The Half-Breed


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Chapter 1

"Mom, someone is coming down the road," said Madison.

Gloria comes out of the house and stands on the porch with her little daughter Maria. She has three daughters, Madison, Maria and Victoria, who was stolen last night from a witch doctor and some men, they also took other girls from settler's homes, killing their families while taking them. But Gloria fought back and she didn't get hurt, but some of the men did. So, they took Victoria.

As the stranger got closer, her eyes widened.

"Who is that momma? Asked Madison.

"It's nobody dear," said Gloria.

"My son needs medical attention, he's been shot," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Kids go inside please?" asked Gloria.

"Okay momma," said Madison.

So the girls went inside and looked out the window.

"What are you doing here dad?" asked Gloria.

"Stopping by, and wandering if we can stay, and we will leave until he is better enough to ride?" asked Luther Standing Bear.

The girls looked out the window.

"It's grandfather," said Madison.

"Grandpa," said Maria.

"Yes," said Madison.

"Fine, you can stay, bring him inside," said Gloria.

So Luther Standing Bear got off his horse, he went to the back of the horse to the travois, he picked up his son and carried him inside the house, he laid him down in the spare room.

Gloria came into the room and Luther Standing Bear stepped out and sat down at the table.

"Grandpa," said Madison.

"Yes, it's been a long time since I've seen you all," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Yes, Maria was a baby then. But we remember you, momma does not like to talk about you, and when either of us talk about you, she would get mad at us," said Madison.

"Yes, your momma holds a lot of stuff inside that she shouldn't," said Luther Standing Bear.

As she was cleaning Black Elk's wound and removing the bullet, she was getting upset, because she could hear them talking, Black Elk lost a lot of blood, especially when she was taking the bullet out. So she went to her dresser and pulled out some linens and some native medicine that she had. She poured whisky on the wound and cleaned it up, then she stitched the wound and put some sage on the wound and covered it up with a bandage, then she pulled the covers over him and let him rest. She closed the door from behind her and walked towards the kitchen to wash her hands.

"He bled a lot, but I think he is going to be alright," said Gloria.

"Good, thank you, where is Victoria," asked Luther Standing Bear?

"I don't know? She was taken by some men and a witch doctor last night," said Madison.

"Madison," Gloria said in an upset voice.

"Well mother, he is our grandfather," said Madison.

"It's alright Madison," said Luther Standing Bear.

So she went back to washing her hands.

"Madison will you set the table please?" asked Gloria.

"Yes momma, so that Indian, is he your brother?" asked Madison.

"Yes he is your mothers brother," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Cool, so does that mean he is our uncle?" asked Madison.

"Yes it does," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Please stop, lets eat," said Gloria putting the food on the table.

"What about our uncle?" asked Madison.

"He'll get food also," said Gloria.

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Chapter 2

So they started eating. When they were finished she made Black Elk a plate.

"Do you want me to take it to him? "asked Luther Standing Bear.

"No, you've done enough," upsetted Gloria.

"Honey, put the plate down and let's talk," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Girls, go to your room," said Gloria.

"Yes ma'am," said Madison.

"You want to talk, fine, let's talk, why did you leave us, why did you separate me from my baby brother. This is the first time I get to see him and his first time seeing me for a long time," said Gloria.

"Gloria, I did not leave you or your mother. Your mother left me and your brother, she took you from me. She wanted something better than this, she left him, I had to take care of your brother. She loved him very much, I knew it would hurt her to leave him. But now I understood why she did it. Where you guys lived, it was high class very sophisticated, she feared that if he grew up there, or went with her, the people would beat him up, or kill him, or throw him in jail for being an Indian. So this hatred you have towards me, you need to let it go," said Luther Standing Bear.

"What, she told me it was the other way around, but she left him when he was a baby? Growing up, I was wandering why she cried at night, she would talk about him all the time," said Gloria.

"She would," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Yeah, she would always tell me she regretted leaving him, because that was her baby," said Gloria.

"Well she had to do what was best," said Luther Standing Bear.

"I'm going to take him his food, maybe he will be awake to eat," said Gloria.

She takes his plate and enters the room, her dad is still sitting at the table, so she closes the door behind her and stood there looking at her brother, and then she smiles, and quietly walks up to his bed side and laid his food down on the end table, and sat down in the chair. She put her hand on his hand and tears started rolling down her face, she couldn't believe it was her baby brother all grown up.

"Where's momma?" asked Madison.

"She is in your uncle's room," said Luther Standing Bear.

"Oh, okay then," Madison going back to her room and getting ready for bed.

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Chapter 3

Then Black Elk started to wake up, he slowly opened his eyes and saw Gloria. He smiled and then she smiled.

"I brought you some food to eat, I thought you might be hungry," said Gloria.

"Thank you," said Black Elk in pain.

"It's good to see you again, after all these years," said Gloria.

"Yes dad would always tell me I had a big sister, what happened? Why did you leave, dad told me what happened when I got older," said Black Elk.

She had tears in her eyes.

"I didn't want to leave, I had no choice, mom was forcing me to leave you and dad. So we left, I felt like a piece was missing from my heart," said Gloria.

"Did she love me? if she loved me, she wouldn't have left," angered Black Elk.

"Brother she loved you very much, she talked about you all the time, she said she wished she could have taken you with us, but she was afraid to, because of what people would do to you, it was hard for me to not tell people that I was a half-breed. It was hard for both of us, if the people knew we were half-breeds they would have hurt us, or killed us, or threw us in jail. So she played it safe. But she really did love you, she talked about you all the time, and she would cry at night," said Gloria.

"Really," said Black Elk.

"Yes, she did," said Gloria.

"So where is she, is she here?" asked Black Elk.

"No, she died, she got really sick suddenly and died in her sleep," said Gloria.

"Oh, does dad know?" asked Black Elk.

"Yes he does, I wrote it the day it happened, he didn't tell you? I thought he did," said Gloria.

"Oh, "said Black Elk.

"Well eat up and get some rest you will need more rest," said Gloria.

"Okay, thank you," said Black Elk.

"Your welcome brother," said Gloria and closed the door from behind her.

"Well did he wake up?" asked Luther.

"Yes, and we talked, and I told him about mom and us. I know you're not supposed to talk about the dead, but he needed to know," said Gloria.

"Good, I'm glad you guys talked, well it's late, we better be getting to bed now," said Luther.

So they went to bed.

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