Leaking Darkness


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Moving in

 Dust shrouded the small room like a dense blanket, causing my skin to become irritated and inflamed. The air was musty and cold which sent shivers down my back. My eyes examined the room for flaws. The floorboard was coarse and jagged: chunks of wood stuck out of the floor making it perilous to walk across. What stood out even more was the sombre wallpaper; its peeling edges revealed unattractive mould spread across the wall. However, the flaws made my bedroom look unique and a bit of sweeping up and painting the walls a neon turquoise would lighten the atmosphere. Cardboard boxes were stacked against the right wall. Hauling the box brimful of books, I began to unload.

My room was completed. I had unloaded all the boxes. My clothes, books and personal belongings were all in their right location and my dad had painted the walls the perfect turquoise. He had also straightened out the floorboard so it was safe to walk on. I was satisfied. Curling up on my tidied bed, I watched as the evening light trickled through the pastel blue curtains until the light had gone and was replaced by long, haunting shadows. Abruptly, my eye caught some wallpaper which hadn't been painted on. I sat up, slipped on my bunny slippers, picked up the paint can and trundled towards the bit of unpainted wallpaper. Before I did anything I noticed letters forming on the edge in crimson chalk: Get out of my house before I demolish everything you care for. The penetrating words were tormenting and even the thoughts in my head were stammering in trauma.

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 The high pitched scream pierced me in the stomach. Instantaneously, I shot my eyes open. Sweat trickled down my forehead as I groggily sat up. My sight quivered under the weight of the crushing darkness as I squinted, working out where the noise originated. The silence prolonged, setting an eerie atmosphere. Suddenly, a black silhouette appeared at the door. It was quite short, about 55 inches tall. Butterflies oscillated in my stomach as the silhouette remained lurking in its position. Steadily, I removed the covers and slinked out of bed. As I neared the door, the silhouette edged away. Every step I took was hooked with fear.

Unexpectedly, the silhouette dispersed. The air instantly became chillier, causing me to grapple at my sides to keep myself warm. I skulked through the door and into the corridor, where the air injected me like a numbing drug. I sauntered around and caught a glimpse of the silhouette. I was now shaking and a bag brimful of uncontrollable terror was placed over my head, threatening to suffocate me. I thought I saw the silhouette head towards the kitchen. I followed my instincts and headed towards the kitchen door. When my numb fingers grasped the coarse oak knob, I paused. I didn't know what was in store for me. But there was only one way to find out. Courage drilling into me, I turned the knob and ambled in. 

I screamed. The crimson pool in the vicinity of my dog's body brought tears to my eyes. I fell onto my knees and cradled Poppy in my arms, hot blood staining my pyjamas. A bloody note stuck out of Poppy's mouth. My stomach lurched as I realised it was the same hand writing on the unpainted wallpaper in my room. It read: Told you so. My scream could be heard from the stars.

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