Help From The Nightingale


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 Once upon a time lived a baker who lived in a bakery and made delicious food for his villagers. But he has a problem , he lives on a hill so that means his costumers had to climb up there. By the time they were at the top they were so worn out they didn't know what they had came there for. Oh no! They forgotten what they wanted to buy. 

The baker prayed he could have a smaller hill so he would have more costumers.The nightingale heard him from the window and he message the people of the clouds to do so. A humble man like him deserves his costumers. 

The next morning he was surprised to see his friendly friends at his dorrstep asking for bread and pastery. 

A few days later, he had gained 110,000 but he didn't keep it for himself he gave it to the poor. He was left without money but for Christmas there was a knock on the door. KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! The people how used to be poor gave him lots of food and money.

He was the first to think about the poor and not his own future.So kids you might want to think before you do. The more respect you give to others more others will give to you

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