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Unable to Download AOL Desktop Gold in Windows

It is quite common to come across a situation where you are unable to download AOL Desktop Gold on your Windows Computer. AOL Desktop Gold is all in one desktop software with a wide variety of features to access including mail, browsing, search and content. AOL Gold Desktop is just an update to the earlier version of AOL Desktop with more user-friendly and technical advancements. Downloading the AOL Desktop Gold is quite easy. By following a simple step by step guide you can easily download and enjoy using it. There might be a possibility of you confronting a situation while downloading the AOL Desktop Gold, in such case, try reaching out to theAOL Desktop Gold support numberwhere the certified technicians will help you to resolve your problem in minimum time.

Before following the steps to AOL Desktop Gold try checking the under-listed:

1: Check the minimum system requirements – Remember, AOL Desktop Gold is not supported by the versions of Microsoft Windows earlier than Windows 7.

2: Close all the tabs: Try, restarting your computer before downloading and installing the AOL Desktop Gold as it restarting will help in clearing the internal memory (RAM).

Steps to Download AOL Desktop Gold in Windows

Step 1: You have to click on the ‘blue’ Download AOL Desktop Gold button

Step 2: Navigate your desktop and click ‘save’

Step 3: Download starts once you click on save. Keep an eye on the progress of your download.

Step 4: After the download has been completed, click on the ‘install’ and select ‘show in folder.’

Step 5: Double-click on ‘latest AOL Gold software’ to begin the installation process

Step 6: Click ‘Install now’ and wait for the software to install.

Step 7: Enter the username and click to proceed. Enter the password when requested.

Step 8: Download and installation are complete.

After following the above mentioned points for downloading AOL Desktop Gold, in case you come across with any problem in downloading and installation, customer AOL Desktop Gold customer support number is accessible 24x7 online for resolution of any problems related to download.


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