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 The dark night sky covered the city. No one to be seen or cars to be spotted. People are in there dotted pajamas. But only one was wondering in confusion. Although it's a person, they cannot be seen or heard. People often try to talk or expose.

But what they didn't know are the consequences to their action. It will not be pleased... It will come to visit anytime and anywhere. But beware it is not pleasant. If you wish to contact or see you must know what you must do and commit. Games like ' Charlie Charlie' 'oujia board' or 'one man hide and seek' is on unnecessary trends. There are other games that relate but aren't as popular.

Games aren't the only thing people have done and heard. Stories have also been carried along for generations. Those stories will give you goose bumps and shorter nails. Some are real and some are not. It's up to you to believe or not to believe. Because one day it would be glad to visit and play. Only if you respect and stay quiet. If you don't follow the rules you might find something you might not or ever wanted to find in your life. 

And before I start the book I would like to say that this storie is not real. But if you want to believe that it's real than it's your cleaver necessary decision. 


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