he rolled his eyes by continued to type away at his laptop as if he was minding his own business. His dirty blond hair was slicked back in slight loose curls, his warm hazel eyes being the first thing Lewis had noticed about him when they first met. The two lovebirds met last year; Elton was a senior in high school while Lewis was starting his first year of college. It was when Lewis was dropping his younger sister Lauren off was when he spotted him. Since then they have been attached to each other like glue.

They were cute though; Lewis was the charmer with his golden blond hair and blue eyes, and Elton was more of the guy that preferred quality over quantity when it came to friends. The two of them were opposites, but that's what made them go so well together.

I smiled lightly at the thought of a mate — it was a nice thought but I was definitely sure I wasn't ready for it as I have said once before. How would I react? When would it happen? What were they going to be like?

Lunch had ended after an hour of sitting and relaxing. Lewis had another class to go to while the three of us didn't have anymore until later. We tossed our things into the trash before exiting the stunning café. Once outside, Chase and I had parted ways with Elton and Lewis who headed back to campus.

"Back to your place? Or mine?" Chase turned to me, and I shrugged.

"You pick."

"Your place it is!" Chase smirked. I let out a laugh, shaking my head before pulling up the portal. "I want to play GTA."

"Alright alright," I chuckled. Chase smiled innocently at me before we were back at my place, playing video games for a while until we had to go back to the stressful hours of classes and restless nights. 

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Chapter Two: Miss Prime & Proper

My Mind and Soul

Chapter II: Miss Prime & Proper

           Everyone had packed up theirs bags and flooded the doorways once class was over and the bell rang. After packing up my binders and asking the professor a quick question about the homework, I exited the classroom with my bag slung over my shoulder. The hallways were slightly crowded with other students, but I managed to push my way through and head outside the doors and towards the football field. Chase had a game today and had texted me earlier asking if I could stay and watch — I obviously agreed.

Him and Lewis were both on the team, and they were co-captains. Our team was also currently first place which was pretty amazing and had boosted my best friend's ego extremely. As I was walking outside, I paused and turned around once I heard quick footsteps running up behind me.

"HEYO!" Naomi shouted suddenly as she jumped to my side. What I didn't expect after was Monroe appearing on the other side of me, which made me jolt with a gasp.

"Holy shit — Don't scare me like that!" I whined, both Monroe and Naomi laughing with amused glints.

"Sorry Takeuchi. Are you heading to watch the game?" Monroe asked with a smile, her blonde hair pulled up into a high ponytail. The two of them began walking beside me as we made our way outside.

"Yea, are you guys watching?" I tilted my head. Monroe nodded.

"Yup! Gotta support the boys," She chuckled. The three of us walked to the field where people were already gathering and sitting up on the bleachers. The team wasn't out yet since they were getting ready, and wouldn't be out until the game started. The other team's encouragement were sitting on the second set of bleachers next to ours.

Reaching the bleachers, I scanned the rows before noticing Elton sitting at the top, texting on his phone. On my lead Monroe, Naomi, and I walked up the side steps to the very top, catching Elton by surprise as he looked up before smiling.

"Hey guys," Elton greeted as I sat down beside him, Naomi sitting on the other side of him while Monroe sat next to me.

"Heyo, ready to watch your babe tackle some other babes?" Naomi asked with a nudge and a wink.

Elton rolled his eyes with a chuckle, "other babes? Seriously Naomi?"

"Yes I'm serious, the guys on our team are hot as shit but so are the ones on the opposing team. Have you seen them??" Naomi groaned.

"Yes I've seen them, but Lewis is still a thousand times hotter in my opinion," Elton smiled, draping his arm across Naomi's shoulder just as his phone vibrated, and he answered the text quickly.

"Of course you think that, but in Naomi and I's opinion all the other guys are hot as shit. Same with Takeuchi of course," Monroe glanced to me with a wink. I reacted the same as Elton did with an eye roll.

"Shut up you horny teenagers," I retorted.

"Haha! Hilarious sweetie," Naomi scoffed at my comment.

"I know I'm hilarious," I smirked, sticking my tongue out at her. Naomi returned the gesture before smiling at me.

Half an hour later after lots of conversing and witty bantering, everything was settled and the game had started. The opposing team was called out first and they walked onto the field with their mascot while people cheered loudly for them, several in spirit wear. When our team was called next and were making their way onto the field almost everyone on the bleachers stood up and began cheering louder. Our small group of friends were standing, cheering for our team. It only got louder once Chase and Lewis both made an appearance.



"WHAT MONROE SAID!" Elton shouted lastly.

I laughed at their screaming, shaking my head amusedly. The cheering had died down and everyone sat while the opening kick off started. The opposing team was starting. One of the players on our team caught the ball and ran, but was tackled to the ground by the other team. Throughout the game whenever we had possession of the ball and gained downs the stands were considerably loud with their hollering. Some of it was incoherent while others were clear as day. During one of the down plays Chase successfully caught the ball and began running — he kept running, swiftly dodging the opposing team as he got closer and closer to a touchdown.

Our team was busy tackling others to give him space. That's when it happened — Chase got the first touchdown of the game. I stood up and cheered loudly with Elton, Monroe, Naomi, and others on the stands.

By the time the game ended which was over an hour later, our team had won 28-0. Elton had ran to Lewis once they were walking off the field, just giving him a hug and a kiss. We congratulated both him and Chase — who hugged me in his sweaty and gross ass uniform — before they headed inside to the change rooms to shower and change out of their uniforms.

"You played a good game," I smiled at Chase once he walked outside where we were waiting, him changed into a casual hoodie and jeans. He was wearing his baseball cap backwards to hide his damp hair from a quick shower, his sports bag slung over his shoulder.

"Thanks boo; did you enjoy watching?" He draped an arm around my shoulder as we walked off campus with Lewis and our small gang.

"Of course. It was intense to watch you score those few touchdowns," I smirked.

"You mean, it was intense to watch all the hot guys play in their sexy ass uniforms," Naomi faked a moan. Chase bursted our laughing and Lewis snorted.

"Is that the only reason why you came and watched?" Lewis chuckled.

"Your moan is hideous — shatter a mirror hideous dude," Chase commented a second after.

"First of all...fuck you Chase. Second, yes, the reason I watched the football game was to ogle over the sexy ass guys. But obviously...I supported you as well," Naomi explained while pointing her finger.

"Fuck you too miss prime and proper," Chase retorted.

"Excuse me? Do you want your balls chopped off you bitch??" Naomi narrowed her eyes, and Chase smiled.

"You don't have the balls to do it."

"You mean you don't," Naomi rolled her eyes. Chase's jaw slacked at her comeback, Lewis having to stop walking as he hunched over laughing his ass off. Monroe and I both stifled back our laughters while Elton was covering his mouth with a wide smile.

"Ahahahahaha! YOU SHOULD SEE YOUR FACE CHASE! HAHAHAH!" Lewis laughed loudly, gripping Chase's shoulder as he struggled to stand straight, "OH MAN! That was good!"

"Yea yea, shut up," Chase rolled his eyes and shoved Lewis off of him.

After his laughing fit we all continued along the sidewalk. We reached Lewis's house in a matter of 40 minutes walking distance; we decided that we would all hang out there for a bit — the six of us walked inside and sat on the couches in the living room. Naomi and Monroe sat on the floor while Chase and I flopped onto the couch. Lewis had disappeared into the kitchen to grab us all drinks and food. Elton sat on the second couch.

When Lewis entered the living room he set a few cans of pop, cold blood, and bags of chips with salsa onto the coffee table before joining Elton on the couch, wrapping his arms around him. We hung out for a few hours, just talking, laughing, and eating food. Chase and Naomi spent most of their time bantering to each other as they always did — that was basically their friendship, but they were close.

Sipping the can of pop I opened, I laid back so my head was rested in Chase's lap. I pulled my phone out and checked social media briefly before glancing up to Chase as he scoffed.

"I'm not your pillow."

"You are now," I stuck his tongue out, taking another sip of my pop. I set it aside before reaching my hand up to pat Chase's cheek.

He chuckled, brushing my hair back with his fingers, "okay okay, but if my legs fall asleep I'm kicking you off."

"Hey! I have an idea," Naomi spoke up, all attention on her, "I say...this weekend the six of us all go clubbing. I'm in the mood for getting drunk and some good men."

"Clubbing? Fuck yea — I'm down," Lewis agreed with a nod, Elton and Monroe nodding their heads.

"Hell yea! Gotta get my dance on!" Chase exclaimed, swaying his shoulders and dancing on the spot. I smacked him on the chest to stop him from wiggling around.

"Stop your stupid ass dancing — you're supposed to be my human pillow," I groaned, rolling onto my side to face him.

"You didn't say anything about clubbing Takeuchi — are you coming with us?" Chase asked, making me glance up at him.

"Uhm...I don't know," I sighed. Shaking my head, Chase scoffed and pouted at me.

"What do you mean you don't know?? You're so going," He pointed at me.

"What Chase said! Come on Takeuchi we'll be dancing and catching hot babes!" Naomi exclaimed.

I laughed lightly, "maybe — I have projects to finish so I'm not sure."

"Pweaseeeeee?" Chase gave me the puppy eyes, cupping my cheek, "for meeeeeee?"

When I didn't reply Chase furthered his begging, his lip quivering while looking at me in a silent plea. After stifling back laughter from his childish expression, I shook my head with a smile and caved in. He was such a child sometimes but I loved him.

"...fine fine, I'll come," I laughed. Chase cheered in his spot, fist pumping the air.

"HALLELUJAH! FUCK YEA!" He shouted, gasping as Naomi smacked him with one of the pillows.

"Don't fucking yell you stupid ass."

Chase flipped the middle finger at Naomi while sticking his tongue out like a child. Around the time it was getting late — about 8pm — Chase and I left Lewis's house after saying goodbye. We walked to the end of the driveway before I pulled up the portal.

"Can I sleep at your place tonight? Austin is gonna be home," Chase asked, and I nodded my head. We both stepped into the portal, appearing in front of my cabin seconds after.

"Sure," I smiled, pulling out my keys and walked to the front door with Chase following after. I unlocked the door and stepped inside, kicking off my shoes before walking into the living room. Chase had done the same after closing the door for me.

He set his bag onto the ground in the living, taking his hat off and tossing it onto his bag. He slipped off his hoodie over his head and tossed it as well, leaving him shirtless when he sat down onto the couch beside me. I was busy scrolling through Netflix, deciding on Grey's Anatomy. He draped his arm over the back of the couch while I leaned against him, my head to his shoulder.

"Have you been taking your medication?" Chase asked after a long pause of silence. My eyes were already closed as I relaxed against him, listening in on the show. Opening my eyes, I glanced up at him and raised a brow.

"Yea, why?" I questioned.

"Just making sure," Chase smiled, "you know how I am."

"I'm taking them, don't worry," I chuckled, closing my eyes once again after Chase smiled with a nod.

We both relaxed in silence once again, with me laying against Chase while his arm eventually wrapped around me. I must've fallen asleep during that time because before I knew it I felt strong arms scooping me up, and when my blinked my eyes opened I noticed he was carrying me up to my bedroom. I smiled at that, resting my cheek to his chest as he opened the door and carried me into my room. He gently laid me down onto the left side of my bed before crawling in on the right side. The lights remained off.

When I looked at the time, it read 11pm at night. No wonder why he carried me to bed, it was late. But I was too lazy to change, so I ended up just tugging my clothes off until I was left in my boxers. Chase had done the same beside me before pulling the covers over the both of us.

"Goodnight Takeuchi," Chase chuckled. I smiled at that, letting out a yawn while he rolled onto his side, his back facing me.

"Goodnight Chase."

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Chapter Three: Anxiety Tempo

My Mind and Soul

Chapter III: Anxiety Tempo

When Chase stopped the car in front of the club, the music was loud and I could already hear it faintly thumping from the outside. Stepping out of the car, Chase had followed suit along with Naomi and Monroe, while Lewis and Elton got out of their own vehicle. The outside of the club looked exquisite, and since it was the best one around I wasn't surprised with how superior it looked. A bouncer was standing outside double wood doors while checking IDs and letting bloodsuckers into the club. Overall, I could already feel the upbeat ambience that shocked my blood.

Maybe it wasn't such a terrible idea.

"Fuck yea, this is going to be hella fun!" Chase exclaimed in excitement, his eyes glowing gold for a brief moment. They switched back to his natural hazel quickly after, and he followed the rest of our friends to the lineup. The line was decently long, but before we knew it we reached the front. Naomi was the first to hold out her ID before she was allowed in by the bouncer. The rest of us followed in after her into the loud club once we were given the okay.

When I first stepped in I was greeted with flashing lights that illuminated the dark room with many colours. Bodies were dancing close to each other, the heat that was radiating off was already making me sweat. The music was loud, pounding harshly against my chest which made it difficult to hear Chase as he tried talking to me; he had to lean in closely just so I'd be able to understand.

"Do you want a drink?" Chase asked for the second time into my ear, and I nodded my head with a smile and a sure. While Lewis and everyone else had sashayed to the dance floor to get their groove on, Chase grabbed me by my wrist and pulled me through the crowd and over to the bar.

He sat down onto one of the stools as I sat next to him, and not long after we said a female bartender wandered over and asked us what we would like. With my consent, Chase had ordered a round of shots for the both of us. There were several people lingering around the bar, sipping drinks by themselves or chatting along with friends. Occasionally, I noticed that one of the male bartenders was flirting with another male, which was kind of funny to watch as the guy seemed uninterested and unfazed. Hilarious, because the bartender was still trying to woo him.

I chuckled, still watching the bartender failing at his attempts, before Chase caught my attention once again when the shots were placed in front of us and he took one of them and dipped his head back. I looked at him as he took the shot before placing the empty glass down, and when he turned to me I smiled. I only took one of the four shots Chase had ordered, simply because I shouldn't actually be drinking alcohol. Chase knew that but usually let me have at least one before he cut me off for the rest of the night.

Look at him, trying to be both my best friend and a responsible guardian at the same time.

"Don't get wasted in the first ten minutes we arrive," I laughed at Chase, but he simply smiled and took the rest of the shots with a shrug.

"Those were just to loosen up; want to go dance now?" Chase smirked at me. I paused before nodding my head with a grin.

"Sure thing, lead the way cowboy."

"Cowboy? I don't even know how to ride a horse, let alone square dance," Chase teased, sliding off of the stool as he started towards the dance floor. I laughed, shaking my head with a smile as I followed Chase through the heavy crowd.

The smell of sweat was prominent along with a heavy stench of perfume, cologne, and alcohol. It wasn't the best combination of scents but it didn't bother me too much. Once Chase had found a decent spot—which, oddly enough was where Lewis and the others were dancing their lives away. The flashed lights changed into more of a pattern. the music that was playing were mostly top chart hits, or occasionally a few older songs. Naomi and Monroe were dancing against each other, their dresses skin tight and showed off their brilliant curves and breasts. I watched in amusement as they ground against one another, rolling their hips in tune of the music.

Lewis and Elton were dancing close to one another as well. Lewis was gripping Elton's waist possessively, moving their hips together in sync while Elton had purposefully ground his ass against his crotch with a smirk on his face. I noticed the way Lewis growled deep in his throat, and I knew that was my cue to look away because hell knows when they would start making out—I wasn't about to witness that encounter.

Instead, I focused my attention onto something else, flinching when I felt a hand grab my wrist but relaxed when I whipped around and noticed it was only Chase. He smiled to relax me, and started to dance like a complete idiot. I couldn't help but laugh as he made himself look like a doofus with the way he jerked his hips side to side and lifted his hands into the air. It was bold enough to have people start staring his way merely to watch him make a fool out of himself, but honestly I couldn't stop laughing—it was like trying to teach a rabid squirrel to dance.

Naomi snorted when she noticed Chase's dance moves, "holy crap, I've never seen someone dance that bad in a long time!"

"Excuse me, my dance moves are fucking amazing! You're just jealous that these hips don't lie," Chase teased while wiggling his torso side to side, having Naomi roll her eyes at him.

"Jealous? Sweet pea, I'm far from jealous. In fact...I'm glad," Naomi retorted, "now, you should probably dance with Takeuchi before he looks more awkward than he already is."

A blush crept up to my cheeks then, and I flashed Naomi a look, which she only replied to me with a smile before going back to rubbing herself against Monroe. Awkward? What did she mean I looked awkward? I wasn't awkward!

"I'm now awkward!" I protested with a frown. Naomi glanced back over with a grin, not stopping her dancing with Monroe—okay, now I'm starting to feel awkward. It didn't help when some guy bumped into me while heavily making out with his girlfriend; I cringed inwardly, scooting away and closer to Naomi and Chase so I could actually breathe.

Wow, it was fucking hot. I'm sweating.

"Takeuchi, calm down. You're okay," Chase placed a hand on my shoulder. I didn't even realize that I had stiffened up, or that my hands were subtly shaking. Now I remembered why I didn't like coming to clubs—too many bodies in one place, and I hated it when strangers touched me. I released a breath I didn't know I was holding, glancing back to Chase who looked at me in concern.

"Sorry—I'm a little overwhelmed," I managed a gentle smile. Chase's expression didn't cease as he squeezed my shoulder.

"Did you want to leave?"

"What? No! I think I'm just going to go outside for a bit, get some fresh air," I replied, and with slight hesitation Chase nodded his head.

All I needed was a little fresh air to calm down—I didn't like being surrounded around other people, especially at a close proximity where they would be able to touch me. I guess I was just stupid for saying yes, because apparently I thought I would be okay. The place was suffocating me and I needed to get out. Chase understood this and he let go of my shoulder, saying to text him when I got back inside or if I decided I wanted to leave. I waved before pushing passed the giant crowd of people and to the front doors, stepping out into the cold air.

I relaxed to the cold breeze; it was better than being in a room that reeked of body sweat and heat. Pressing my back against the brick wall, my eyes closed, I savoured the outside air and smell. I listened to the others in line waiting to be allowed in, chatting to their friends. When I opened my eyes I glanced around the town, which was quite busy during the night. Stores usually were open until late.

I often questioned myself—why couldn't I just have fun with my friends without having anxiety? It was three years ago, and yet I still couldn't get over the feeling. You'd think I would be okay, but I wasn't. I wish I was able to go to a club that was filled with so many people and have fun without any problems but it was difficult. I was okay with my friends touching me as I got used to it over time, but strangers...was a different story. It was why I wasn't looking for my mate, because I didn't think I would be able to handle the intimacy, and the sex.

Usually mates are intimate right away, which worried me. I wasn't ready—maybe if I got used to it again maybe I would be, but not right now...I could wait. I wanted to wait.

The open space around me soothed my panicked aura, calming it down a few levels. I was positive that twenty minutes had gone by. That was when I decided to man up and make my way back into the suffocating club, hoping to get through the rest of the night so that my friends could have fun. When I walked back inside, the music pierced my ears once again and it was like I turned deaf to everything else but the music. I pulled out my phone, finding Chase's contact in my messages and started texting him as I looked around, hoping to spot him and the rest of our friends.

I sent him a text message explaining that I was back and asked where he was, and just as I was putting my phone away I stepped back and ended up bumping back into someone's strong chest. Gasping, I flinched and whipped around, butterflies forming in my stomach as my heart pounded rapidly. Waves of pleasure had shocked my body, goosebumps littering my back as I stared at the most beautiful man I had ever seen in my entire life.

Luscious black hair was slicked back neatly to show off his glowing tan and sharp features, such as his prominent jawline and his broad shoulders. His eyes were an alluring shade of ocean blue—ones that drew you in almost as soon as you locked attention with them. He was wearing navy blue slacks and a black button up that was buttoned halfway, sleeves rolled up to show off the tattoos on his arms, neck, and slightly on his chest. He looked sexy in his formal attire. It was hard to look away from him and his dominance.

The only scary part was that he was my mate.

I could feel the bond forcing us together in shocking waves of electricity, mixed singles going off in my head. Vampire instincts were telling me to jump on him and let him take me in the middle of the club, but the other part of me wanted to retreat and run as far away from here as possible. Anxiety and lust were the two dominant emotions mixing into each other, and it was only making my panic worse.

What was I supposed to do?

"You're so beautiful..." The man whispered, and to my surprise I could actually hear him through the loud music. His hand reached out to cup my cheek, and as soon as his fingers touched the skin on my face I flinched. He gently grabbed my chin and tilted my head up to look into his eyes that flashed gold, his breath fanning my face. The way he was staring at me almost made my body feel hot and naked under his wandering eyes.

His lips brushed against my earlobe, goosebumps littering my spine.

"Your heart is beating for me...I can hear it," He whispered velvety in my ear. It was so erotic, so seductive that my breath hitched; I felt goosebumps litter my spine in a lustrous foundation, "and your blood is so fucking's driving me mad."

Why out off times, did I have to have so many mixed feelings? Why couldn't I just feel superior to his touch and let him do things to me, as a mate? Why did I have to be so scared? It was fucking three years ago!

Get over it!

I gasped as I felt his hand press against the small of my back, pulling me closer to him. My hands rested on his chest so there would be at least some kind of space between the both of us. My face was flushed, and I didn't even intend on it to. My knees started to shake from his intimidated stare, noticing him gaze up and down my body as if I was a meal he was getting ready to devour.

A short and abrupt moan slipped from my lips as his lips crashed with mine, sparks exploding and I found myself drowning deeper and deeper into his trances. His mouth molded with mine perfectly; it almost felt right to kiss him. But then I felt those invisible bugs crawling up my back and I quickly pushed him off of me, our lips extracting from each other. Both of us were breathing heavily, his stare almost like bullets jabbing into my heart.

Fight or flight swarmed viciously in my head as the man stared at me in confusion. I almost felt guilty and I didn't even know him, but he was my mate. Feeling panic bubble in my throat, I did the only thing I could do—I ran.

I pushed passed him without another word I ran out of the club, earning several glances my way but I didn't stop. Feeling the connection snap between me and the man, I nearly doubled over but I forced myself to keep going. I didn't even know where I was going, but I kept running down the streets.

Why did I have to meet him now? Oh my god, he looked so good but I couldn't bring myself to stay any longer. Guilt swarmed inside me and I slowed, huffing out breaths as I came to a halt on the sidewalk. When I glanced around the club was nowhere in sight.

Ducking into an alleyway, I pressed my back against the wall, feeling my phone vibrate in my pocket. Pulling it out, Chase's name flickered on the screen and I pressed the answer button. I took a deep breath while pressing the phone to my ear.


"Takeuchi! I'm sorry I just got your message now—where are you?" Chase exclaimed into the phone, and I paused.

What do I say?

"I-I...sorry, uhm. I left," I answered reluctantly. Chase sounded confused.

"You did? Your message said that you were back in the club. I was about to come look for you—did something happen?" He asked concernedly.

"Yea, sorry about that. The club was too much so I decided to head home," I replied.

"Oh...well alright. Are you okay? Nothing happened right?" Chase asked again.

"No I'm okay Chase. Nothing happened, I'm just having anxiety. I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?" I said. With reluctance Chase had agreed. I could tell he didn't believe me but I said goodbye and hung up the phone anyways. Exhaling another breath, I stepped out of the alleyway and began walking down the street once again.

Should I go back? No, the man would still be there and I didn't want to feel those overwhelming emotions again. It was stupid for me to run though I realized, because my vampire instincts were telling me to go find him again, and desperately. Now that I ran into my mate, I didn't doubt that my emotions would heighten and the constant nagging wouldn't disappear until I was with him again.

Go back.

Go back to your mate goddammit!

I couldn't go back, not yet anyways. And yet...somehow I knew that I was going to run into him again, I just didn't know when exactly.

I'll tell Chase tomorrow, he'll know how to help me...I hope.

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Chapter Four: Burn Me

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Chapter Five: Dinner Dates

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