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 Two humans out of the 7.5 billion people in the world are to be chosen to be together by fate. A hope for them to have a secure future and their minds are ethereal locked with each other and even keep their hands off each other as their romance sparked with passion and joy. Isabella a sweet virgin girl with a face like an angel and very polite that you’ll ever meet.  Her fantasy is kept for the hopes of falling in love and wishing a prince would one day sweep her feet off. But within reality, it is every stereotypical teenage girl’s dreams.

 John’s bachelor status and high ambition all on his hands and capable to achieve anything with his cleverness. John Downtown is well known male even with the media and fame on social media. But sometimes there's a sorrow backstory of his life with his family and no love for him just a cold hearted, but inside himself lays a true gentleman, but waiting for true love to unlock his heart.  But him being a philanderer makes no sense if he is searching for his true love.

His dear, old mother has sadly deceased at one evening leaving her son and husband shattered to piece with pain. On that fateful night, his mother had left him as an orphan but now returned because she wants John to forgive her after what she has done to him. But John refused and storm outside as the anger was swelling his mind up so much that he didn’t even pay attention on where he is going. Then a sports car came speed whilst heading near John direction.  But Claire his mother, pushed him aside to save him from death occurring to him. He quickly stood up and ran towards his mother but only to see her covered in blood and slowing dying. His mother than replied to him, "son I'll always love you and your father, please forgive me and don't ever forget me." As she wisely spoken her last words, her eyes slowly faded away.  

This made John cried for hours which he doesn't normally do. With that, he promised himself to never fall in love again but then angel appeared who stolen his heart. After some time. But destiny decided something else for him.


He soon planned this for 2 years yet its time to do it. Bringing her near the bridge, while she gazed out to the horizon. He quickly kneeled down on one knee and got out a velvet box which holds a diamond ring inside. As she turned her head to see John to her surprise, Isabella cried out with emotion of happy tears while cover her mouth in shock.

He stared at her with love and soon spoke his tiny speech while holding the box.

" My dearest Isabella, you brought light to my dark world. Ever since, you saved from the cold life that I had. I want you to be half of my life and complete it with your beauty also we die together hand in hand. So please make my the happiest man and marry me?"  

She nodded her head endlessly, He stood up and slide the ring to her fragile finger. John softly grabbed the back of her neck and his lips met hers. From the distance, the crowd were seen to be clapping with joy in their eyes with that he picked his fiancé up in bridal style and headed out to the world together.  




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Chapter 1

Isabella pov

As my alarm clock suddenly started to ring like crazy, so while lazily turning it off, my head gently hit against my cosy pillow, when you're sleeping it makes you feel like having dreams with freedom away as you can. Well, talking about dreams the sunlight came through the curtain and taunting my eyes with its sunbeam.

I got up from my bed and starting to rub my sore eyes. My work will be starting in 2 hours, which is enough time for me to do some running outside so I can get into shape. 2 years ago, I brought myself a large apartment for the first time. I headed straight for the bathroom to shower off my sweat. I finish off washing my body with soap that has the fragrance of olives. Lastly, washing my strawberry, blonde hair with scented cherries.  

As I got out of the bathroom I quickly grabbed my pink, fluffy bathrobe and tied the string in a knot. While siting in my double bed, connected the hair blow dryer to the plug socket and started to dry my damp hair. I picked out my sportswear outfit and tied my hair in a ponytail. I wore a simply tank top which label as "love me" and pulled up my tight leggings , headed outside. I simply put my earphone into both my ear and plug it to my smart phone. I sweated heavily while running towards the park. My mind is concreted to the smoothing music that I didn't see where I was going and bumped onto someone which made me fell to the ground onto my butt.

My butt was sore that I rubbed it until to my thigh. "Are you alright?" then I looked up and saw a manly figure and he reach his hand to help me up. I gazed up to his face and stared at him completely. I wonder who is he?

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Chapter 2

Isabella pov

 As I got up and kneel to rub off the dirt that was on my jeans the sunlight is in the way I couldn't see the man face and while rubbing my knee as it was sore then then figure spoked "are you alright darling?" I eventually looked up and oh my god! his body shape his handsome face I just got lost in thoughts of how  I ended up bumping into a Greek god body. He then, awkwardly stand there then I shake my head to get rid of those thoughts.Then I stutter my words “well ummh" oh god now I'm turn speechless what has gotten into me. I cough and straighten my voice "yeah I’m alright just feel sorry if I cause any trouble" as I awkwardly scratching the back of my neck.

He chuckles " oh no you haven't any trouble anyway why a young pretty girl outside in the cold on your own by the way my name is John Frontson" then he reaches is for a hand shake. Reaching for his hand "I'm Isabella summer" said it with a giggle then he smirks.

"What beautiful name" he said and kiss my knuckle I slowly blush and he said, "nice blush anyway" then he looks at his phone. "Shit I have to go I have to go to my company" with a pout lip. then he nervously asked," can I have your number" I then respond "sure “then handed him my number. “thanks, your sweet" then he places a soft kiss gently on my cheek and "text you later" he winks and went off  

My thoughts were memorizing his blue eyes were full of lust and leaving a crystal orb swirling inside his eye. I settled off to jog all the way to the path and thinking only him.


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