The Lakota Nation pt 1


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Chapter 1

On a hot summer day over the Great Plains, their stood two young men by the name of Talking River and Little Creek, they are brothers. As they were riding across the Great Plains they had stopped and got off their "tusuhnke" (horses) and got on their stomachs and crawled over a hill, they both looked over and saw ten "wasicha" (white men) with guns and their "winyan" (women). So they got up slowly, got back on their horses and rode back to their village. They told chief EE-Shah-Konee what they have seen. So he told his "ozuyes" (warriors). 

"Ride and meet them, they are probably fur traders," said Chief EE-Shah-Konee. 

"Or they want our land?" asked Talking River getting on his horse. 
Little Creek and Chief EE-Shah-Konee got on their horses and on their way to see these” wasicha" (white men). 

"So this is Lakota territory?" asked Joseph. 

"Yes now these Natives are thieves, and I would keep those women close," said George. 

"Why?" asked Danny. 

"You don't want to know why," said George. 

"Tell me, I want to know?" asked Danny. 

"They'll take them away, or kill them, or even make them their own," said George. 

"We'll we won't let that happen," said Joseph cleaning his gun. 

"You can't beat them; the Lakota people will have us wiped out. There are more of them than you think, twice as much as the Apaches," said George getting up from sitting. 

So when the white people were doing what they wanted the Lakota's were all lined up on the hill. Joseph saw the Lakota's first and yelled, 
INDIANS! You can tell that the "wasicha" (white men) were afraid. So the white eyes started to run for their guns as usual and came back and starred at the warriors. Then the warriors came down the hill and arrived inside the white man's camp and got off their horses. 

"What are you doing here? Joseph translate that so they can understand?" asked George. 

"We speak very well English," said Little Creek. 
"Good, now tell me what you're doing here on our camp?" asked George. 

"We ask same question, what are you doing here on Lakota lands," asked Chief EE-Shah-Konee? 

"Oh, we'll we are fur traders, yeah we're fur traders," said Danny. 

"I don't believe these "wasicha" (white men) they are liars," whispered Little Creek. 
Talking River told Chief EE-Shah-Konee that him and his brother were going to look around the camp. 

"Hey where are y'all going, get back here, or I’ll shoot you both," said Danny. 

"No, don't shoot, they'll have us slaughtered," said George. 

So Talking River and Little Creek went around the camp, Talking River saw a table with what looked like hair. Talking River thought it was Mexican hair, then he got a closer look, he picked it up and it was shiny and oily to the touch, it wasn't Mexican hair, it was Indian hair. Talking River grabbed all of them and showed it his little brother. 

"Ha ho" (look at this)?" asked Talking River in the Lakota language. 

"Takulua nunwa" (what is it)?" asked Little Creek. 

"It is Indian hair, these "wasicha" (white men) are not fur traders, they are scalp hunters," Talking River said furiously. 

So they ran back and started talking to Chief EE-Shah-Konee in Lakota. 

"I told you these "wasicha" (white men) were liars, this is Indian hair, not fur traders, but scalp hunters," said Little Creek. Chief EE-Shah-Konee looked straight at the white men and back at his warriors. They got on their horses and Chief EE-Shah-Konee said, 

"We will be back tomorrow."
So the white eyes turned around and Danny asked.

"Joseph go back and check on the ladies?" asked Danny. 

"Okay, I'll check on the scalps to," said Joseph. 
But what they didn't know was Talking River put the scalps in his bag before he went back to tell Chief EE-Shah-Konee. Joseph checked on the ladies and then he walked over and saw the table was empty. 

"THE SCALPS ARE GONE!" shouted Joseph. 

"What do you mean gone?" asked Danny. 

"Those savages stole them?" asked George. 

"Yes," said Joseph. 

"Well they will be back," said George. 

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Chapter 2

The Lakota's went back to show the Indian hair to their village. The next morning Chief EE-Shah-Konee gathered most of his warriors and went to meet the white eyes once again. As the women were cooking and bathing the men, one of the younger women looked up and screamed. 
All the men came running out with their guns. 

"What's wrong?" asked Danny out of breath. 

The young lady pointed towards the hills, they all looked and it was the Lakota warriors all lined up with war paint on. Chief EE-Shah-Konee looked at Talking River and nodded his head. Talking River raised his hand and yelled they started to ride down the hill and into the white man's camp. All the men started firing and some Lakota warriors jumped off their horses and landing on the men killing them. Chief EE-Shah-Konee was on the hill watching his warriors. They killed the white men and burned the camp down. The warriors took the women and tied them up and walked as the warriors rode their horses. When they arrived at their village Little Creek said, 

"Le-anpetu washte" (this is a good day)," Little Creek said in the Lakota language. 

"Hau, anpetu washte" (yes, it is a good day)," answered Talking River. 

So they took the "wasicha winyan" (white women,) to the village, the Indian women and their children, were all starring at the white women. The warriors stopped and got off their horses, they took them to the "winyan's tipi" (woman's house), to dress them up. The Lakota "winyan" (women), dressed them and sent them back outside to the "ozuyes" (warriors). All the women were scared and looking down, this one young lady liked how Little Creek looked. Her name is Katie; she looked up at Little Creek. Little Creek looked at her with confusion. 

"We will see who gets who, if one gets left behind let her go, or give her away to another tribe!" shouted Talking River to all the men. 

All the women were afraid, devastated, shocked, the ozuyes" (warriors), grabbed the women and was jerking them around like rag dolls. Most of the women were hitting, biting and kicking the warriors. Katie kicked and punched a warrior, the warrior pushed Katie knocking her down then grabbing her by the arm and dragging her, she kept twisting and turning, finally she got loose and Katie quickly got up and ran. 
Little Creek ran after her, he grabbed her and jerked her towards him and turned her around about to slap her but he looked into her eyes and told the other warrior she was taken. 

"You want her "hoksilla" (boy)?" asked Talking River. 

"Huh" (yes)," said Little Creek. 

"Toksha ake wacin yuanktin ktelo" (I should see you again)," said the warrior. 

So Little Creek pushed Katie into his brother’s "tipi" (house), and there were other people in there as well, and children. Little Creek asked. 

"Lol wahcheen" (are you hungry)?" asked Little Creek. 

"He asked if you are hungry," said Talking River. 

"You speak English?" asked Katie. 

"Yes we all do," Said Little Creek eating.
"Do you want some food," asked Talking River.
"Yes please," said Katie.
"Alright here you go," said Talking River. 

"It's very good food," said Katie. 

"Pilamaya" (thank you)," said Little Creeks mother. 

"Pilamaya?" asked Katie. 

"Yes it means thank you in our language," said Talking River. 

As the sun, was going down it was getting dark, it was time for bed, so they all lay down and went to sleep. 

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