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Jack has everything: he's rich, has his own business and he looks good. But he hates himself! Why? He's gay! And he wishes he wasn't. He has everything, but he also has something so important missing from his life. Love!

Everything seems hopeless, until he meets Lily, a young waitress working in a cafe. He makes an offer for her, hoping she would make him fell in love with a woman. Will he change? Can she cure his soul?

This story is a"if this could happen".

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Chapter 1

"Well! This is crap, utter nonsense!" Page after page Jack flips the pages for proposals for Hellfire project. No reasonable themes are suggested, just empty talk and fucking useless subjects. Can't anybody come up with something more useful, than supermodels posing on luxury cars, half naked and horny as hell? Ogling the girl on the cover, don't make him horny. Not even a glitch in his groin. For two reasons; first he don't like seeing woman like this, displayed for the showdown, and second- he's gay. At 27 years old, as a successful CEO of Marble Industry, he still doesn't see himself as a normal human being. For him being gay feels as a desise, no pill can cure or take away. The image of a young guy kneeling in front of him, well... this brings more interesting ideas into his mind. Dirty images in matter of fact. 

Keeping that secret from everybody kills him every day, lying to people he cares for and loves. Especially his parents. It would be so rough for them to accept him this way. Jack meant to tell them a year ago but when he saw how his father reacted to a cousin of his declared being gay, he frecked out. He couldn't bare the hate from his father or her mother telling him constantly where she went wrong with raising him. Jeremy, Jack's older brother, knew about him and his secret life. But he never judged. How many times Jeremy had walk into his brother's apartment and found a half-naked strange guy in Jack's living room? Countless times. He never asked or told anyone! Being his brother meant being loyal, even if he didn't like what he saw.

"So, round 2?" a voice from his bathroom questioned him, the smell of cologne traveling to his nostrils from the bathroom. "No! It's time for you to leave!" Jack stated, his voice sounded irritated. Crabbing his pants from the floor, he slipped them on and opened his bedroom door for him.

 "Can I call you? You didn't give me your number by the way!" the manwhore buttoned his shirt, leaning in to Jack's personal space, few inches from his face. 

Jack took a step back, no pleasure of being so close to him again. "There's a reason, I didn't give you my number!" Jack tilted his head slightly, his mouth twisting, until forming a straight line. "No second dates!" he stated, his hand pointing out the door, ushing him to leave him alone. One night or not even night, an hour was enough to get him off and the guy out the door. 

He tossed his bed sheets in the bin and put on fresh ones. The smell of cologne still lingering in his bedroom. His bedroom is huge, dark oak wood bed dominates the space, in the foot of the bed is a large chest, covered with leather. Cream colored walls and pure white ceiling, pecan colored curtains blocking the view to the Space needle in Seattle. 

Well, an apartment in down town Seattle, his own business and good looks brought plenty of interest from woman, but he ignored all of them. He was rich, insanely wealthy, but this couldn't cure him. He tried, but no woman could get him so hard, than a man slut would. He wanted what everybody had: family, a person to love and spend his life with, but being gay- this didn't seem real to him. More like a dream. That fucking dream that his parents planed for him. This was never going to happen.

 He threated himself as a sick person, he got himself hospitalized and pumped full of drugs, thinking that all of this was is his head. Therapy did no use, even worse. The therapist kept repeating that this could not be changed, and his orientation is GAY. 

All he could do was to lay back and let his life pass by. 

Jack took a shower and slipped on a grey t-shirt and charcoal grey sweatpants. He was tired and angry at himself and everybody else. Tomorrow first thing would be arranging a meeting with the head of design and work out new plans. These assholes couldn't do their work better, if they had a shotgun shoved into their asses. 

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Chapter 2

"This is shit! It's not something I pay you for!" Jack's voice trembled throw the conference room. This voice was harsh, completely pissed. "We need something new, something no one has ever come up with!" He continued, picking up the plans and tossing them in the trash bin next to him. "But sir, we tried our best to come up with something like this!" Taylor, head of design, says, his voice shaky and afraid. "Try harder! You have two days. Understand?" Jack buttons his suit. "Yes sir." Taylor agrees. 

Jack slams the door closed behind him, taking a breath in deep, he walks up to his secretary. "I need coffee!" Jack says, undoing his silver striped tie. "Coming up!" She stands. 

"No, not here, I'm leaving. Where is the nearest coffee place?" He asks, looking at his phone, it’s still 10 a.m. "Starbucks is 2 blocks away!" She replies. "No, no Starbucks, something else! Smaller!" Jack's response is quick, dismissing her first idea. "Well, Joey's is around the corner, 5 minutes away!" She thinks hard, before suggesting another place. "Good!" As he leaves for the elevators, Hunter, company's driver runs after him. "No, Hunter, I'm going to walk there!" Jack says, before entering the elevator. 

It doesn't take long, until he finds the place. A large neon sign illuminates on the top of the door. A silent ring of doorbell makes sound, when he opens the door. The place is packed, only one table with two chairs free under the window. He takes a seat and his gaze is fixed on the street view. Street noise, cars honking and people walking, everything seems normal, but in his mind he is a mess. He can't relate to any of the people sitting here in Joey's. Their life is simple, his is fucked; more than a slut on the street. 

"Can I get you something?" A soft femenly voice interrupts his thoughts. As he looks up to her, a young brunette with grey eyes looks down at him. Her nose is slightly red, her skin pale and her hands shaking. He looks at her, trying to figure out, why she looks so exhausted and why her unique beauty don't make him love woman. Nothing comes to mind.

"A large coffee, please. No sugar!" He gives his order, making her leave without a second glance. After a minute or two, she's back with a large white mug of steaming hot coffee, raisin cookie set on the under plate next to his cup. "Here you go!" she places it in front of him, accidentally brushing his shoulder with her hand, making him jump at her touch. He looks at her, smile on his perfectly sculptured lips, to lighten her mood. He takes a sip, almost burning top of his mouth. He flinched. Flinched at a touch of a woman. That had never happened before. He worked closely with different woman every day, but he never jumped at a touch from them.

His eyes are fixed back at movement outside. A family of three walk toward the cafe, she kisses him and kneels down to kiss her son, as the guy looks at them with all the love he can give. They separate, the woman stepping into the cafe and the man picks up his son, walking to opposite way. This is what he wants, love. Not money, or fame, or gay fuck. He wants this- family, love and children. And all these three things he will never get to experience.

A noise of something heavy falling to the floor makes him turn his way. All he can see is the same waitress who served him, picking up broken cups and plates from the ground. She looks tired, exhausted till the end. Everybody look at her, but no one even takes another glance at her. Jack fights his feelings to rush up to her and help. But no use. He leans down next to her and starts gathering pieces, placing them on the dish tray next to her. A small bloody cut on her finger deserves his attention. "You're bleeding!" he says, taking her hand. "Yeah, I know." her voice shatters, like a sound of cry. "Here! Let me!" he takes a napkin from the nearby table and wraps her finger tightly, making her face twitch in pain. "Au," almost silent word escapes her lips. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you more! Keep it tight!" His hands around hers, pressuring the cut, what left a trail of red dots on the tiled floor. 

"What are you doing? Get back to work!" A furious voice behind the bar awakes them. Letting out a small breath that she been holding, she stands up and takes the tray. Leaving Jack on his knees, his eyes widen and small gasp in his breathe. As he stands, she's already gone, disappeared from his sight. 

She had an effect on him, something different anybody else had ever met. She seemed different: shy, small handed and polite. She looked gorgeous beside her red nose, puffy eyes and pale skin. Her look penetrated his. 

Before leaving, Jack slipped a 50 under his coffee cup, giving the biggest tip he had ever given for serving coffee. 

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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Twelve

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Chapter Thirteen

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Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fifteen

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Chapter Sixteen

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