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Anna's POV                                             His name was Tobby.We knew each other for years.We went trough kindergarten and middle school together but we never talked or anything couse I was really shy..I am still really shy.And today I saw  him.He was in my Spanish class.Tobby had gotten way taller than me,not like before.He had grown some muscles and apperanyly he has a girlfriend.I don't really know the girl,but I don't like her very much and I don't know why.Usually I would just tell myself that I am jelous because she is beautiful or smart or talented ..or that I like the guy.But i didn't .I just knew him for the longest time ever and was just surprised and I couldn't stop staring at them,until my friend Joan told me to stop looking,because I was being creepy.I guess I did look creepy.Joan is my best friend,he is always right and he is never afraid to tell me anything.He is the most honest and brave  person I know.He came out to everyone as gay in the 6th grade,which is a really early age.In 6th grade I was wondering if I was an actual girl,cause standing next to the other girls I didn't look like them at all.However I stopped staring at them and trying to listen for what they were talking.I just still couldn't believe that Tobby had gotten so handsome and mature for just 2/3 years and I haven't changed at all.

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 Last year I had to take exams and to go into a new school and I was just so conscious ,nervous and sad all of the time.I was crying a lot.It was like it had become my hobby.And I couldn't breathe,I couldn't calm myself and one day I just took a knife from the kitchen and cut myself.That definitely helped me at the time and I started doing it every time that I had to calm myself and it always seem to worked.But then after all that sadness th

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