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The Fun-tastic Multi-theme park at Murthal-Mojoland

Adventure Park or Amusement Park?? Or is Water Park better?- Is this your weekend dilemma too?

Look no further. We might have the perfect solution!!!

Mojoland-The Thrill of four parks rolled into a single destination! It prides on being the only theme park hosting an Adventure Park, an Amusement Park, Water Park, and an Aero sports Park as well.

The Aero sports Park of Mojoland is a must-explore site. Here, they prep you for your most exciting experiences through well-monitored courses tailored to your age and level. This is one of the few aero-sports parks for school students in the Delhi NCR region.

The best attraction of our theme park is the hair-raising paramotoring activity. You can enjoy the thrilling session of flying at 1000 feet above the ground here. Fly high for 6 to 8 km, while enjoying the enticing view of surroundings.

The Adventure Park at Mojoland promises unparalleled thrill for all the adrenaline junkies out there. It hosts exclusive rides like Sky Cycling, Zip Line, Rock climbing, Tyre Walk and Commando Net designed to get your heart rate spiking.

Mojoland would be the best escapade from the summer sun offering splashy rides and exciting water sports. Let loose with your family and friends at this oasis of delight and joy, enriched with a tropical environment. This chill-out zone provides numerous water sports, Family pool, Rain dance, Foam dance along with customized waterslides for kids. The visitors have titled Lagoon Waterpark as the best water park in Sonipat

Fun World of Mojoland guarantees a fun-riot at the world-class carnival of thrill-packed rides. A one-of-its-kind amusement park that abides with all safety standard guidelines followed by top amusement parks. It is also about to open the best snow park in Delhi NCR. Your one-stop destination for the adventure of a lifetime!

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