My Hero


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        We all have dreams; some bigger than others. Most often, they are abandoned and replaced by more “realistic” goals, which I think is rather sad. Unfortunately, it’s true that not all dreams can be achieved, no matter how hard one tries. Some dreams really are unrealistic and we must find other means of satisfying our cravings. I have mine.

        In the stories I write, I can be anything or anyone I want to be. I can write my mind into the body of an animal, a queen, a witch, even simply another person in different circumstances. The character I choose to play, however, is one I think a common dream: a hero. Not like the hero you'd think, the ones who start out with unfortunate lives and happen to get some crazy power so they decided they might as well use it. My hero is one by choice, one that wanted to change the world. It could be assumed that I went for a bit more of a real hero, one that could and should potentially exist in our current world, and that’s true, more or less. I do want it to seem real, but there is no way I would miss out on designing costumes.

        I've been writing for a few weeks now. Translating my daydreams to chapters of inspiring adventures with the hero I've made myself. There are no limits. With little more than a pen and paper, I can do anything.

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