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Ordinary day

Bing, bing, bing...! My phone has gone crazy again. Thousands of tweets in Twitter, messages, phone calls! I hate my life, I truely do.

I'm in my Manhattan apartment, in my bedroom, cuddled in my King-size bed, trying to feel better today. The street noise in loud as hell, pissing me off. I wish I was home, far away from here. I miss everybody so much already, but there's still 4 weeks until I can go back. Miss the trees, lakes, rivers and Mom. My mother was the best person born in this God forbidden planet called Earth.

She passed last year. After years and years of breast cancer, she was taken from us. And to make it worse, Dad didn't take it well. How you ask? Well, he stopped working, sat in his bedroom for days. He cried every day for few weeks until he found relief. Relief called alcohol. There wasn't  beer or few shots of vodka, but bottles. Bottle after bottle, he drank this painkiller. He wasn't a quiet drinker: he yelled at us, punished us and almost killed us once. 

That was my life back home in Georgia. Me and my sister, Laura, moved here six months ago, leaving Dad back home to fight with his demons. We didn't want to leave him behind, but we had no choice. I got into NYU and Laura into Berkeley. So we moved. 

Still few months before school started, I found a bookstore few blocks away from our apartment. New York Times has a Bestseller list and I really like to read. By reading I mean, hundreds of books in year. Not only fiction, but also nonfiction. Everything I get my hands on, it can be a crime novel or a yesterday's newspaper. At least I have something in my hands all time.

And after reading the nr.1 in NYT list, I decided to write my own. My first ever romance novel, called "Heaven and back". A love story, about a married couple, fighting leukemia. I poured so much tears, while writing it, cause it reminded the horrible memory of my Mom's struggle with her cancer. After it went up in sale to Amazon, it took 2 weeks, until hell broke loose. I wish I hadn't read the book or written mine. Cause it ruined my life, and still now I'm trying to get it back.  


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Chapter 1

Avril Lavine "Give you what you like" is playing in the radio, while I park my car in front of Tony's cafe. It's raining hard  and sky is filled with dark clouds. Streets are empty and a taxi drives by, when I open my door, almost hitting me, when I exit. Why are everybody in such a hurry, can't they see me? I run in the front door, a bell ringing up on the door. Tony is behind the counter, talking to Patricia, who's his new cashier. "Good morning Sunshine," Tony says, when he sees me. He is the owner of this place, like the joint's name reveals and has the best coffee around here.

I sit on a bar stool at the counter. "Good morning to you too Tony. Can I get a lattee on the road, please?" I put my notebook and purse on the counter. "Sure honey. So how you been?" He asks, while preparing me drink.  "You know, busy, busy, busy!" I take a seat on the barstool. "And how's Laura?" he asks. "She's fine, she's getting married." I take a deep breath, because I'm angry. Angry at me and on Laura. She knows the guy for only few months and now their getting hitched.

Tony places a tall glass of his delicious latte in front of me and gives me a small smile: "Wow, good for her!" I can't see that happening. She's giving up her life for a guy, who only drinks and parties. I take a big gulp and stare into nothing. "Aren't you happy for her? It's good news!" he asks. "Well, if you'd know the guy, you wouldn't say that!" I answer in dispaire. He just nodds his head and continiues filling his orders,

My phone rings. I fish it out from my purse and answer: "Yes!" "Paula, were are you, the meeting starts in 10 minutes!" George barely can keep it together. Oh, shit, the meeting. "Sorry Tony, I have to run.See you tommarrow!"


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