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I'm Still Me

    "I'm so disappointed in you, Alex." My Mom said. "This is absolutely embarrassing."

I froze for about ten seconds while her words rang through my head. Disappointed. Embarrassing. 

All this fuss over the fact that I'm a girl who likes girls.

I didn't understand. Sure, it's not natural. Since the beginning of time, people always married someone opposite of their own sex, but now, people have evolved. Time has went on and things have changed. More people are coming out than ever.. yet we're still unaccepted by the uneducated people who fear us. 

I snapped out of my daze.

"Are you kidding?" I yell back. "So what, I dont like men? The world won't end if I date a woman or even marry one. I know you want me to fit in, but I can't keep living a lie."

"I have to go," My Mom said, storming out of my house. 

"That went well," I huffed to myself. "Just great."

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