The Molecular Cancer Research in the USA. General Characteristics.


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Chapter 1

Cancer has been a significant threat in multiple countries around the world. Scholars are currently working to identify the causes as well as the best strategies to prevent, diagnose, and cure it. Students from various colleges and cancer research institute are playing a significant role in this research. While researching different aspects of handling cancer, scientists have been plagued by many questions. Learn about the research done on molecular cancer in the USA.


1) The Relevance Of Using A Mouse To Study Human Cancer


Scientists and medical students are replicating human cancer cells in a laboratory mouse. The test on mice is relevant before testing any potential therapy in the tissues of humans. The laboratory mouse provides many insights concerning cancer. So far, researchers in the USA cancer center have no other experimental systems that can rival the effectiveness of using a laboratory mouse.


2) Effects Of The Metabolic Approach To Treat Cancer


Unlike other tissues in the human body, cancer cells tend to use energy abnormally. Therefore, scholars in cancer research have developed an interest in this condition and have been finding ways to apply therapies to disrupt the high-energy consumption by the cancer cells. The metabolic approach could be used to treat cancer, but the side effects can be severe. The metabolic method will affect the healthy cells because they use the same metabolic pathway that will be disrupted hence causing chemotherapy-like side effects.


3) The Use Of Genetic Mutation To Treat Cancer


Scholars are focusing on studying how the identification of the mutations that cause cancer can be used to shape the treatment process. Since the genetic mutations are dividing uncontrollably, scholars are finding ways that target the treatment of these genetic alterations. Besides, doctors are aiming at studying the possible clinical situations that can help to make better decisions regarding cancer.


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4) Cancer Research Methods


Scholars are using various ways to work on research different cancer conditions. The conventional techniques used in the breast cancer research foundation include basic research, transitional, clinical, as well as population research. All these approaches range right from observation to medical experiments that can help to discover better ways to treat cancer.




College students with interests in researching cancer can find their way into various research institutions to build a career. Multiple technologies have been introduced to help pursue the goal of treating cancer more effectively. Whether the research on cancer is linked to academia, there is a need to understand the underlying concepts regarding cancer cells and their mutation.

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