True Magic: 2


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Chapter 1: A Magician

Blaze stood stunned, he quickly tried to compose his face. However, his amazement really showed in how he held himself. Even the chooser seemed to be impressed with the outcome. Blaze’s red hair seemed to glow like fire in excitement, his green eyes filled with happiness. The kids behind him gasped, the news seemed to spread like wildfire in a few seconds nearly everyone in the line knew what had happened. “You have been selected to take part in the Academy of Magic, you will return here tomorrow by the time the sun reaches halfway.” Blaze stood stunned as he watched. “Okay,” he managed to reply through his bewilderment. “The Academy congratulates you on this achievement and hopes to find your magical element very soon, next!” Dismissed the woman. The hopes of many of the other children shot up. “No, no, no,” Said the woman. And the hopes came crashing helplessly to the ground. There was a pause and Blaze turned from his path. “Magician!” Called the woman. Looking over Blaze was filled with burning hatred. As the woman went over the same procedure as she did with him Blaze couldn’t help but feel his heart cover with stone. Anger flushed on his face as the boy stood proudly, his smug knowing look plain on his face. Even the woman seemed disappointed with the reaction of the spoilt child. Blaze turned on his heel, his deep blue eyes seemed to burn to a red. Blaze made his way back to his house, ready to pack his things for the Academy, and say goodbye to the family he didn’t have. The children around Blaze swore they could see smoke rising from where his feet fell. Blaze’s only comforting though was that the other magician would have a very disappointing power. Blaze fumed with fury as his thoughts flew over the events once more, Marthen had been chosen as well.

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Chapter 2: Packing

  Blaze snuck back into his small home. He slipped quietly closer. Listening out he heard nothing, no footsteps of an intruder who had overstayed their visit. Moving closer he softly moved inside the house, much of Blaze’s anger had burned itself out. But he still harboured a fury deep inside his heart. He turned, looking both ways behind the doorway before searching the other room of his house. Blaze became instantly disheartened. His only source of his history was ruined, his one table and chair had been splintered and tipped over. Anything that could be broken was. Thankfully, apart from his two books. The Art Of Magic, and The History Of Dragons. After assuring he had no intruders lurking inside his house he began to pack. He brought out a cloak, in it was many pockets, all ready to be filled with numerous possessions. He slipped his bag of coins into it, one golden royal, five silver royals, a silver druh, and ten copper druhs. It was painfully small, but Blaze knew he could manage to live on it. In the larger pockets he placed the two books which were stained with age. He moved around and reached his hand under his mattress, holding it with excessive and unnecessary care he slipped it carefully into the book, The History Of Dragons. Finally Blaze brought out a small object, a little bronze key accompanied by a book with a lock on it. After slipping it all silently and unnoticeable inside his cloak, he set out to meet the woman. 

Marthen looked smugly towards Blaze. “No possessions hey?” he jabbed. “I am sorry, I must have disrespected you with my low class, my lord.” Replied Blaze. Marthen’s sneer disappeared as he looked towards him. “That’s right you little worm, lord is what you call me,” snapped Marthen. “Oh really, if I am the worm what are you, the maggot?” Replied Blaze trying to keep his voice uninterested and uncaring, his acting working perfectly. Marthen began to walk forward ready to grab him. Blaze tensed ready to sprint away at a moments notice. “At the Academy we tolerate verbal bickering, but any physical activity will be punished.” Interrupted the woman who had chosen to intrude before the conversation could get out of hand. Marthen stared, anger and frustration evident on his face. Blaze walked over to the woman, “What is your name? We never really got to know.” Asked Blaze. Marthen began to pack his belongings in the cart they would be riding on. “Oh, my name is Seinna,” she replied looking over. “Yours?” She Asked. “Verin, as I said before,” he supplied. Marthen’s equipment filled more than half the available space, just another thing that happens when you are a son of a noble. “Excuse me...?” Asked the Sienna, implying for Marthen’s name. “Marthen,” he replied. “Marthen, you are not permitted this amount of equipment,” continued the Sienna. “What!” Replied Marthen filled with rage. Blaze slipped closer, Marthen was distracted with Sienna. Reaching over Blaze found a large bag filled with coins, pulling out two he found a golden and silver royal. Quietly he slipped it into his own coin bag. “You must return some of this equipment to your home, or it will be left here.” Continued Sienna. Blaze laughed as Marthen fumed and began to pull out some of his stuff.

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Chapter 3: Dreams, Or Nightmares

The wagon began to roll, Marthen’s burden significantly smaller than before. Blaze moved to the front sitting next to the old man who led the cart. “Hello,” Said Blaze starting friendly conversation. The old man may have been deaf or dumb because he didn’t reply. Taking that as a time to look away Blaze turned his attention to his surroundings. The lovely green trees trundled by as the mule’s hooves stepped over the worm gravel path. The hills in the distance added to the wild yet beautiful scenery. The bouncing of the wagon soon became quiet and relaxing, it’s unpredictable sequence fading into the quiet background. Looking back Blaze saw Marthen talking to Sienna. Marthen’s face soon became red and angry and Blaze chuckled to himself. Blaze soon became tired and dozed off, his eyes drooping until they finally fell closed and he drifted off to a comforting sleep.

Calling out, his mother signaled for Blaze to come to dinner. As Blaze made his way from the nearby woods he soon heard another call. He began running, bursting out from the undergrowth to reveal a house. His house. Looking in he found his mother and father getting ready for dinner, as soon as he arrived it would be ready. All the tables and chairs, furniture and fireplace, they were all there. All as it should be, until he heard a scream. Looking around Blaze found himself, kneeling over the dead body of his mother and father. Looking up he saw a vicious man, a sneer covering his face.

Blaze awoke in a veil of sweat. Old raw pain began to resurface in his mind. Blaze closed his eyes, slowly and quietly he began to move the thought back into the very deepest depth of his mind, until he was sure it would never resurface. Ever again.

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Chapter 4: The Academy

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