Cure me

Jack fights his feelings being gay. He thinks that he's not a normal person, but a sick one. And he needs cure. He hires a girl, Lily, to teach him how to love a woman... Can this be done? Will he fall for a girl or will he get more hurt?

Love in Ireland

When a New York business mogul inherits his father's house in Ireland, he decides to build a new hotel there. But after meeting a local young kindergarden teacher, he finds himself on a crossroad. What is more important to him- business and money or true love?

Fighting feelings

After reading a New York Times listings Best seller book, Paula decides to write her own. After getting it edited and published by a ebook publishing firm, her life turns upside down. Millions of downloads and millions of dollars later, she finds herself as a tortured celebrity, unable to escape her own feelings about all this. Until...

Road to him

Stella moves to New York, as her book is made into a movie. A young hot movie star plays the lead and soon he falls in love with her. But she doesn't. How to keep him away from her? And can she?


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Her mom had promised. Mint should have known better than to believe her. A new town, new faces and a new danger will meet Mint Greene in Pinewood, North Carolina, the thirteenth place Mint will have lived in her sixteen years, the thirteenth time her mom will have broken her promise to stay put. A mysterious figure, a teenage...