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AOL Desktop Gold login for Windows

The amazing product AOL desktop gold is famous for its exclusive features and advanced security. This is the latest version of AOL desktop which has the best interface for access the AOL webmail. You can install AOL desktop gold 1-877-226-6053 on your windows device and then get the advantage of its software. After installation of this software on windows often people failed to sign in their account. If you also want to know how you can log in AOL Desktop gold for windows then given steps will help you. You can try the given instructions step by step.


Steps for Sign in to AOL desktop:-

1.    After installation of this software, you can click on the icon of AOL gold.

2.    Then tap on the sign in the button of the screen.

3.    Tap on “Add username” button.

4.    Now you will have to enter the “Username” so add it.

5.    Click on “Continue” button.

6.    A window will pop-up and you will have to enter your password on that window.

Steps to sign in your account:-

1.    Click on save button and then tap on the auto sign.

2.    Launch the icon of AOL desktop gold and then tap on the sign in.

3.    Enter your username & password.

4.    Now click on the “Continue” button.

5.    Here you will ask to ensure that you have entered the correct username and then click on “Next.”

6.    Tap on the sign in button now and you are able now to access your AOL desktop account on windows.

Note: - If you want to save the sign in option for automatic sign in. Then you will have to check the “Save password” & “Automatic sign in of username” boxes. Then click to continue.

Finally, you are capable to sign in your AOL desktop gold on windows. To get more info about it you can connect to customer care experts. After download AOL desktop gold you can complete the installation and then opt for sign in your account on it. Hope so you will not face trouble to follow the above instructions because they are described in an easy way which will be helpful for you.


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