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Chapter 1

Tugger and Macavity were walking to school and suddenly, they saw Bombalurina and Demeter. Bombalurina and Demeter were ahead of Tugger and Macavity; Tugger looked at Macavity and said,

"Hey, whoever asks out a girl to the Jellicle Ball wins also has to buy a new car, deal," said Tugger in a sinful voice. Now Macavity hated making deals with his brother.

"Brother, you know I hate making deals with you," said Macavity.

Before Macavity could turn around the bell rang, when he turned he saw Tugger already asking Bombalurina to the ball Tugger walked back to Macavity and said.

"You owe me a new car," Tugger said with a smile.

Tugger just laughed and smiled.

"Come on let’s go, you can ask someone when you get inside the school," said Tugger.

So they walked inside the school. Macavity noticed Griddlebone walking down the hallway of the Jellicle High, with her tail swishing back and forth. When she opened her locker, she saw Macavity walk up behind her.

"Were you checking me out?" asked Griddlebone.

"Maybe you're not that hard to check out. Would you like to go with me to the Jellicle Ball?" asked Macavity.

Griddlebone looked at Macavity, Macavity backed up slowly giving her space, Griddlebone said,

"Yes, can you pick me up around seven?" asked Griddlebone with a smile.

"Yeah," Macavity watching her shut her locker door and walking away. Then Tugger walks up and said,

"By the grin on your face, she said yes," said Tugger.

"Oh yeah, she said yes," said Macavity.

"Well good for you brother," Tugger said while patting Macavity on the back.

Then another cat came walking down the hall way pushing Macavity out of the way. Tugger grabbed the mysterious cat by the arm and said,

"Hey, what's your problem man?" asked Tugger in anger.

"Your brother was in my way," said the mysterious cat walking away.

Tugger went after the mysterious cat and got in his face.

"You better watch it, or you won't have a reason to hiss at anyone," said Tugger.

Before Tugger knew it, the mysterious cat slashed Tugger in the eye and walked away, as he was walking away he turned around and said,

"My name is Scourge, you both have better remember that," said Scourge walking away.

"Yeah you better walk away!" yelled Macavity.

Tugger looked at Macavity.

"What?" asked Macavity.

"What was that cat's problem?" asked Tugger holding his eye.

"I don't know, I've never seen him before, have you?" asked Macavity.

"No, he must be new, I'm going to the nurse's office to get cleaned up, I'll see you later," said Tugger walking to the nurse’s office.

As Macavity walked into his classroom he saw Scourge, then Jennyanydots looked at Macavity and said,

"Macavity take a seat next to Scourge please," said Jennyanydots politely.

"Why, he got in our faces," said Macavity looking at Scourge with angry eyes.

"Did he hurt you?" asked Jennyanydots.

"He hurt my brother," said Macavity.

Scourge looked at Macavity with a death stare.

"How did he hurt Tugger?" asked Victoria in an angry voice.

"He clawed Tugger in the eye," said Macavity.

"WHAT!!" shouted Ectcetra.

"So, big deal, your brother got in my face," Scourge said in an unpleasant voice.

"Because you pushed me," said Macavity.

"You were in my way," Scourge said in a sarcastic voice and a smirk on his face.

"That's it, you clawed my brother because he got in your face," said Macavity.

"What is done is done," Scourge said with a smirk.

"Yeah," Thistle Claw walking into the classroom.

Scourge looked up and Tugger followed in after Thistle Claw and sat down next to Macavity.

"Stupid Scourge," Tugger said in an inside voice.

"Now who's' that cat?" asked Macavity whispering into Tuggers ear.

"I'm not sure, I think he might be with Scourge, I don't know, what do you think?" asked Tugger.

"I don't know, I think he might be with him, they came in together," said Macavity.

"Well let's just stay away from them, I bet if Scourge and I were to fight I would win," Tugger said in a confident voice.

"Oh yeah, no doubt about that I bet you could take him out," said Macavity with a smile.

"I know I can, I 'm not saying that to be cocky or anything, I'm just saying because he won't stand a chance against me," said Tugger.

"That's true, you make him look so small and I think I intimidate his friend over there," said Macavity laughing.

"Macavity, you have to remember, never underestimate your opponent, it could be your last breathe," said Tugger.

"Oh, right, sorry I'm still young, I have a lot to learn," said Macavity.

"Yes you do," said Tugger.

"Man look at their claws and how big they are," said Macavity.

"Why don't you go over there and confront them about it," said Tugger smiling.

"I will," said Macavity walking toward Scourge and Thistle Claw.

"You guys have pretty good size claws, I've bet they have slashed a lot of cats?" asked Macavity.

"Yes they have, including your brother, but he's a different story. How would your brother like to join the Blood Clan?" asked Scourge.

"The Blood Clan, I don't know," asked Macavity.

"I will ask him after class," said Scourge.

Then the bell rang for lunch, Scourge walked up to Tugger and said,

"I need to talk to you?" asked Scourge.

So Tugger got up and walked with Scourge. Munkustrap looked at Macavity.

"What was all that about?" asked Munkustrap.

"Those new cats want Tugger to join the Blood Clan," Macavity getting up from his desk.

Munkustraps eyes were wide opened.

"Macavity do you realize if Tugger says yes he can't get out of it, once you are in, there is no getting out," Munkustrap said in a worried voice.

"You know how Tugger is, he will say yes," said Macavity walking out of the classroom.

"I know," Munkustrap walking with Macavity to lunch.

Then they all sat down at lunch and ate. Tugger came back from talking to Scourge.

"Well," Macavity eating.

"I said yes," Tugger eating his food slowly.

Then Griddlebone looked at Macavity with a worried look on her face. Macavity looked at Griddlebone and walked over to her table.

"What's wrong?" asked Macavity stroking her arm.

"You know if Tugger trys to leave the Blood Clan they will kill him," said Griddlebone in a worried voice.

"Griddlebone, I know the consequences, Tugger does also, he already spoke his mind and there is nothing I or Munkustrap can do," said Macavity lifting her head up.

"Well whatever decision he makes, he is going to regret it," Griddlebone pulling her face away from Macavity's hand.

"I know?" asked Macavity walking back to his table.

As Griddlebone was eating she thought to yourself "why would you do that, I don't understand, are you trying to kill yourself." Tugger got up from the table and walked over to Scourge's table.

"Did I say something wrong?" asked Macavity.

"No Scourge called him over," pointed Bombalurina.

"Oh," said Macvity.

Then Tugger went to the courtyard. As Macavity was leaving the lunch room he saw Tugger in the courtyard fighting with a cat named Firestar.

"Whoa, what's going on!" shouted Macavity, he looked at Firestar with an evil look.

"Were good," Tugger walking away.

Firestar looked at Macavity and asked.

"Do you want to join the Thunder Clan?" asked Firestar.

"I guess, sure, did I just say that," Macavity rubbing his head.

Firestar smiled.

"Oh Griddlebone, I forgot," Macavity running out of the courtyard.

Griddlebone was waiting for Macavity by the school doors. Then they arrived at the Jellicle Ball.

"Shall we," said Macavity holding his arm out.

"We shall," Griddlebone wrapping her arm around his.

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Chapter 2

As all the Jellicles were at the ball dancing and talking, Munkustrap noticed that Jemima and Electra were missing, Tugger went with Munkustrap. Tugger noticed Macavity.

"What are you doing here?" asked Tugger.

"I am here with Griddlebone," said Macavity.

"Good you can help us find them," said Tugger.

"Who?" asked Macavity.

"Jemima and Electra are missing," said Tugger.

"Oh, we just arrived, we didn't see them," said Griddlebone.

Macavity looked towards the forest and saw the Blood Clan and Thunder Clan, he took a gulp, Tugger didn't know he joined the Thunder Clan.

"They are recruiting warriors for their clans," Tugger flicking a flea off his ear.

"Well everyone is leaving, the ball is over, time to go," said Munkustrap.

"But we can't leave the kittens, what if something happens to them?" asked Tugger.

Then a voice came behind all of them.

"You mean these two?" asked Scourge, the Blood Clan leader.

"SCOURGE! Put them down," shouted Firestar.

"Why don't you make me," Scourge said with an attitude.

Then in a flash, Tugger and Macavity grabbed the two kittens, Tugger looked at Scourge as did Macavity.

"Well, you two are quite quick for house pets," spitted Scourge.

"I am Tugger, this is my brother Macavity," said Tugger.

Scourge looked at Macavity, then Tugger and back at Munkustrap. Scourge walked up to Macavity and looked into Macavity's green eyes

"You better watch what you're staring at, or somebody will get hurt," said Scourge.

As Macavity grew angry he was about to say something, as he saw Scourge's eyes turn to an icy cold, cold as death blue.

"Do you want to say something to me Macavity?" asked Scourge waiting on that one bad move from Macavity.

"No," angered Macavity.

Scourge smiled evily and started to walk away and looked back at Tugger and thought he would make a fine warrior. Then Firestar walked up to the three brothers and said to Macavity.

"That I was a noble thing you did," said Firestar.

" I hated to step down," Macavity watching Scourge walk away.

"You did what was best for you brothers," said Firestar.

"That's what families are for," said Macavity.

Then Firestar nodded and ran off. Tugger, Macavity and the rest of the junkyard cats headed back to the junkyard. Then Tugger looked and starred at Macavity with a grin.

" What?" asked Macavity.

"I thought you were the devil cat?" asked Tugger in a sarcastic voice.

"Well, I have a soft spot when it comes to family," said Macavity.

"Aww, Macavity the great noble cat as a soft spot," Tugger said in a kid voice.

" Yeah yeah, keep it down, I have a reputation to protect," Macavity smiled.

"Sure, you do, let head back to the junkyard," said Tugger.

When they arrived to the junkyard Munkustrap announced to the clan.

"Macavity is a welcomed guest, here at the junkyard," said Munkustrap.

Then Munkustrap walked off.

"Hey bro, you alright, you look dazed, what's up?" asked Tugger.

"Nothing, it's just I can't believe Munkustrap let me back into the junkyard until the clans are done recruiting, especially after what I put you, Munkustrap, Deatronomy and Grizzabella through," said Macavity.

"Well... Then the siren for danger went off.

"What in the world," said Munkustrap.

Then Tugger and Macavity went up on top of the hill and saw Scourge. Tugger looked at Macavity.

"Great now what?" Tugger asked in a worried voice.

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Chapter 3

Macavity turned to Tugger then looked back at Scourge. Munkustrap met Scourge at the gate of the junkyard while Tugger and Macavity were behind.

"What do you want?" asked Munkustrap.

Scourge smiled evily, and pointed at Tugger.

"I want your brother to be one of my warriors," said Scourge.

"Well what are you going to do?" Macavity asked Munkustrap.

Then Munkustrap looked at Scourge.

"No, you can't have him," said Munkustrap.

"Then I guess we will have to take him by force," Scourge looking evilly at Macavity.

"Come, I would like to see you try," Macavity arching his back and hissing.

"I was waiting for you to say that devil cat," Scourge leaped at Macavity and pinned him down.

"Oh yeah," Macavity gasping for air.

"Never underestimate your opponent when they can kill you Macavity, have fun in hell, after all, isn't that why they call you the devil cat," said Scourge.

"No they call me the devil cat because I'm already there," Macavity shoving Scourge off and pinning him down to the ground.

"Really because I have been in the fire and back, don't test me," hissed Scourge.

Scourge put his back legs on Macavity's chest and pushed him off. Tugger and Munkustrap went in between them.

"I'll go with you Scourge," said Tugger.

Scourge smiled and Tugger walked out and looked back at his brother.

"What are you doing?" whispered Macavity.

Then Tugger herd and turned around.

"I'm doing what is right, instead of wrong," said Tugger.

"Munkustrap," said Macavity.

"There is nothing I can do," Munkustrap looking defeated.

Macavity looked at Scourge and turned around and walked away.

"Look who is the coward now," smiled Scourge watching Macavity walk away.

Then Scourge and his warriors left. Munkustrap walked up to Macavity.

"Are you okay?" asked Munkustrap.

"No, he's going to be my enemy now," said Macavity.

"Scourge may have Tugger as a warrior and in his clan, that doesn't mean that he is going to be your enemy, or turn on us. Scourge maybe powerful, but you must remember, Scourge was the runt and so was Tugger. I'm sure Tugger will come back," said Munkustrap.

Then Macavity noticed Firestar, he came into the junkyard.

"Firestar, what is he doing here?" asked Macavity.

"Relax, I'm here to help," said Firestar.

"Help, how?"asked Macavity.

"I can help you get your brother back and end this war for good," Firestar had hope in his eyes.

"Ha, what can we do, were just junkyard cats?" asked Macavity.

"I have an idea, how to end all this," said Firestar.

"How?" asked Munkustrap.

"If Tugger is in their clan, Munkustrap and Macavity you'll have to kill him in order to save the Jellicle tribe," Firestar said in a stern voice looking at the two brothers.

"But he is my brother," said Macavity.

"This I know, but to help save your brothers tribe, you have to make a sacrifice, it is the only way to help save the tribe," said Firestar.

"Alright, if it's going to save my brothers tribe, then I am for it," said Macavity.

"Good," said Firestar looking at Munkustrap.

Firestar saw Munkustrap with a questioning look.

"I want to help save your tribe not destroy it," said Firestar.

"I know, but I'm not going to be the one to take my brother's life," Munkustrap looking at Macavity.

Macavity looked back from a distance at Munkustrap, then turned and walked away. Firestar followed Macavity.

"What will you do to take your brother?" asked Firestar.

"I would do anything to help, even if it means I have to take a life," said Macavity.

"You would kill your brother to help save the tribe," said Firestar with a stricken voice.

"Yes, if it's going to help save the clan, I will do it and it will be my burden to carry, not Munkustrap," said Macavity.

"That maybe ture, there is no other way unless you can meet with Tugger alone and tell him to come back and turn on the Blood Clan, that he doesn't belong there. You and Munkustrap want him home, so go meet hime somewhere and talk to him. Macavity if he does not come back then fight him until he does," Firestar walking away.

"I will try to bring him home," Macavity running towards the forest.

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