Sunset Dreams


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Chapter 1

Hate. Distrust. Stress. Loyalty? Violence.

Normally things we associated with war... or just being a teen in general. 


​Angelababy. Di liReBa. Fan BingBing. ​All famous Chinese models and actors... there what every Chinese girl wants to be when they grow up..


Born. School. Teendom... all seemed to be a battle of hate and distrust with Alycia Zhang. Both of us with the same goal in life, earning some fame. I honestly don't see how I'm a threat to her goal in life. Honestly her parents have already set her in that path of life already. Every time I'm forced by my parents to go top Alycia's house to have rice with them and listen to her parents chatter about Alycia's latest trophy or medal, her latest achievements what brands she's been doing commercials for. I shudder, every achievement I've made is by myself. I've had to repeatedly remind then to bring me to each class, I've had to practice over and over without their 'support'. It's not like they can't afford it , its just they don't seem to care.. I feel like they just don't seem to care. Nonetheless they given me a lot of support... I don't know any more. 


At the end of dinner, Alycia and I are told to do the dishes. As I do so, I hear yet again Alycia's parents boasting on and on about the huge opportunity she's getting soon. only then do I hear the most shocking of news, " She's allowed to bring a friend. We were wondering if Amari would like to join. She and Alycia are great friends!" 

Alycia grabs my arm. "Oh my god, nuh uh they didn't..." She gives me a glare, like the world stopped spinning because of me.

That night I couldn't possibly get a wink of sleep.


They gave me a comfortable chair to sit in as I watch them prepare Alycia for her photoshoot.

I sigh. ​It's gonna be a terribly long day.

I fiddle with the little name tag they gave me, "Amari Li. guest". after a while of watching them trying to 'get the hair perfect' I doze off in the seat.

"her. Just take this one!" 

I jolt up. What the hams.

A man and a women stand not a few feet away from me. The women walks over, looks at my name tag and jots this down. 

"Hello, Ms. Li. We are wondering if you would like to take this opportunity to attend this photo shot with Alycia...We..uh..Mr. Berkley requests another... er.. model to help with this photoshoot." she gives me a sympathetic smile, "There seems to be no other person available and Mr. Berkley is strongly recommending you. Are you willing to..."

I feel bad, Mr. Berkley is practicaly sticking needles behind her back the way he's staring at her. "Sure." I say with a little smile. 

She sighs and smiles gratefully at me, "Wonderful".

​I cant wait to she not only Alycias reaction but also our parents.


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Note from meee

Hey guyysss..

Suprisingly this isn't romantic fiction. As you can see this is more realistic. I am not really a realistic person or reader so this was a bit harder. I would like to see what you guys think of it though. Please favortite it or something if you think this was okay.. It was kind of boring yeah I know... But whatever be happy.

~Anne. W

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