Teen Pregnancy


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Chapter 1

 Hello my name is angle.I'm 13 years old I go to Eastwood school,I'm very popular at my school,but one day is going to change my life.My friend star was throwing a party,she ask me can I go.i said yeah.when I got to the party,I saw this boy name donate,he was 15 year old and i stared to dance and stuff.and he came by and he ask me can I dance with him.so I dance with him.i was ready to go home and donate ask can he walk me home. I said yes,so we walking and he was talking about what he want to be when he grow up.we finally got to my house and he told me that he really like me,and he want to go out with me.i said yes and we kiss and we had sex.

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Chapter 2

 The next morning I woke up naked and donate next to me and I started to cry.i was thinking what have I done.i had sex with a 15 year old my parent going to kill me.2 weeks later! Girl what do it say.it say I'm pregnant.omg!!!!!!!!.3 hours later.mom and dad I have something to tell u.what honey.im pregnant by a 15 year old I'm so sorry mom and dad😓😓😓don't cry honey.we help you.so now I have to tell donate I'm pregnant with his baby.i told him I was pregnant and walk off and left I was so sad and hurt my baby will not have a father in their life.1 year later.(knocked on the door) I got it.hey girl come in.i will like to thank everybody for being there for me when I was pregnant with Noah I really appreciate it thank u guys.so now my son is one year old his father still didn't come by so I don't care my son is good his got his momma to take care of him I hope he understands he have a son 

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