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 A cloaked figure stood amongst the burnt rubble of a city and stared up at the sky. 

The figure stood there motionless and watched the vibrant sun set colours disappear beyond the distant horizon line.

"It has begun," said the figure. "The cycle has been reborn."

The figure threw back their cowl  and revealed who they truly were. 

A teenage girl with wild brown-blonde hair and a single braided plait that went down to about her collarbone stood and watched the sun unblinkingly as it went down beyond the horizon. 

Her cloak covered most of her clothing. Only her bare feet showed out the bottom of the long, dark mottled cloak.

"I have caused another rebellion and the prophecy has been filled," continued the figure. "My next self will know what the do."

With that, all around the female figure shimmering little lights began to float up out of the ground and ascend towards the heavens.

"Now, I will go on to the next life," said the figure as she began to glow and just simple disappear, as if she was never there.

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