Billy & The Gang Part 1


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Chapter 1

"Hey get out of here kid, I told you twice not to come around here!" yelled Frankie as he was grabbing the boy by the collar of his shirt.

"Whoa now hang on Frankie, what's your name kid?" asked Billy."He asked what your name is boy,” said Lone Wolf."Easy Lone Wolf, I am going to ask you again, what's your name?" asked Billy."Red Bear.""Red Bear sit down and Frankie here will cook you up something to eat," Billy sitting back down at the table."What, this boy has been stealing from me for as long as I can remember, and now you want me to give him food," Frankie said angrily."Just give him some food before I put a bullet in your gut?" asked Billy"Fine here have my plate," said Frankie shoving his plate towards Red Bear."Pilamaya" (thank you)," Red Bear said in the Lakota language."He said thank you," Billy said in a sarcastic voice."Oh I am sorry I forgot, YOUR WELCOME!" shouted Frankie and slamming the door from behind."Sorry about that Red Bear, Frankie can be a little bit on the angry side, but you'll get used to it," said Billy."Oh that's alright, we all get a little angry sometimes," said Red Bear eating Frankie's food."So Red Bear what tribe are you from, what are you doing here in Montana?" asked Billy. "Well I left the city about a year ago now, my people are from the Lakota Sioux tribe, I am originally from South Dakota, my mother died when I was very young, and my father couldn't handle the whites anymore. So he took me and we became like the whites and live like they did. When my father and I were civilized he got a job and we moved to Boston and he got a house out there. I went to school as well. Sometimes I ask him if he thinks of the old ways of when I was little. And if he wanted to go back, he didn't answer me. So one day when I graduated from school in Boston I traveled here to Montana," said Red Bear."Wow, we'll you came to the right place, but I've never heard of an Indian raised in the city," asked Billy?"I know my father says when he meets what he calls wild Indians, he says "Times have changed, nobody lives in the forest, on the plains, or in the mountains, it's time to become like the whites" he always tells them that," said Red Bear."We'll your "ate"(father) is right, nobody lives that way anymore, times have changed but people haven't, would you like to join us," asked Billy in the Lakota language."Hin" (yes) I would, but there is one problem?" asked Red Bear."What," asked Billy?"I don't have a horse or a weapon," said Red Bear."Oh right I'll fix you up with a horse, and somebody give him a gun," Billy going outside to the barn."Here you can have one of mine, it's loaded so watch where you point that thing," said Lone Wolf."Pilamaya" (thank you)," said Red Bear."Alright, now he has a horse to ride," said Billy."Let's ride into town and celebrate our new arrival," Bob said with excitement.So they got on their horses and rode into town.

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Chapter 2

As they arrived in town they tied up their horses on a post outside of the saloon and went inside and walked up to the bar.

"Can I have four drinks Steve," asked Billy?"Three drinks coming up Billy," said Steve."I said four not three," said Billy."We don't serve those Injuns here Billy," Steve pointing at Lone Wolf and Red Bear."I want drinks for my friends," asked Billy in an angry voice?"Like I said Billy, we don't serve those Injuns here," Steve getting mad."Am I going to have to repeat myself like I did in Texas, because the bar tender didn't give my friend here a drink either," Billy had a smirk on his face."No, we don't serve these Injuns in my saloon," angered Steve."If you don't give me two more drinks I am going to put a bullet between your eyes and get them myself," Billy cocking his pistol in his holster."Now Billy I would be careful, because I am too loaded," said Steve.Lone Wolf grabbed Steve by the collar and said,"Di ena mayaanii shils aash" (you enemy white man) my friend and I want our drinks, we don't want any trouble but you're making it a big problem," asked Lone Wolf in the Chiricahua Apache language."Alright that's it all of you get out of my saloon or I will have you killed or arrested," shouted Steve."Come on guys we can get the drinks at Frankie's house," Henry said going outside and getting on his horse."Hi disho, egoyahan" (it is finished, until we meet again)," Lone Wolf said in the Chiricahua Apache language."Hin hohe toksha ake wacin yuanktin ktelo" (yes enemy I should see you again)," Red Bear.So they all started to turn around and walk towards the door, when Steve pulled out his pistol he fired at Lone Wolf, hitting Lone Wolf in the back of the shoulder, and Red Bear ducked and it made Steve miss. Billy quickly pulled his weapon and shot Steve in the shoulder as well."Billy this is not Texas," yelled Henry running back inside."I know this isn't Texas, if someone shoots at me or my friends I am going to shoot back," Billy said angrily.Lone Wolf tells Billy to relax.

"I am fine he just got me in the shoulder," Lone Wolf said in no pain."I'll go get the sheriff he'll understand, when I come back you to have better still be here," said Henry walking outside towards the hotel that was very busy and loud inside."Sheriff Jason, come quick," shouted Henry over the crowd."What is it," shouted Jason?"Steve" said Henry."What," shouted Sheriff Jason?Sheriff Jason worked his way to Henry and stepped outside where they can hear each other."Steve shot Lone Wolf because he was mad, because he wouldn't give us two more drinks, and Billy shot Steve," said Henry.So they both walked into the Saloon."We'll Steve lets here your side," asked Sheriff Jason?"That Injun their threatened me and Billy shot me, are you going to arrest them," asked Steve in pain and angry?"No I'm here to arrest you for shooting an unarmed man," Sheriff Jason pulling Lone Wolfs pistol out and showing it to Steve. There were still bullets in it.

"I told them to leave but they wouldn't, Miles look after things around here?" asked Steve.

"I will," said Miles.

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Chapter 3

"Alright come on Steve you're going to jail," said Sheriff Jason.Steve got out from behind the bar and went with Sheriff Jason and walked outside to the jail house. So they all walked out of the saloon and got on their horses and rode back to Frankie's house. When they arrived they got off their horses and walked up to the porch and opened the door."Frankie where are you," asked Bob?"I am over here what happened," asked Frankie getting up from reading a book?

"Lone Wolf got shot in the shoulder by Steve," said Billy."So what did you do this time," asked Frankie?"Ha very funny," said Lone Wolf."No really what happened," asked Frankie?"Nothing all I wanted was a drink and I turned around and Steve shot me from behind," said Lone Wolf."Did it hurt," asked Frankie?"Frankie you're talking to an Indian that doesn't show pain," said Henry."Oh I forgot, any ways hold still I almost got it out, there I got it," said Frankie pulling the bullet out."Hey you got it, wow your pretty good," said Bob."Yeah you might become a doctor," said Billy."I wouldn't think so, I mean you have to go to school for that and I don't think Frankie would like that," said Red Bear."No I wouldn't survive in the city, and besides I already know a lot of things," said Frankie."Like what," asked Red Bear?"We'll I know how to cook, shoot things, and take bullets out of people," said Frankie.So they all laughed and went upstairs and went to bed. Next morning Lone Wolf opened his eyes and looked up at the ceiling and he got out of bed and walked outside. He herd something in the barn so he walked towards it and saw Billy and Henry saddling their horses."Where are you going," asked Lone Wolf?"Into town to get supplies," said Henry."Can I come," asked Lone Wolf?"No, I know you to we'll, you stay here with the guys, your wound still needs time to heal, try to get your bow and pull back on it, on the string so your shoulder won't get stove up and then you wouldn't be able to use that arm anymore," said Henry."Alright," said Lone Wolf.So they got on their horses and rode to town to get supplies. They tied their horses to a post and went into the store. Sheriff Jason saw Billy and Henry's horses outside of the store, so he walked out of the jail house and across the street and walked up to the store and walked inside.

"Henry, how is Lone Wolf doing," asked Sheriff Jason?"He's doing well," said Henry."That's good, well Steve is still in jail until he says he is going to serve every Indian that comes through this town," said Sheriff Jason."Thanks Jason thanks a lot," said Henry with a smile."Your welcome," said Sheriff Jason walking back to the jail house.

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