Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War


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Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War

Framed: The Second Book of the Thousand Years War

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After Angel’s previous adventure against the gloobas was it time for some Rest and Relaxation for Angel relatively speaking at least? Angel would marry the love of his life Maria who he met in the previous adventure; Angel and Maria had more than just a sexual connection they were also both mediums that could see things normal human beings couldn’t see. The two married each other on Angel’s birthday in May and they enjoyed their honeymoon in Puerto Rico; Luis and Dayvon would tag along, with their loved ones. Angel decided to sell his computer repair shop in exchange for a chance to become a NYPD detective since he was so inspired to join the men in blue. Angel got into the force from a referral from his uncle Carlos who was a captain for a NYPD precinct, through hard work, dedication and some help from his uncle Angel quickly rose up the ranks to a lieutenant. Carlos who was Angel’s uncle was in his upper 50’s closing in on 60, but has been on the force for more than 20 years. However his past is rather checkered, he was accused of police corruption around 15 years ago but the evidence against him wasn’t strong enough, so the charges were dismissed. However that does raises a few red flags for Angel, but Angel doesn’t pay too much attention to his uncle’s past. Angel’s brother Robert came over to Brooklyn for a visit for the summer just to see how his brother was doing. Angel was only too ecstatic about having his brother come over now that he was doing well in life. Angel and Maria not only enjoyed Robert’s company but also each others company. It was the perfect marriage especially after what the couple had went through in their previous adventure. Robert liked the idea of being with his brother Angel so much that he wanted to move to NY to be closer to Angel. Robert was a middle-aged person around 40 who was in the Marines 20 years ago and served honorably for 5 years until he was discharged for medical reasons. However Robert brought himself back to health to the point where he could be an officer. Fast Forward to Friday August 15, 2015 Robert was still in training but was due to finish his session at around 6pm and was due to graduate in a week. Angel on the other hand was waiting for his brother as they prepared to go out for the night to celebrate Robert’s graduation which was in a week. All of the officers and crew members were given a random drug test which was necessary to make sure no one was under the influence and were subject to give their DNA as well. Angel receives a call from the precinct saying that a dead body was discovered in a construction site shootout possibly between rival construction companies; Angel is ordered to investigate the scene and move in with extreme caution as the suspect or suspects could still be on scene. Carlos also told Angel that the scene could still be an active scene, as no one was sure of what actually took place or the circumstances surrounding the case were. Angel calls Robert to let him know that he would have to take a rain check for the night out on town since he was on an emergency call. Angel receives no answer from his brother’s phone; Angel assumes that Robert was busy or he was in the underground platform waiting for a train to come back home. Angel leaves a message on Robert’s phone saying that he would not be home as he was on call and then he proceeded to the scene. Angel also lets Maria, Luis and Dayvon of what has just happened. The construction site was on 82nd street and 3rd Ave in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and was supposed to house a large affordable housing complex, but a couple of rival companies were fighting for weeks to get the contract. Angel makes his way to the scene of the crime where several cops were waiting for him to commence the investigation, but the investigation would turn into a shootout as the crew was being shot at by some hostile workers. Angel takes the workers out rather easily but he was more concerned that Robert still hasn’t called him back. Angel tries to call Robert but this time it goes straight to voicemail, Angel doesn’t bother to leave another message. Angel was concerned for his brother but he had to deal with the case that was presented to him.

Angel while concerned for the safety of his brother realizes that Maria could contact his brother in case of an emergency. Angel had to prepare for his first real case as a lieutenant, Angel while in his uniform crocks his Smith and Wesson pistol and says, “Time to put all of this training to use! Let’s rock and Roll!

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Area 1 - Bay Ridge Brooklyn

Chapter 1

Getting Cement Shoes

Angel is called to investigate a shootout scene in a construction zone in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, Angel still has no idea where his brother Robert is, but Angel’s attention is focused on this new case. It was a warm normal summer night with crisp clear skies. Angel heads into the site with his lieutenants uniform on and his gun at the ready. As Angel goes down a hill he is approached by construction workers who look like they don't want Angel around.

A construction worker pulls a gun and begins to shoot towards Angel and Angel hides behind a steel beam with the bullets hitting the beam. Angel while normally cool, calm and collective and also an arrogant kind of guy, was a bit more nervous this time as he was a family man. He was really close to his brother Robert.

Angel nervously says, “Damn these guys mean some serious business! I’m definitely not welcomed here!”

Angel slowly makes his way away from the steel beam and peeks out to shoot the worker killing him. As Angel proceeds through the site a couple of more workers look to take Angel out but Angel takes of them rather easily. Angel smells the blood of the dead workers, which has a rotten smell like a dead pig. After killing off the workers Angel gets to a site where many steel pipes are located.

Angel is ambushed from behind with a construction worker pointing a gun to Angel’s head saying “Freeze put your hands up”

Angel says while raising his hands cool as a cucumber “Fine no need to get so rough!” As the worker point the gun closer to Angel’s head Angel grabs the right hand of the worker in which he was holding the gun. Angel then proceeds to take down the worker neutralizing him and orders the cops to arrest him.

Angel then says, “Well you fought the law and the law won! You might want to look for a real job next time.” The construction workers wore blue vests, white T-shirts and hard hats just like any ordinary worker; the workers worked for a company known as Grant Construction.

Angel says in his head, “Well at least I see one of companies to investigate, but I’m sure the other company is around. Time to give this construction site a stop work order, catch the crooked owners, and put them where the sun don’t shine!”

Angel bumps into a ladder which he climbs up after making sure the ladder was secured. After climbing up the ladder Angel shoots more hostile workers with no remorse. Angel sees a green trailer up ahead which he believes he will find evidence of what exactly is going on.

Angel then gets a call on his phone it’s his wife Maria.

Maria asks Angel “Hey baby is everything ok?”

“Yeah everything's fine here; just killing off some crazy workers here.” He replies while reloading his gun with a content grin on his face.

“That’s crazy, why would these companies want to kill each other?” Maria asks Angel puzzled

“It’s all about the money baby” Angel replies with a sign “There must be a lot of money involved and the owner of the project must be very rich.”

“I don’t know baby. I feel like there’s more to this; be careful out there, these construction scandals are always much more than they seem to be.” Maria says with great concern

“Wow Maria you should be a detective! You sure got a different point of view of things.” Angel says in shock as he is impressed with Maria’s knowledge. “Don’t worry, when I get back me and you are going to do double duty if you know what I mean.” Angel says in a seducing tone

Yes honey. I know exactly what you mean.” Maria says all fired up “Now get back to work you slacker!”

“Oh tough words for a journalist! Angel laughs with Maria “Well I’ll be alright I’ll let you know if anything happens or if I’m coming home. Bye honey. I love you”

“Love you too!” Maria hangs up the phone.

Angel heads to the green trailer where he meets more hostile workers but these workers were wearing green vests instead of blue. They represented a company known as Sal’s construction. All this was happening while the moonlight continued to shine through all the turmoil.

“Well at least I know what two companies want to kill each other.” Angel preparing to enter the trailer approaching the trailer carefully “Its time to find the dead body and see exactly what is going on here.” Angel says in a determined voice.

Angel heads to the trailer where he picks the lock to get inside the trailer rather easily. When he gets inside of the trailer he finds the trailer has been ransacked, and all of the file cabinets were empty like someone was trying to hide something.

“Well I’m not surprised I would do the same if I wanted to hide my intentions.” Angel says unsurprised. Angel wipes off the blood from the dead bodies of the workers he has shot. While Angel had some remorse, but he also understood that these guys were trying to send him to hell.

Angel tries to call his uncle Carlos to give him an update, but his phone goes straight to voicemail. So Angel leaves Carlos a message and then proceeds to call the chief of police, known as Manny. He gives him a summary of what has happened and asked where his uncle was. Manny responds that Carlos had to leave on a separate investigation and that he would be back soon. Angel tries to call his brother again but still he gets no response with the phone going straight to voicemail. Angel starts to become more concerned about his brother and a rotten smell suddenly comes through Angel’s nose, like something wasn’t right.

Angel begins to explore the construction site finding out there are indeed two rival construction companies: the Grant construction group and Sal’s construction. This seems to be a normal case for Angel where he is uncovering a corruption scandal in the construction trade. However, who was the actual owner of the project and was Maria right, that there is more than just money involved? Finally where was Angel’s brother Robert who hasn’t responded to any of Angel’s phone calls?

Angel gets out of the trailer disgusted after finding nothing useful or any important documents. He decides to continue deeper into the site where he finds the foreman’s trailer. Angel sees a rusty bridge, but across the bridge he sees four workers from Sal’s construction. Angel grabs a flammable canister, throws it and shoots it causing it to explode. The force of the explosion blows up all the workers.

“Hate to see you guys explode but you were asking for trouble messing with me!” Angel says arrogantly

When Angel tries to cross the rusty bridge, the bridge collapses because of the rust and Angel falls in a ditch full of gravel. Gunfire is heard; Angel goes to investigate and sees workers from both companies shooting each other. Despite the rain of bullets flying Angel ignores the fight and keeps it moving until he finds a much more stable ladder which leads him up to an area where pipes were burning on top of a foundation. Angel is then ambushed by six workers from Grant construction. Angel dives to his right, shooting the three workers on the lower level and then gets behind a lead wall for cover. The other three workers were on the scaffolding above Angel shooting in his direction.

Angel peeks out and shoots all three of the workers then says, “Damn I’m good! in an arrogant tone. “They went down like bowling pins.” Angel continues on his way.

Angel is then ambushed by workers representing Sal’s construction. Instead of dealing with them directly, Angel shoots the string holding the pipes. The burning pipes fall and while none of them hit the workers, the flames of the pipes hit the workers, causing them to burn to a crisp. Angel could smell the strong smoke coming from the dead bodies. Angel sees a huge PVC pipe in front of him and decides to go inside and see where the pipe leads him. When Angel gets out of the pipe, several workers above him try to push a half pipe to crush Angel. Luckily he is able to avoid being crushed by simply heading back inside the PVC pipe. Angel grabs another canister and shoots it as he throws it to the workers, burning them alive. Angel climbs his way out of the half pipe back to the surface where he sees the coast is clear or at least that’s what he thinks. Then he hears the ignition for one of the construction vehicles start, but he doesn’t know which one or where it’s coming from.

All of a sudden a bulldozer comes out of nowhere and it makes a bee-line right towards Angel, ready to crush him.

Angel says to himself, “Shit I better get out of the way somehow or I’m going to make a good human pancake.”

With the bulldozer moving at full speed, Angel dives as quickly as he can with the bulldozer just barely missing him. The bulldozer heads down to the half pipe and crashes. Since it was going at full speed, the damage was really bad on the bulldozer. The worker driving the bulldozer was instantly killed from the impact after he was thrown from the bulldozer into the half pipe.

Angel says sacristy, “What a bad way to die, that guy sure got his cement shoes put on.”

Angel then goes towards a part of the site which was partially completed as he continues to look for the foreman’s trailer. When Angel approaches the partially completed site, a wrecking ball was heading right towards his direction. He is able to get out of the way of the ball but the debris from the site begins to fall on him.

Now Angel finds himself under the weight of the fallen debris. Would he survive the weight of the fallen debris? Or was his first case going to end with Angel “Killed in Action”?

For about five minutes there is no movement where Angel was trapped. The worker gets off the machine and walks in Angel’s direction, checking to see if Angel was really dead. When the worker approaches Angel, he finds Angel’s body stiff as a board. So the worker decides to call his boss to let him know that Angel was dead, or so he thought. Miraculously Angel who doesn’t give up very easily is able to get up, and with the worker’s back turned he aims his gun right to the workers head. He fires his gun, getting a head shot on the worker with pure anger like he was about to explode, grabs the phone and then answers.

Angel says angrily, “I don’t know who you are but you’re in a lot of trouble. You see, I don’t give in too easily, and I’m going to find you!”

Before he could say anymore words to the man on the other side of the phone, the man says in shock, “Son of a bitch he’s still alive…” then the man hangs up the phone, not wanting to talk anymore.

Angel decides to take the phone of the worker. Angel now had the number of the boss of Sal’s Construction, but he would have to find someone to call the boss in order to convince the boss to give his address. Despite a few bruises and a few rips in his uniform Angel escapes the trap relatively unscathed.

Angel then continues through the site full of gravel and unfinished beams until he sees the foreman’s trailer which was in a light blue color. The moon continues to shine despite all of the blood being sheded by the dead workers.

Angel says to himself “Well there goes the office of the big chief himself. Let’s see if he can shed any light on this case.”

As Angel approaches the foreman’s trailer, he is attacked by a few workers who Angel takes care of easily, with the snap of his finger. Angel picks the lock to the foreman’s trailer; while he doesn’t find the foreman he does find some sensitive documents.

These documents indicate that the winner of the project was going to get 75 million dollars and half the supply of a substance. That substance on paper was only known as substance “P”.

Angel says to himself, “Hmm looks like we got a bit of drug trafficking going on. Wonder what they are trying to distribute? Well if they think they are going to distribute drugs in my city, on my watch, they got another thing coming!”

Angel grabs the documents, or at least as many as he could grab. Angel then makes a call to the chief and says, “Hey Manny, I think this case is much deeper than just money or contract rights to a site. It looks like we got ourselves a drug kingpin trying to push his weight around.”

“Good work Angel; this is going to be a doozy alright.” Manny replies in relief.

“Carlos is on site towards the end of the site where he claims he has spotted the dead body. Get over there and give him the files, is that understood?” Manny order Angel to meet Carlos in a bossy tone.

Angel replies “10-4 chief!” He then heads to where his uncle Carlos is located.

Angel heads to where Carlos was. Carlos was a man in his upper 50’s but was in rather good health for his age and was also a rather underhanded man when it came to money. Carlos has a crew examining the body, taking pictures and gathering whatever evidence they could get. However, it is not the crew that captures Angel’s attention but the body itself. Angel finds out the dead body was that of his brother Robert, the same brother that he grew up and loved since they were kids. Angel was in shock and upset at the same time. Angel can’t help, but hold the body of the brother that he grew up most of his life with. Angel knew this would be the last day he would get to see his brother and he was about to join the place where angels have wings.

Angel says angrily, “No!!! Robert my brother! Who in the hell could have done this?”

“Listen Angel I’m sorry this happened to you. All I can tell you is that Robert only had one enemy.” Carlos trying to calm Angel down

“Who?” Angel asks Carlos in a nasty tone like he wanted to punch someone.

“Boris Kolov owner of Grant Construction, that man has had a bone to pick with your brother.” Carlos in a calming tone “You see, Robert always had his suspicions that Boris was up to no good. One day at the “Bouncers” gentleman’s club, he got into a fight with Boris.” Carlos continues to explain to Angel calmly

“So why didn’t you do anything?”

“We didn’t have strong enough evidence against Boris, but thanks to you we can put this bastard in prison. Boris is probably in the club right now but we need to get a warrant for his arrest. Now go home Angel let us handle this.”

“No captain, Boris has made this personal; nobody kills my brother and gets away with it!” Unable to keep his cool.

“Don’t be a fool Angel! You probably won’t be allowed inside anyway, no cops allowed.” Carlos trying to talk sense to Angel.

“Don’t worry I’ll find a way! Robert my brother I will avenge you!” Angel in a determined tone.

“Don’t do anything stupid Angel! I’m telling you if you do you will regret it!”

Angel leaves the site prepared to head to “Bouncers” in order to extract his revenge on Boris. Meanwhile the crew picks up Robert’s body and places it inside a body bag. Boris was the owner of Grant Construction and of the Bouncers nightclub. He has a strong Russian accent as he is from Moscow, Russia.

Angel made a discovery that hurt him so much. He found the corpse of his brother, Robert all shot up. Angel was angry, but curious as to how Robert ended up in the construction site if he was coming home from the police academy. Carlos revealed that Robert had issues with Boris Kolov, but what did Robert know that Boris didn’t want to leak out. Angel decided to go against the captains orders and decides to go to the “Bouncers” club to confront Boris himself.



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Chapter 2: Party Crashers

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Chapter 3: Making the Perfect Frame

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Area 2 - Rochester State Prison

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Chapter 5: Breaking Out of Prison

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Area 3 - Virtual Streets of NYC

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Chapter 7: The Italian Connection

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Chapter 8: A Late Goodbye

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Chapter 9: The Rally

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Chapter 10: No Vacancy

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Area 4 - NYC Underworld

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Chapter 12: Sleeping With the Fishes

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Chapter 13: The Evil Color Green

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Chapter 14: Construction Site My Ass

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Area 5 - Dirty Politics

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Chapter 16: The Stash

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Chapter 17: Greed

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Chapter 18: Precious Cargo

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Chapter 19: Finding Iván

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Final Area - Going Back Home

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Chapter 21: The Story of the Century

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