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Book# 1 War a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state... in this case High School.


"You don't even know what your about to do?" Daven's lazy posture leaned against the door frame of the girls locker room. His eyes following Jay's every move.

"Then why don't you tell me?" Jay turned her face slightly so she could get a glimpse of him behind her.

He scoffed, "I'd rather watch you screw up." A smirk finding it's way on his lips as he walked out of the open locker room.

Jay narrowed her eyes at his retreating form. 'Like, hell I won't.'

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Chapter 1: The Beginning Of Everything

Leaves danced as the wind carried them around. Autumn was here and another school year. This was the my last year at Walker High School. After this I was off to college and maybe even off to another state.

I watched as students milled on through the front doors. Every year I went through the same doors and didn't feel a thing, but now my heart was about to jump out of my chest.Maybe because the years before I was more ready to get high school over with. This year though I wanted a change. I wanted a long year that stopped me from turning into an adult too fast, from leaving home too quickly.

A shiver ran down my back as the coolness of the door handle traveled up my arm. “Hey, keep it moving.”I looked back and noticed there was a line of people behind me.

"I'll take as long as it takes me." I looked at the guy who yelled from behind me. He was tall and tan, it was easy to spot him.

He raised a brow in question. "Well you need to hurry it. Some people actually have somewhere they need to be."

I narrowed me eyes. "If that was the case you should have came here earlier."

"Are you sassing me Miss. Janiece?" Baxster, the tall-tanned jock, smirked.

"Will you two love birds do this somewhere else." A random voice from the crowd had yelled.

I shook my head and continued to the cafeteria. I was about to enter the café doors when Baxter caught up to me. "You've become very saucy over the summer missy."

"I don't know what you're taking about Baxster. I haven't change one bit." I smiled. I knew what he was talking about. Somehow I always give Baxster a little attitude, just a smidge.

He scoffed. "I believe you know exactly what I'm talking about."

"Baxster, we've known eachother since we were young. I don't sass you. And I'm not saucy." I eyed him closely.

"That's it. We've known each other far too long. You we're sassing me and you've become just a bit more saucy." Baxster took a comfortable stance by the wall, one foot crossed over the other as his arms over lapped his chest.

"Anyways, how was your summer? Might I add without me." I was quite interested since it was his first summer out of town. We've had summer together ever since we were young kids."Well it's fair to say that it wasn't as interesting as spending time with you." He reached out to pinch my cheek, pulling roughly.

I glared at him, "Was that necessary?"

He continued to look at me with that lop-sided grin that all the girls thought was 'quirky' and 'cute'. "You know, you should loosen up a bit. People will get the wrong idea."

I soffed. "What kind of idea?"

"A relationship gone sour. People think you've been burned. Severly." Taking a deep breath he stood from the wall. "Don't worry, I'm here for you. I'll help you get through your last year here."

I scoffed once again. "Who are you kidding? You'll find some girl whose willing to fawn over you at the expense of her dignity and when it's time to graduate and leave, what will you tell her?" I shoved a finger in his chest. "I think it's time for a break. No, it's time we started broadening our horizons."

I chuckled and went into the cafeteria. Who was that play-boy trying to fool? I loved Baxster as a brother but his ways were like acid, and girls, they seemed like putty in his hands.

"Now wait a second? I would never say 'broaden our horizons'. That's cliche and albeit ridiculous." He used his hands in an animated way to get across his point, but just thinking about the poor girls going around crying their hearts out was ridiculous.

I mean, come on! What did they see in this streetwalking, lop-sided grinning, fool anyways? I wouldn't leave him in one piece if he up and broke my heart for no reason, brotherly friendship or not. Shaking my head trying to focus on the business at hand; finding my schedule, I made a beeline for the stage.

"Hey. We weren't finished." He yelled after me but didn't follow. Baxster wasn't going to have it easy if I had anything to say about his womanizing ways.

I received my schedule and walked of the stage. I was reading my paper when a pair of hands landed on my shoulders. I cam face to face with a familiar person.

"You should be more attentive of your surroundings." Riley's eyes had a low glint along with his signature cheeky grin.

'Attentive?' I raised a brow in question. Riley always had a very eclectic vocabulary. Judging from his exterior, he was from a rich family which leads me to assume he took some kind of etiquette class.

I shrugged out of his grip. "Well thank goodness it was you I ran in to. Other wise people could go around me." I waved as I walked through the doors of the cafeteria.

Riley already had a good sense of my sarcasm. There was no need for me to stay around and baby his wound like most girls did; if I had hurt his feelings. Which brings me to play-boy number two. He, like Baxster, had a way with the ladies. Except he was a lot more subdued than Baxster.

I entered my designated first period classroom and took a seat in the front. Close to the board where I could see with out using my glasses. Whenever there was an opportunity not to wear them I took it.

"Upfront and personal. I like where this is going." Ally walked in with Jazz right behind her.

"Not bad at all. Good seats this year." Jazz winked before taking the seat behind me. "How was your summer Jay?" She leaned forward eagerly.

"You could give her a few minutes before trying to weasel her for information." Ally giggled. I eyed her. "How was your summer Jay -Jay?"

Jazz snorted.

"I can't ask Jay questions too soon, but you sure just jumped right in." Jazz pretended to be appalled.

I shook my head. "Girls, it's alright. There is plenty of my life to share." I played along. "Now who's first?"

"Oh, look whose full of herself after a few months. I wonder what's happened while I was away." Jazz scooted her desk closer.

"I think she's just playing along, but it's so hard to tell. I do, too, wonder what's happened." Ally's eyes sparkled as they always did. There was only one way we could be friends. She was like the day and I was like night.

"Nothings happened as usual besides a few family outings, that I'm sure you don't want to hear about." I rolled my eyes. My life really wasn't too interesting.

"Are you sure?" With narrowed eyes, Jazz stood and walked in front of my desk. "A little birdie told me of an encounter you had with Daven Wright."

Ally gasped before storming from her seat to my desk. I was now enclosed, by two starved gossip girls. "Do tell. You can't keep this from us. Why didn't you call or email; something." She shook me a few times before squatting.

Their gazes wide eyed as they waited patiently for me to speak. "Jay hurry up. Class starts in a few minutes, spill it." Jazz harshly whispered.

The classroom had a few scattered people already seated. I sighed, "Fine. Nothing happened though." I held my hands up in defeat.

"Don't lie." Jazz eyed me. "Tell the truth."

"Oh for heavens sake. He was at the bowling alley with a few friends and I so happened to be there with my parents. I dropped something. He happened to see and also be with in distance to pick it up and hand it to me. The end."

"He was that close." Ally gasped. I nodded. Now that I think about it he was really close. Too close for comfort.

"I'm ashamed to admit it. But yes, that close." I used my hands to demonstrate.

Jazz was looking pretty skeptical. I would too, if it happened to someone else. "That's really close for you Jay. What did you do? Did you say anything?"

I wanted to face-palm my self. "I said thank you like a manner-able person my parents raised me to be. I couldn't walk away like I usually do with my parents watching."

"Oh, they saw the whole thing?" Ally, stood. I nodded. "Well, you are here, which means you survived."

"Okay, students to your seat." Miss Gramm walked in moments before the first bell rang, signaling the beginning of a new school year.


"So you're telling me you did nothing. Absolutely nothing" Jazz pressed. She was still on the same thing since this morning. I went through two class periods with her haggling information out of me.

"Jazz, give it a rest. I'm sure that was all that happened. If I know Daven, then that's probably really what happened." Ally was already at the lunch table. First one to the door. We never stayed in lunch for too long. Most times we went out to eat.

"Alright. I believe you. I just thought maybe the two of you cooked up some delicious romance." She wiggled her brows.

"Um, no!" I halted.

"Oh dear, Jasmine. You know Jay-Jay, she wouldn't make the first move. I'll ask Daven." Jazz hooted before going over to the table and concocting a plan with Ally.

"Why must I be tortured for this. Nothing happened and heaven forbid any kind of 'delicious romance'." I rolled my eyes, twice with in a days period. My once calm life has turned hectic with the starting of a new school year.

"Don't worry too much about it. I'm sure he'll make the first move." Ally giggled.

I sighed. "I'm not getting anywhere with you two, so I'm going to get my lunch." I placed my bag on the chair. I eyed the two of them, both were starring back with straight faces.

I shook my head. I could hear the giggly pair sounding away with laughter. On my way to the cafe; I passed Max whose mouth was full. He gave me a thumbs up in passing. "It looks like I'm getting a meatball sub today."I whispered.

A hand came down onto my shoulder. Before I could scream a hand came over my mouth. "I knew you were going to scream after you jumped so high." Baxster whispered into my ear. "I was only going to tell you that a meatball sub sounds good." That same lop-sided grin crossed his face.

"I could knock you out for all the anxiety you just caused me. Quit sneaking up on me." I hit his arm. He rubbed it while forming a pout. I'm not going to lie, it was sort of cute.

Before I could apologize, his attention was else where. "Hey Daven. What's up, it's been way too long man."

My breath instantly caught in my throat. This was not happening on the first day of school. I quickly released the breath I was holding and walked over to the line where the subs were being served. I didn't have to acknowledge him.

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Chapter 2: Another Encounter

Every now and then I'd get this mysterious feeling that someone was watching. I'd search my surroundings looking for oddballs but didn't see anyone staring.

"You seem distracted." Jazz elbowed me in the arm while giving Ally the "caterpillar" brows.

"We've been making plans to meet up while you ogle at a particular someone." Ally's tone holding slight amusement. I rolled my eyes.

"This has to stop you guys are way out of control now." I grabbed my trash and was about to stand when I sawhisfigure gliding in our direction.

"Hotty Alert!" Jazz squealed. In a swift movement she stood. The next thing I knew my hands were empty. I watched as she chucked the tray in the trash bin.

"Nice one." Curtis, a close friend of Daven’s, revealed pearly white teeth.

I watched the two exchange flirtatious looks beforehecame to a halt at the table. My eyes were glued to his every move. I could even say, he was watching me while he bent down to give Ally a hug and not be paranoid for the blatant eye contact.

Within that moment I had a choice to make: To be affected, or not to be affected. I chose the last even if my heart felt like it was warring with my brain, wanting to saw itself out and leap intohisarms.

For the umpteenth time today, I rolled my eyes. "Sit." Jazz said. She managed to pull me down.

Ally gave me that all knowing look. We were no longer in the awkward stage of our friendship so I couldn't question what she was doing. I knew all to we'll the signals she was sending me.

"How have you been?" Daven Smiled giving a perfectly charming-yet- hazardous smile.

"Great. Though I do remember a certain promise that was made." Ally looked Daven directly in the eyes. If there was one thing that made me flinch, it would be her gaze. Ally was beyond sweet but her personality called for quick and reputable. She was there when she was needed and always knew when to step back.

"This summer I've been all over the place. Couldn’t even keep grounded for too long." He gave a sensitive apology; even to my ears it sounded good, too good.

Ally's scoff turned into a light-hearted giggle that set my insides dancing. There's at least was one thing I appreciated about returning to school, friends. I looked forward to hanging out with these girls. Even though Baxster was around 24/7, I felt like one of the boys and probably acted like one too. This was my time to renew my "feminine" side as Jazz called it. This coming from the girl who's all about softball.

"Jay. Earth to Jay." Jazz snapped her fingers, light snickering coming from across the table.

"I have class to get to." I picked up my bag. "I'll talk with you guys later." Ally's demeanor changed.

Jazz called out just before I reached the door, "Tonight, 8 sharp. My house."

Waving, I made sure to steady my steps, so it didn't look like I was dodging the conversation when I know and Ally and Jazz knew I was dodging it big time. I ran my hands over my face feeling stress climb its way into the new school year. "Just my luck."


"You know I could have sworn that you were trying to avoid him." I watched Jazz shove her hands into her back pockets leisurely while eyeing me suspiciously.

"No lie. How'd you figure?" I was being sarcastic but if there was anyone I knew who could read me well it was my friends, and for that I was thankful.

Jazz, as outspoken as her nature, wasn't one to wait for answers. Ally though was indeed the one to pull me off into a quite corner and scold me for my actions then remedy the pain. Jazz scoffed, rolling her eyes she hip bumped me. Her hands wound it's way around my shoulder up righting my stance while she dragged me along.

"Was that necessary?" I rubbed my hip.

"Well was it necessary for you to give me a sarcastic remark. No! Now back to the topic at hand. Why are you avoiding him?"

What was I going to tell her? He's giving me mini panic attacks? He's melting my insides? Obviously he has an affect on me, but it was embarrassing. Me, Janiece Gleyria Aubrey McIvry, temperamental bad girl. Who was I kidding, I wasn’t a bad girl.

"He just rubs me in an odd way." I shrugged.

"Uh huh." Jazz nodded along with my dead give away. She knew I kind of; sort of liked him. Who wouldn't?

He was good looking. Strong features. Playful eyes. Rougish words. He was also intelligent. The guy could dress to impress, if not kill. Was there one word for him?I wouldn't know what it was. Every time he looked at me I felt a wave of frenzy sweep through me and my brain loses all train of thought.

"Seems like some one has the hots for mr. Hotty." Jazz wiggled her brows before dashing off ahead of me. "Oh, oh, someone's in love." She sang loudly. The kids from school were watching the fanatic girl whimsically dash through parking lot of school.

Thank goodness school was over. I watched as Jazz turned around and waved for me to catch up to her. I began to pick up my pace. Before I could catch up I saw Curt walk up to her.

I slowed down a feet in front of them. "So who's in love?" He chuckled.

My breath seemed to stop. I held my composure though. I watched Jazz curiously. She wouldn't say anything; I knew she wouldn't. But what was she going to say to cover up? She kept up the smile but shook her head. Waving her hand dismissing the accusation. "not for your ears Curt, bug off." She slapped him away playfully.

What was I in the middle of?

"Oh, I see how it is." He feigned melancholy. Curt looked in my direction. His head titled in a questioning position. I shrugged hoping it would ease suspicion away from me. "Well you won't tell me either?" He began to pout again.

I rolled my eyes. "Curt, man up." I crossed my arms over my chest.

He gave his famous squinty-eyed, boyish grin before raising his hands and stepping back in surrender. His eyes shot up a few inches above my head. A strange feeling ran up my spine. Someone was behind me. Given the wide-eye signal Jazz gave me; I knew who it was.

"I would also like to know." Ally's giggle wasn't far off; but it wasn't directly behind me. I was stock still in jitters to move.This can't be happening?

"I'll tell ya later." Jazz pipped in. I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time today and decided to finally move. One foot in front of the other.

"I'm going home now." I mumbled. Why couldn't I sound a little stronger that that? Mentally, I wanted to face palm myself.

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