The Monster Under The Bed


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Maria is a little girl with blond long hair and with sky blue eyes who were now pleading in a sorrowful manner because it was bedtime for her. She begged her mom, "But Mom, I'm scared to go to bed!"  "There's a Big, hairy scary Monster that talks and moans under my bed. And I'm afraid he might choose to  eat me Mom!" Maria intreated. "Please don't make me go in there by myself, I'm so scared, please Mom?"


"Dear Maria, dear there's no monster as you are describint, you just have a very vivid and wild imagination!"  "Now go climb into your bed and go to sleep at once!"  "we both have a very busy day tomorrow." Mom replied to her little girl.


"But Mom there is a big, hairy Monster under the bed!"But her pleas went unheeded as her Mom said, "No, you go crawl under your covers now and be quiet Maria! " She said as she closed the door and quietly walked out into the hallway and to her bedroom.


Once Maria's mom's footsteps could barely be heard this Big hairy Monster made some odd and particular sounds then slid out from beneath Maria's bed slowly and stood up next to her bed but before she could scream, "H-e-l-p!" This Monster put his big hairy paw over Maria's mouth to muffle her voice. "Maria, I am not here to eat, or harm you in any way." "I was sent here from a planet very distant from your world to protect you as well as be your very best friend." The Monster spoke.


Maria is so stunned and mystified that she could not ask this Moneter how did you arrived here?  How did you find me? How are you able to speak my language? What is your name?" "I have never heard of a Monster wanting to come to protect me much less desiring to be my very best friend?"


"Whoa, slow down Maria!" "Let me get one thing straight at this moment!"  "My name is Hero to you while I am here for you. I am not here to eat, or harm or even to terrify you little one. Quite the contrary."


As I said, "I was sent here by my authorities when they had seen how vulnerable you have been when some Big Bullies were acting so mean and cruel without any defenses." "I have my ways and secret codes that helped me to arrive here and to be able to speak in your language while I am here on Earth to set these boys straight and to have them begin as you will see to respect you but also to begin to be a big brothers to you before I am to gobackto my planet and people. Okay Maria?"


I will share with you that I am able not only to fly, but make able to become invisible then only you will be able to see and hear me when the need arises. Not even your mom or anyone else will even know that I am here with you and will be constantly at your side.Your Big Bullies won't even know or see me when Iambast them when and if they should ever try to lay even a hand on you."


"Woo hoo! Yay!"  "You really will be there at all times beside me to protect me and to be my very best friend?" " I really could use a Hero like you as there is a bunch of BIG BULLIES who try to prevent me from arriving at or coming from school who also threaten to either threaten me of taking my lunch money and anything elose I may have of value or not only take it from me but do their best to frighten and harm me, Hero." Maria shares with Hero.


"Yes, I will see that these boys learn their lesson very well and will come to respect you and to become as big brothers to defend you shortly after they have received their punishment.


Maria did not have to wait very long before this day would occur. In fact the next week when she was to walk to school on Monday, this event was about to take place.


As Maria was stopped on the way to school by this gang of bullies who were standing right in the middle of the sidewalk acting as a barrier. When Maria tried to go around them they would block from any direction. Then the leader began to threaten Mari by saying, " Give me your lunch and any other money you have now girl or I will have my gang of bullies knock you down and hold you down on the ground till I get all your money or any valuables then you will be free to pick yourself upand only then, Do you understand little girl?" The leader demanded.


Maria,tries to back away from this leader and his gang but they come charging towards her and is about to slam Maria down on the cement of all places when POOF!  BAM! BAM! Down they go two at a time even. Once they have come to, they check to see if they can still move and without any broken bones or bleeding heavily. Then they look up and stare at this little girl who had somehow taken them on as she must have done because they were not capable of  seeing  Hero, the one who had actually taken them on so conquer them as such. Then, they rushed to their feet and speedily sprinted away from Maria.  It seems they had learned very fast not to ever  threaten or lay their hands upon her as they once did,


Once those bullies were gone. Maria began jumping up and down several times right where they had been standing and began to whoop and holler, "YES! Yes! You did it! You are my true HERO of the Day!"  "Thank you! Thank you! Hero!" 

After some time of her jubilant victory dance Hero decided he had better stop this and told her to climb aboard his back as he lowered his back in such a way so she could climb upon his back and flew her through the school yard invisible again and landed in a closed off space where he had her slide off of him, then before seeing her safely inside the school house doors he made himself  invisible again as not to startled or terrorize anyone who might be coming in late. Once he had seen her safely inside the school doors he flew off back to Maria's  home and then walked into her room still invisible and laid down on Maria's bed for a well deserved rest till it would be time to go back to see her safely back in her home. 

After a week of doing this he knew that she would be okay and safe from any more mean bullies as well as his leader somehow was able to see on their very technical computer screens that he had finished his work there and praised him for a job well done. That he could come back home now after he said his good bye to Maria once he saw to it that Maria was back home safe and sound,  He then climbed into his super tech spaceship and zoomed right back to his planet.


                                                  The End  







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