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How to install AOL desktop gold for Mac OS X

Using the Mac operating system is quite difficult in comparison to windows, whether you will have to install download AOL gold software 1-877-226-6053 or perform any other task. Do you feel the same issue with yourself? If you feel the same and unable to get help to download this software on your Mac OS X, you are welcome over here. This blog post is all about the ways which will guide you to download & install the AOL desktop software on Mac OS X in an easy way.

See the process which you can follow for downloading & installation of the software in an easy manner. But if you stuck with trouble in between the follow the steps due to confusion reach to technical experts for help.


Installation steps for AOL gold on Mac OS X:-

Step 1. Turn on your Mac OS X and click to browse the internet.

Step 2. Then on the browser search the official page of AOL desktop gold.

Step 3. Now login in your AOL ID & password to access your account.

Step 4. You will see a download button which you need to click on.

Step 5. After complete download, a window will pop-up as “Install now.”

Step 6. Click on install button & continue.

Step 7. Tap on ok and agreed to terms & conditions.

Step 8. Now you will have to wait for the complete installation process.

Step 9. Finally, the AOL gold software has downloaded on your Mac OS X successfully. Set up your account and tap to continue on it.

Finally, you have successfully completed the installation procedure on Mac OS X. You should say congratulations to yourself for this achievement. Hopefully, when you will download AOL gold desktop, after that you would be able to access AOL mail, safely browse the internet, have IM conversation on your Mac OS X device. This software is the latest version of the AOL desktop interface, which has the feature of automatic update, Premium security, and enhanced security. You can enjoy all exclusive features in one place by using the AOL desktop gold.


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