Crush That I Never Got!


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“Why are you here?” I asked as I walking in the porch. I didn’t expect him here.

“I wanted to give you this.” He said and brought forward a small box nicely covered in a red gift wrapping paper and small red ribbon on it. It looked very beautiful.

“What is this?” I asked him. I didn’t want to sound rude but I cannot help it.

“I got this for you. For the graduation. You gave me the gift but I didn’t get the chance.” He said and pushed his hand ahead once again.

“I don’t want it.” I said and turned my heel to walk back into the house.

“Del…” he said and I interrupted him, “Delancy. My name. Only people close to me call me Del.” I said and stood there. I want to walk out. But I want to know why he is here.

“Delancy, I am sorry please take this gift.” He said and again brought that box ahead.

“Stefan please leave. I am not with you anymore. Trust other people and not me. I am not worth your gift.” I said and he took a deep sign and kept the box on the table near the door. He looked at me once and left. He left.

“Who was he?” Kate asked me. We both were staring at Stefan’s retreating figure.

“No one.” I said and took a sign. She is not going to leave it so easily. I signed and looked at her before going back in and said, “He is just a Crush That I Never Got.”


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“Mom please will you let me sleep.” I said and muffled into the pillow. She is my room since god knows how long!

“Your senior year starts today. Will you just go and get ready.” I growl at her. This is disgusting. An innocent child cannot even sleep!

“Mom I slept late at night. Please few more minutes.” I said and turned into my pillow again with my blanket over my head.

“You are not a child. Stop behaving like one.” She said and pulled the covers from me. I felt cool air touching my body. I growl again and tried to take the covers from her. But she is just too quick. I sat on the bed. My eyes still closed. I cannot leave the bed.

“Delancy, wake up.” My mom spoke again this time a bit firmly.

“Mom it is gravitational force.” I said and lay back on the bed. It felt so good to be on bed.

“Delancy, last warning. Now if you don’t get up from your bed I will splash cold water on you.” She spoke again with her hands on her waist. I quickly opened my eyes. She has done this before. I don’t want another experience.

“I am going to freshen up.” My voice is still sleepy. I stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom. I looked at my own reflection, l looked a mess. My eyes were still sleepy. I washed my face and went for a shower. That will help the most. After the shower, I went to my closet. It is the hardest thing in the world for a girl to choose something to wear. I walked in my closet thinking of what to wear. I kept staring at all my clothes for long 5 minutes. I settled for demi black jeans and plain white top with shoulder net. I stuffed my books and some stationary into my bag, my new bag! I unplugged my phone from charging and walked downstairs. I ran back to my room as I forget my headphones. Mom is serving dad, his breakfast. I went directly to the table and took the first right-sided seat next to dad. He looked up from his mobile and stared at me and gave me a small smile. But he changed his expression as soon as he saw me. His face is a Kodak moment. Of course he will have that look! I was grinning ear to ear. Today I am going to get my pocket money with a raise.

“A very pleasant morning daddy.” I said and he looked at me puzzled. I gave him another big smile and turned to mom. She is serving dad his juice. I glared at her and pointed in dad’s direction. I need my pocket money. My mom just nodded and I lifted my left hand to ask her ‘How much time?’ when my hand banged with the table. My dad looked at me and I gave him another small smile. I looked at mom again only to realise that she in not her and left for the kitchen. Mom brought my cereal and kept it in front of me with a jar of milk. I am looking continuously at daddy thinking he will remember that he is supposed to give me my pocket money. Unwillingly I moved my gaze to my breakfast. I added milk in the bowl and started eating.  How can he forget that? I am still having my breakfast when daddy woke up to leave I instantly stood up with him and extended my left hand in-front of him. He looked up at me and raised his brow.

“Dad my pocket money?” I said and looked at him. I cannot be and have more patience.

“Pocket money?” he said. His voice sounding questioned.

“Dad you said, I will get my pocket money when senior year starts.” I said and he nodded his head. Finally he remembered. I smiled at him and waited for him to give me m pocket money.

Dad took out his wallet and gave me 100 dollars. Giving them he smiled at me and turned his back. My smile faded and I looked at mom who was sitting opposite to me. I questioned her with my brows raised she looked at me and then at daddy who is busy putting newspaper in his bag.

“John.” Mom said standing up and walking a bit towards dad.

“Yes, honey.” Dad said and looked at mom. The shared an unspoken conversation after which my mom had a small smile on her face.

“Don’t.” My mom said and took her plates and went in the kitchen. I looked at her dumbfounded as she walked away.

“Dad you said you will give a raise.” I cannot hold back. ‘This year is the year of fun. It is my last year, I deserve a high. I will complete graduation next year!’ I decided to say if dad said a NO for the raise.

“Okay, Fine.” He said and took out his wallet again. He looked at me and I started tapping my foot to show that I am impatient and less raise will not help. Dad took out his wallet and took out 1000 dollars.

“1000 Dollars for an entire month. Will you be happy with it, princess?” he asked as he handed me 1000 Dollars. My mouth dropped open. I stared at the money in my hand and shook my head vigorously upside down. Before I know it, I launch myself at him.

“Thank you dad!” I say and he muffles my hair and walk out of the house. Dad is the CEO of the company “Managing Steel” and mom works under him. Mom will leave son after him. They both work a lot for the living we have today.

“I just said to give you a raise and he agreed on the spot. Maybe your stars are with you.” She said and smiled at me. I smiled at her and left. I walked down the porch and stood at the footpath waiting for Blair to arrive. She is my ride since sophomore. It is a cold atmosphere I tug my jacket a bit close to me. I took my phone out to see the time and realised that we are getting late. Finally I heard the voice of a car engine pulling out. I looked and saw Blair’s car pulling at the side of the road. I looked at her and hopped in the car as soon as her car stopped.

“Good morning! Well come on-board and we are not going to be late. School came up with some new changes.” She said as soon as I sat in the passenger seat. I nodded my head sideways and looked at her.

“Morning Blair Willows, please drive we don’t want to be late.” I said and smiled at her. She just started the engine and the car went off on the road.

“Changes made in school? I didn’t hear about it!” I said and looked at her. I am not the ne driving!

“Yes, The change is only for junior and senior year students. And as you know we don’t have any restrictions for our education. Four divisions will be divided in two for some main subjects. It will be a good change though! We will have new guys to check out!” she said and ended with a wink. Yes! We didn’t have any restrictions on studying. And of course! Check out guys! Last thing I will do.

“Check out guys? Blair you know how I am right?” I asked her. She knows I am not into guys!

“Yeah, I know.” She said and diverted her gaze back to the road.

“Stop reacting like this you are acting wired! You drunk?” I asked her. She never replies so coldly. She will start teasing me, telling me I am a lesbian!

“I am not drunk. I give up! I cannot change you! Even Alex gave up on you! Who am I to say anything!” she said with a shrug and pulled in through the school gates. I stayed silent for some moment as I knew that parking is something she cannot do properly! Her face is a Kodak moment. She is almost leaning on the steering wheel, her tongue is half way out and she is constantly moving her head to the right and left. Her car already has 3 dents. Finally she parked successfully and we walked out of the car.

“Alex didn’t give up on me! He just understood that dating is not my thing.” I answered her. Yeah! Alex didn’t give up on me.

“I did! Lying is bad Delancy.” I heard a boyish voice right behind my left ear. I turned to see Alex dressed nicely wearing a blue jeans and a ‘United Manchester’ jersey! How can he wear something like this. I rolled my eyes at him and started walking towards the school gate.

“Don’t appear like a ghost, Alex.” I said and turned to Blair. We were walking towards the class when we heard an announcement, “All the students are hereby informed that the classes will be from 8.30 instead of 8.10. but the reporting time remains the same.”

“What the hell!” Blair said as soon as the announcement ended. Clearly we could have got 10 minutes extra to sleep.

“Yeah, If they want to change the timings then why aren’t they letting us sleep some more.” I didn’t even realize that I started to complain when Alex took my name and said , “Delancy, you and Blair will never overcome your sleeping tendencies.” He said and nodded his head side ways. I just chuckled. He knows the most about our sleeping habits and especially about me. We are friends since we were 7 years old. He have bad experience to share. Blair became my friends when I was in high school, she transferred from some school to our school.

“Let’s go to class!” Blair said and pulled me out of my train of thoughts. Suddenly I realised that I am the only one standing here they both started walking towards the class.

We are waiting and only 3 minutes have passed and I am tired to stand and do nothing. Alex and Blair are talking about something they have in common. Oh! Yeah! Their love for football. I looked at them and I was tired to act like I am in the conversation so I suddenly started to talk, “Guys I am getting bored. I know football is the best thing you guys know but please it is not the same for all.” I said and the looked at me wide eyed. I just gave them a smirk. They both replied at the same time,

“Oh!” Alex replied and was still shocked as if I have two heads.

“So?” Talk about bitches.

“Let’s go to the café and have something. Coffee?” I said and they both looked at me dumbfounded. I looked at them and raised my brows to tell them that I am waiting for a response. They both just nodded and I gave them a big smile. Alex’s phone might have buzzed as he took it out and read whatever it is and a grin overtook his face. I want to tease him but before I can say anything he said,

“Yeah! lets have coffee!” he said a little too enthusiastically. I looked at him and then just nodded. Blair and I were walking together with Alex following closely behind us, busy in his cell phone.

“Don’t you think that there is something strange about Alex?” Blair said when we were walking ahead. I just nodded. I cannot help but think about it. We walked in the café just to see people like ants. We didn’t even step in. Blair and I shared a look and decided to walk back to class. We turned back and saw Alex staring in the crowd.

“Alex! Alex!” I said calmly. “Alex” I lost my patience. I saw him staring in he crowd but I cannont notice who is he staring at. He shook his head and looked at me

“What?” dumb replied.

“It is too crowded lets walk back” I said and Blair nodded. We started walking towards the class when Alex spoke again,

“If you guys want coffee… I can bring it for you guys!” he said and is looking at us expectedly. Odd.

“No… Only 10 minutes are left for the class to start. Let’s walk back.” Blair answered instead of me and we started walking towards our class again. Alex was still looking in the café but then soon joined us again. In our way, we forgot about the schedule so we started walking towards our office. We went to the office and collected our schedules.

“My first lecture is not with you!” Alex said looking at our schedule.

“I have first English.” I said in a low voice.

“Me too.” Blair said and is smiling broadly at me.

“Let us go to our classes.” Alex said. I and Blair nodded. Alex went in other direction as soon as we climbed the stairs.

As soon as we entered in our class I banged with someone. I looked up, anger filling my body. Bloody Blind person!

I looked up only to fall deep into chocolate brown eyes. Those eyes looked so innocent yet naughty. I stood there like a statue. My eyes slowly went down to a perfect shaped nose and lips… appeared too soft. Lips were currently parted and my gaze travelled back up into his eyes. I felt a arm pulling me back. I know it is Blair. I want to look at her but I cannot divert my gaze from this captivating eyes.

“Sorry.” The guy looked at me and smiled at me. I lost a heartbeat for sure. I just nodded my head not knowing what to say. The guy looked at me… only for me to realize that I am standing in the middle of the door. Blair pulled me away. I looked at him again and walked towards… wherever Blair took me. I looked at her, finally able to divert my gaze as we walked into the class and took our seat.

“Lost your breathing!” Blair said in my ear.

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Delancy POV

He is like a storm that blow me up. All I am doing is staring… staring in space. Replaying what I saw. I saw a chocolate brown bubble and unknowingly I started living in it. I am lost. Lost what side of coin to choose. One will be the one I a- No dating- and the other is so unlike me. I cannot be hypnotised by anyone. I am happy single. I care for my career. A good career will gift me a guy.


Something hold me there. I am in class, on my bench physically and mentally I am still standing on the door. I cannot get what I am feeling. All I know is I am somewhere.

“Lost your breathing!” Blair whispered in my ear when suddenly I jolt up in realization that I am in class. I looked at Blair and nodded my head sideways. She is sitting ahead me. Bitch. The teacher is yet to arrive. Blair was talking to some other girls at our side. I looked around and saw a other group of girls. I will call them group of witches. The all looked good and were wearing extremely short dress. They are the people who don’t understand the difference between decent cloths and party cloths. They should not wear such cloths atleast in school. I cannot help but ignore them and look around. Miss Roman entered the class. What caught my attention was that the entire class went silent. She is one teacher who never taught me till now.  I don’t know what kind of teacher she is, Blair hates her… maybe she is not good. But she looks fine. And I think that she won’t be that bad.

“Good morning class! I see you all took your favourite seats let us just change it.” She said and took her seat on the wooden chair. Okay! I hate her too. She made everyone seat pole apart. I looked at Blair who was now at the other end of the class and was badly pissed. I muffled my laughter and looked around again and know that the seat next to me and two seats behind me are empty. This is boring. I mean I am the end of the class… I should be able to have some fun… next class I will change the location maybe!

“No change of place will be tolerated.” She said and lost my mood. I am stuck here alone! What a perfect start for the senior year. I silently bend forward so I am not seen so much and took my headphones and putting it in ears and opening my hairs so that they are not seen. I took my bag in my lap so that I can hide the wires. I am looking around so that no one knows I am listening to music in the first class of senior year. I took the text book out and got lost in reaching the chapter. Economics is a subject you can study without a teacher, right? Well! I can.

After sometime I felt someone tap on my right shoulder. I looked up to see a set of crystal grey eyes looking down at me with a bright smile. He was speaking something and I was able to listen to music. Suddenly I realised I was wearing headphones. I saw other students started looking at me. I looked at that boy, not knowing what to say I just nodded my head upside down. The guy lost his smile and looked at me questioningly. I motioned him to sit so that the teacher doesn’t hold the attention. The guy smiled again taking a sit beside me. He was about to say something but I stopped him by my hand and stood up and turned the other side taking my headphones out. I took care that my wire is not seen. I removed them and I am putting them in when I heard someone cough! Shit!

First I thought it was Miss Roman and turned around quickly my headphones were still in my hands. I looked at her and she was writing something on board and all the students busy in their own world. I cannot help but take a glance so to know that they are not looking at me and turned to keep them back in my bag. I am opening the chain when I saw flash light flash on my hand. I looked up to see who clicked the picture.

I feel again in the chocolate brown eyes. I hissed slowly and kept my headphones in the blink of eye and pushed my shoulders ahead so that I was close a bit to him.

“Delete the photo now!” I hissed slowly. He started laughing and even the guy next to him including the guy who sat beside me. I looked at them and looked back at the naughty brown eyes. How could anyone take a photo? it is not that big deal, right?

“What?” he said, still trying to control his laughter.

“I know listening songs and use of mobile is banged in class. Just delete the photo.” I said and turned around and started staring ahead.  I felt soft breath near my right ear.

“It was a mistake!” the chocolate, sexy, naughty eyed whispers in my ear.

“Mistake?” I say and turn my face to my right. He is close. Too close.

“It was the flashlight. It was a mistake.” He said and laughed. My eyes widened in the realization. It was a mistake! What the hell??? I was now too embarrassed to look even at the side. I just looked at the Miss Roman and the text book. I cannot believe how stupid I can be. I cannot even think of falling back into those chocolate brown eyes. I gave a good laughter shoot? I was having a pout        all time. I kept my face in my head all the time. I cannot help but feel extremely awkward to even face them. Any of them.

The voice of bell was like FINALLY. I rushed out of the seat and walked towards Blair. While rushing, I heard all three of them laughing their asses out. God! It is disgusting. Blair was talking to a guy. She was standing with him. Maybe he sits near her. But I cannot wait for her to complete the talk. I walk ahead and full her with me not bothering to even spare a glance to guy. Blair walks with me and is busy chattering of how nice the guy was. Okay! I am done.

“Blair I made fool of myself in front of that naughty eyed guy!” I said and turned to see her face. She is standing shocked.

“What?” I said when she is standing motionless in front of me. Her eyes wide open. Even her mouth was left ajar. She moved her face upward signalling me to turn. I have the same expression maybe even worst…

“Naughty eyed guy?” The guy who was sitting next to me is standing in front of him.

“It is not you.” I whispered slowly. Smart answer Delancy! Yeah!

“I don’t believe you!” he exclaimed and walked a step ahead. Folding his hands in front of his chest.

“I am not here to explain you anything.” I said and turned to walk away when he spoke again.

“First… My friend has grey coloured eyes. Second… you made a troll about yourself in the class a few moments ago… you are talking about my friend!” he is so confident!

“Listen you! I am not here to talk to you so just get lost!” I said and pulled Blair with me. I walked past him and we entered the café. Well, the café is still crowded. We found a two chair table at one corner. Blair is gone to buy our food and I am just busy in my cell phone. After a while I have nothing to do I just move my eyes around. Alex is not here. I pulled my phone out and called him.

“Hey” he answered a bit panicked.

“Hey you okay?” I asked.

“Yeah I am just… finding my wallet. I dropped it somewhere.” He said.

“Ohh… Okay. I am in café with Blair. Come soon.”  I said and hung up.

Blair is still in line when I saw the three guys enter the café. Luckily only one table was empty in the café. The table near us. Blair and they walked in at the same time. Blair took the seat and we started eating. We randomly talked and had our lunch in silence. I tried but cannot ignore the voice to those boys.

I came to know that the guy who sat next to me is Andrew and the guy behind him is Daniel but I still don’t know the name of the chocolate eyed guy! Suddenly Andrew stood up and walked towards our table with his chair. He took a sit next to Blair.

“Hi” he said to Blair and I can see Blair will punch the guy soon.

“Hello” she replied dryly. I cannot help but have a chuckle. I didn’t laugh loudly but from the corner of my eyes I saw Daniel and the grey eyed guy laugh. I caught him looking at me and smile at me. I cannot help but smile back

“So what are your future plans?” he asked her sweetly and trust me he did look cute.

“Currently I am planning to be violent.” Blair said and rolled her eyes. She looks irritated. Daniel stood up from his seat and walked up to Andrew.

“Wrong hit dude. Leave her.” He said and suppressed his smile. Blair turned to him and smiled. I see spark jolting somewhere. Andrew looked at Daniel and I can tell Andrew got his achievement.  Andrew’s eyes diverted to me and I knew I am his next hit. I looked at Blair who is now sweetly talking with Daniel. Bitch. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat. I felt like we both are attacked by this guys like first target me, second Blair and then again me. It is just like a freaking bad morning. Alex! I need him. I pick up my phone to text him when Andrew spoke again,

“Hi, beautiful!” Beautiful? Boring pick up line!

“Hi” I said out of curtsey.

“I am Andrew and this is my friend Daniel.” Andrew said and didn’t say the naughty chocolate eyed guy’s name.

“Delancy.” I said in a very low voice. I want to know that guy’s name so that I can search him on facebook.

“What?” he said and came forward in a lame attempt to try and hear me. As in the words are in the air and will fall in his ears.

“Delancy… Delancy Stone.”

“I am Alex Blake.” Alex stood behind me like a knight in shinning armour. I chuckled and said,

“Alex meet our new friends Andrew, Daniel and…” I said and trailed my eyes to the guy I want.

“And you are?” I said and looked at the guy. I know I got my answer.

“Stefan… Stefan Stanford” he said. ‘I am smart and I know it!!’



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