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Unable to Print from within AOL Desktop Gold

AOL Desktop Gold is very popular among the users because of its advanced features but while using it you can witness some technical glitches too which can be frustrating at times. One such issue is you are unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold icon. That is the time when you need to download AOL desktop Gold 1-877-226-6053 again in order to get out of the problem. But most of the time this attempt fails.


Why are you not able to print from AOL Desktop Gold? This is the first question you have on your mind? The answer is simple this can be because of the faulty printer, corrupted printer files, outdated version of AOL Desktop, loose cables or conflicting programs.


How to solve unable to print from AOL Desktop Gold


You can easily solve the printing issue on your own by following these below-mentioned steps to troubleshoot the issue:


Step 1: Check whether printer works fine with other programs


Ø Create a new text document on the desktop

Ø Double click to open the text document

Ø Write some dummy text in it

Ø Then save the document by name of your choice

Ø Give the command of print from File option available at the top left corner

Ø If your printer is able to recognize the command and print your document then your printer is working fine. But if the document is not printed then there is some problem.


Step 2: Clear print spool


Sometimes the print spool of the printer is corrupted that can be causing trouble while printing. You need to clear the print spool. The right way to do this is given below:

Ø Click on the printer icon which is present in Windows taskbar

Ø If the icon is not visible make changes in ‘Show hidden icon’

Ø Cancel or Delete the print job in progress

Ø Do this for all available print job and then close the window.


If you are not able to print after going through these steps then you need to install AOL desktop gold again but be sure to delete the previous version first. Even after installing the new version of the software, problem persist then feel free to get in touch with customer care who are available round the clock to assist you.



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