Reign 2050


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The year is 2050, things are very different. You will be interested to know that Queen Elizabeth still reigns although everyone's getting suspicious. 

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Chapter 1

We all feel like the world changed many years ago. It was around 2016 when things really turned ugly. 

Just the year before there had been big signs that humanity was on the way out. Terrorist attacks took over. There was famine, war and so much change in the environment. We saw the decline of the planet from our rape and pillage of her rapidly. 

I was young, though I still remember the fear. For so many older people this was something so new to them, so unexpected, so terrifying. Most couldn't believe it was all happening. 

But as this was all new to me, I was tougher.  I had already witnessed some of the worst, I knew I could handle this, or so I thought. Though I still remember my mother, who told me to keep my eyes on the Royal Family. Her Royal Highness now aged a spritely one hundred and twenty one. 

Yes, we know that it is suspicious and also impossible! 

So I have watched the Queen over the years. As she rules over the few countries that are left here on the planet. Africa is gone, along with Russia and China. America sadly was the first to go, with the wars that destroyed it from pure retaliation. 

It is a very different planet. One where water is a source to fight over. A place where you have to do exactly as your instructed. What caused the most reaction, was when the very people who could ever take her throne were killed while travelling by plane from skiing in Aspen. Which in itself was an incredible occurrence. Normally they never travel together for this very reason. But due to the much heavier and more regular snow falls (even in the most random places), they had to fly out just to be able to save themselves. 

We also saw a lot more actions made directly from Queen Elizabeth herself which shocked the planet. She dismissed governments from the Commonwealth she once ruled, then sent troops to take over and control the people who were left. Well those who hadn't died of lack of water or food. 

It is a terrible new world and I wish I could of written this to you or should I say myself all those years ago. You would of known not to try to fight to save your family. Then the punishment would not of been, watching them taken from you so cruely out of pure aggression and domination. You would also have been able to try to stay in your own city, without being moved to a bigger one so you were more able to be numbered and controlled. The chip that they entered into you, now allows them to see everything you see, feel everything you feel, know everything you think. It has led you to hate your own thoughts, to despise the only beauty that is left in this world. 

They are even reading this now. 

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