In The Place of Broken Dreams


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Preface - Where They all Go, There is No way But Death

My heart is pumping with the wind void of all memories and emotion, this place is so cold in our world it is cold everyday the broken hearts of people come here every single day with their own stories the ghosts with a passion to live again. The broken hearted people wanting to love again, and the scapegoats with a never ending journey alone without anyone to accompany or even care. The divorced, the grievers, The girls looking for love and hope the boys withering away looking for someone to love and show emotion with no fear, the cheater or the cheated the guilty heart breaker with death only being all of their final destinations and then me,  what is my purpose here? The truth is, I don't know yet what is my purpose yet but I will find out in this place of, Broken Dreams.

December 15, 2222 


"Son, we must leave you to find your own identity therefore you will never know who we are or what we look like" 

"B-but father! Wait!! Don't go!" Weeps the little boy the tears overshadowing his face 

"I'm sorry, someday you will understand; the time has not come yet where you will but soon you will, trust me" 


Then waves of forces sweep the despondent little boy taking his every of his memories away, his emotions, his identity




January 4,  2277


Who am I? I ask that question every day of my existence I just can't fathom where I can from or how I got here or who were my parents I can't remember anything. I open the door to the large walk in patio whoever I came from must have been very wealthy, my emotions are also a forgotten part of me and I will probably never know, I look out of the window viewing the star filled sky pondering in thought in so many questions with never enough answers I'm going to take a walk maybe that will help, I press a button on my chest sending myself outside onto the ground. I glide down the streets of Exacalen City staring at the sky I draw out a question with one finger for the time and it appears into the hovering sky from above, "it's currently 6:26 AM" the android voice spoke, I continue strolling the streets sparkling colors of light gleaming around the sky how can you make society better without losing sense of self? 

Maybe I'll figure out in much later on time, maybe I'll figure out who I am.

                   "Oh believe me, it is sooner than you think"



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Chapter 1: Augustine Alton

The Real Persona of a Shadow Magician

A man with deep green eyes and a brown handlebar mustache  appears in front of me wearing a black top hat carrying a walking stick and wearing a red bow tie with a white button shirt wearing white gloves he grins at me waving.

Narration and Point of View(Main Character)

" Hi there!" 

"Hey" the man said impassively 

"You wonder why I'm here?" 

He doesn't responds, he continues to stand in front of the magician 

"Not much of a talker eh? I'll answer your question for you" 

The Shadow Magician smiles 

"It all started when I was 16" 

" Here, I'll take you with me into my memories" 

He held out a hand in his hand it looked like some sort of portal, the man looks unsure if he should follow the magician "come on with me! it'll be fun!" 

                                         Perceptive Point of View

I stare at the magician's eyes they were gleaming with joy and humor, and... Depression? Maybe this guy does need help more than I think I take the man's hand. 

Narration - The man and the magician disappear into the magician's past, for answers, wisdom and the messages along the way. 

Perceptive - We finally were here images were floating in the magician's inner world they were numbered rounded circle shaped magical portals. The Magician walks over to the 1st portal "follow me, this should be the right memory" I follow the magician to the portal "this is a locked part of me so when I open it jump in while you still have time!" I gave a slight nod and looked back at the portal as the magician pulls out his wand spinning it around until the locked portal opens up in a large diamond shape with neon green gleaming around it the magician slips into the portal holding his hand out "come now!" 

Narration: The man slides through the portal with the magician gliding into his past and the secrecy of his persona. 

Perceptive - "This is it!" The magician squealed, we were standing on a stage in a magic theater with many people all around us making me wonder why is he so happy about this? The Magician didn't answer that though he knows what's on my mind he holds out a technological device The magician starting walking down the aisles with the red seats the place a candle like light as I followed down the aisles and columns of seats "there's going to be a lot of people here so I suggest that we should sit up top, not too many people cared for this place hehe" I take the red staircase marked with gold and black Gothic looking designs I sit in a seat on the wall the shadow magician takes a seat next to me and presses the device instantly the people were moving, talking with another, laughing and praising each other. 

A younger green eyed magician walked up to the stage he looks to be in his early twenties he wore the ribbon red bow-tie and the black oxfords 

"Wait let me pause this for a second, in that room right there do you see? The magician points to the left room with a now closed door "yes" "that's where this began when I came in contact with something I shouldn't have done" "I will show you" The shadow magician and I together hook arms and we disappear from the seats and to the room. 

There is a man in his fifties and the younger magician they looked to be fighting and the man looks like he's negotiating I look up at the magician on my side "are you going to play this scene?" I saw a look in his eyes but of course I can't decipher it "o-oh yes that's right I am so tremendously sorry! He sounds as if he was in deep thought about something the magician presses the button. 

" I can promise you, you will have a wonderful career if you copy this man's designs and take his company and you don't have to worry about him coming after you, I poisoned his water at his backstage" the man said with a sinister wink 

The younger magician takes a hold of man's khaki grey coat collars shaking him "what the hell you monster?! Why did you do that? I don't want the quote on quote deal your talking about, leave now" 

"I am a monster indeed but I did get you a multi million dollar deal didn't I? I deserve some sort of appreciation" 

"Appreciation?! You don't deserve anything!" 

The older man pushes the younger magician off straightening his collar as he pulls out a knife "if you get any louder about what I have done for you I will do this for you" he points to the knife then steps closer to the scared magician with the knife pointed at him the magician steps back the man got closer until he cornered him in the dark room "understand that?" He wore a sadistic smile "y-yes I understand!" "now get out there!" The man shouts stabbing the knife in the wall above the magician's head the magician ran from the room leaving the older man panting "can he see us or hear us?"  I asked "no don't worry they can't, I chose the option for us to only see in this event" the magician explained I just nod as we disappear back to the red seats at the top of the staircase. 

The younger Magician on the stage looks frightened but it is quickly covered up by a confident expression "hello audience! And welcome to my magic show!"I am Augustine Alton your magician for tonight, so get ready for the fun! The people cheer as the sat down in their seats a woman is taking the staircase and she sat in front of me  "oh yeah I forgot that there was one that liked this spot very much" the magician adds, "And here we are! I will turn this man into flames by only using a flower!" The younger magician the rose petals were thrown onto the man and the wand was waved around sending the man into flames and the audience into hysteria The shadow magician leans next to me "this was a scam trick the one that got me temporarily famous" he whispers then he grabs his device pausing the scene "I think I should bring you back, you are vulnerable to my past and therefore it might confuse you about your identity", "okay" 

Narration: The shadow magician brings the man through the magical portal which sends them back to the  current world 

Perspective:  "in this jail like world we really are prisoners of our past and time!" 

"but you did have those powers, we may have gotten the power to go through our past but we have the power of showing our past without magic required, it is to use the inner self to connect with the outer being." 

"Well...I should get going now but remember kid! Weep and you weep alone laugh and the world laughs with you" Those were the magician's final words and he waves with a big humorous smile "when we meet again, I will take you through portal 2!" He beams while disappearing leaving me in wonder why did he cut me so short? I walked

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Chapter 2: Abraham Ahmed

Archetype: Mentor

Age: 43

Sex: Male

Nationality: Arabian/Muslim

Height: 5ft7

Chapter 2: In The Other State of Consciousness, The Brain of a Mentor

Archetypes in this chapter: Mentor(Abraham Ahmed(deceased), Caregiver( Abraham Ahmed's wife (Aadila Ahmed)  who is also deceased) 

This journey I must face within myself and alone with nothing to fill the gaps of the broken hearts that reside in this town, where people who have sacrificed themselves and died proving how much of a character they were to the evil narcissists and they call this town the Bleakridge, Charringmire: Where ghosts rest their poor souls that were taken for granted in society when they were alive and well not wandering around an empty lifeless town with nowhere to relive again. 

Maybe I can meet a person here who will tell me their story, maybe somehow I can help them and find my identity. I continue to walk through the empty bleak despondent town with ghosts wandering around with their heads down in despair and shame or the others were knitting or a sleeping soul there were even kids playing around in an abandoned cabin. I stop and turn around to a woman she was beautiful but in a ghostly way she smiles as a tear drips down her pale face she turns to fade away "what happened to you?" I ask, the woman stops and turns around towards me "in 2116, I was scapegoated, starved then killed by my parents because they favored my 'better behaved' sister over me" She says and fades off into the distance I don't think it was meant for me to talk with her maybe I can try for somebody else?



"looking for me, perhaps?" A male voice said all abruptly in the presence  of  the searching man.

The man turned around to the male ghost who had appeared behind him, "I may be, but I am not sure" 

"I know that I am the right choice because I have a past to share with you, the others obviously do not"

"Oh" the man muttered rubbing the back of his neck


The man smiled at me, "it is alright and fine" then a sad look came on his face " I will show you 1 part of my past as I already suspect someone else has got you occupied" I thought of the Shadow magician yeah that's right I'm supposed to meet with him next week to go through portal 2 "nevertheless let's not waste anymore time, let me go take you to meet my wife Aadila Ahmed before she passed away" 

I look around for a portal of some sort "just tap your hand 4 times along with me" 


Narration: As they tapped their hands together, they faded off to a town with sand and balls of grass rolling around carelessly with a deep gentle breeze brushing their appearing backs. 


Perspective: "So this is the place" 




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Chapter 3: Mateo Emiliano 

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