Best Home Exercises to Tone up Your Whole Body


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Exercise is a word but there are a lot of different types of exercises as per the requirement. If you want to make muscles with fitness, there is a definite exercise for that. If your joints have pain then the doctor tells you for some more exercise. It is not possible every day to hit the gym, better option is to get best home fitness equipments in India

Some people have more weight in proportion to their body, so they want to dilute their feet to bring them in proportion to body. You can try some methods of exercising the feet with the help of a chair.

Types of exercises that can be performed with a chair:

To be able, you need a wooden chair so that you do not have any problem in balancing and also take your weight with the chair. Stand by the chair and keep one foot on the chair and lift the other leg up. Press the foot held on the chair and brings your chest near to the foot. Continue with these steps with the second leg.

You can also try Arm circles to improve the posture of your body and shoulders. To do this activity, raise your arms to your sides and form a “T” shape. Press your shoulder blades together and flip them clockwise and anticlockwise. Your face should be facing straight, palms up and thumbs facing behind you. Do it for 20 times and then repeat 2 to 3 times.

In this exercise, you have to stay a little sloping in which your thumb should be on the ground on the palm. If you cannot make balance without the chair and feet, then this exercise can prove to be very dangerous. Hold yourself tightly and keep one foot on your chest while at one place. You can buy online fitness equipments in India to make your exercise easier.

Under this you will have to stand in the opposite direction in front of the chair and keep one leg on the back side and put it on the chair. Hold your last knee a bit. This position will be the beginning of the time when you will be in the legs using your knees. Continue with the same process with your other leg.

If you have just begun to exercise, then this exercise is very good for you. To start this, stand back on the chair and keep the legs away from you. Now place all your weight between your ankles and bring the front part forward. Now take this part down and move towards the chair and as soon as it becomes the post of seating, stop immediately. Now start again with the starting posture.

If you want to work on your Outer thighs, Triceps, Core and Glutes then this exercise named triceps knee tucks for which you only want to stand with the chair by facing forward. Stand on the left side and then bend at the waist by placing your right palm on the seat and left palm on the back of chair.

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