Darcy Hotchner was nineteen and about to start a brand new life in college when she suddenly disappeared from the face of the earth. Two years later, with her family still pulling on a string of hope and all her friends being scattered around the world after graduation, a cry for help reaches their phones and forces them to head back...

To Ethan

This book contains a collection of messages sent back and forth by suicidal Ethan and lonely Aubrey who meet on Twitter one day, only to realize that they've already met in the mental clinic two years ago. A dangerous situation, failures, misunderstandings, hardships, awkward moments, accidents, silent conversations, disappointment,...

Paper Cuts

MILES: bleak, unmotivated, very rational with his emotions, reluctant heir of his father's respected entertainment company, regular customer of the Sweetbrew. ELLIE: bright, cheerful, a literature undergrad, part-time employee of the Sweetbrew. A coffeeshop across the street. A heartfelt letter written by an employee. The start of a...


They were like parallel lines. Always close but never together. But when estranged neighbours Jin Hee and Aaron wake up in the same tent together one morning, even the rules of geometry lose their order.


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The Double

The Double centers on a government clerk who goes mad. It deals with the internal psychological struggle of its main character, Yakov Petrovich Golyadkin, who repeatedly encounters someone who is his exact double in appearance but confident, aggressive, and extroverted, characteristics that are the polar opposites to those of the...

The Elements of Style

The Elements of Style is an American English writing style guide. It is one of the most influential and best-known prescriptive treatments of English grammar and usage in the United States. It originally detailed eight elementary rules of usage, ten elementary principles of composition, and "a few matters of form" as well as a list of...