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The Ravenwood Legacy

Everything was finally perfect in sixteen-year-old Violet Wildes' life, that was until she came home from school one day and her parents told her they were moving. One afternoon and her life was turned upside down, now she's stuck at a new school, forced to make new friends and to make matters worse, it's full of Normies. Yes,...

The Quiet Before the Storm

"Time is a strange Mistress" It's been 150 years since the great war, when the Northern Kingdoms of Selisle, Waes, and Sesslyn went to war against the great might of the Tulschian Empire. No one really won that war, and perhaps that's why tensions still run high when those of Tulsch cross the sea into the frigid north. Asiliyara has...

La Secta De Los Perros

Gloria miró al cielo una última vez antes de que el mundo y todo lo que él contenía desapareciese. Devolvió su mirada a Javier y sonrió de nuevo aunque esta vez su mirada estaba teñida de compasión. -Detrás del miedo está la libertad.