The Past 30 Minutes


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Her Regret

Jack walked into the living room, he shyly went towards Dorothy not knowing what to say. He sat on the other side of the couch not knowing if he should sit closely next to her or not.    

“Truth be told...I'm nervous,” Jack admitted.

There was a painful silence in the room. Dorothy did try to relax from her stiff posture, “at least we’re getting somewhere.”

“So, how have you been?” Jack asked, trying to break the silence.

“I’ve been doing okay…” she gulped, and paused for a while then burst out, “I’m lying, I’ve been doing terrible, I feel like I married the wrong person. I should've married you when I had the chance.”

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What They Once Were

Jack was overwhelmed with the flow of words that came from her mouth all at once. He paused for a bit and then asked her, “Why didn't you wait for me?”.

“I was going to, but my family was telling me during my wedding that I was nervous and told me to just marry him…so I did.” She explained, “I'm so sorry, I should’ve waited for you.”

“Don’t worry about it, you did what you had to do.” he said sympathetically, “I shouldn’t blame you for not waiting for me.”

As Jack and Dorothy talked and got more comfortable with each other’s presence, they got closer to one another. As they got closer Jack noticed the smell of Dorothy’s perfume, it smelled of lemon, jasmine, cabbage rose, vanilla, iris, and gray amber. Jack is overflowed with her beautiful scented perfume. He looked at those gorgeous big brown eyes, her clear, soft, pale skin, and her light flaxen hair. He couldn’t see one fault in her beauty.

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The sun touched her soft skin ever so faintly. The sun felt as warm as a toasty fireplace in the spring. Jack got up walking towards his bar and asked Dorothy, “Would you like a drink?”

“Sure, what kind do you have?”

“ I have gin, whiskey, brandy, scotch, grenadine-”

“I’ll have some grenadine,” she interrupted

Jack poured two glasses of grenadine. He’s actually never tried it before himself, he only has it for his parties. It has a sweet and strong pomegranate taste to it, it's not his favorite, but he only tried it because Dorothy liked it. It started to rain, it was a medium, almost hard rain. The rain sounded like a cold running shower. It was almost relaxing.

Jack sat next to Dorothy and said: “I'm honestly so happy I’m here today, and I hope we can do this again under better circumstances.”

“Yes we should,” she exclaimed a little teary-eyed “I would love tha-”.

Norman came in, Dorothy jumped up in her surprise. She wiped her tears feeling a little embarrassed.

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