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Spring Break Adventures: Karen and Susan Take on Two Submissive Co-eds Volume 1

Susan put the laptop down in front of Brenda and Kelly. She began showing them her slideshow of the photos of the night before. Susan had Photoshopped them a little, but they still looked very real and legitimate. The girls jaws dropped and they were horrified at what they saw. “Buuu… but…” Brenda stammered. “Are those us in those...

Dominant Wives Society and Their Cuckold Husbands Volume 4 Thru 6

Volume 4: “Greetings everyone…” Eve began her cuckold class, “I know that it is your first time being here and you have nothing to fear, well nothing yet.” The room full of men cuckolds chuckled. “Under your seats you will find your cuckold guide that will answer pretty much any question you have about becoming a cuckold husband.” ...