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Game Plan

 Sorin sat in the middle of the room, sharpening his dagger by the fire. I sat opposite him, running my hand along Drakha. Nishinkin curled around us, his orange bulk protecting us from any outsiders who happened to pass.

In the world there are many places. All of them are represented by a different dragon. Here in Alagaësia we have us Riders and our Dragons. In Curseling there are dragons with red noses and curling noodles of thick hair coming off their snouts. Their Dragons are long and twisting, with wings pressed so tight in their back you can't see them until they're spread. In Sandrealï (where my Djinni father comes from) there are Rocs, giant birds with vibrant coloured plumage. In Eastmark, there are the Velcaraz, smaller lizards with four legs and long necks, but no wings. In Imanianoli they have Hydras, giant dragons with long necks and multiple heads. If you chop one of their heads off, they grow back two from the stump.

However, each one has their counter. Some are overwhelmed by magic, some by size, some just by the messed up circle of life. Us Riders overwhelm all when it comes to magic, but are lesser in size to all but the Velcaraz. In the circle of life, the Rocs are on top of the food chain. Though they are little more than giant, flying chickens, they still pose an absolutely huge threat with their paralysis magic, which makes prey freeze in fear when they attack.

It was these statistics that ran through my mind as I waited. What did I wait for?

A response.

"A few years ago I managed to invade Eastmark and claim a single Velcaraz. I fed it and made it loyal to me. It understands the Ancient Language, like all animals out there," I explained to Sorin, watching him continue to sharpen his blade.

"So?" He responded, "what are you planning on doing with it? Where is it now?"

"That's what I'm talking about. Also, his name's Lupiz." Sorin rolled his eyes at me. I continued. "As you know, Alagaësia is the smallest continent out of the five there are in this world. And as you know, I'm in a secret alliance with the other Riders." He nodded, following along well. "We have decided to expand our borders. This might be an issue, seeing as there are few continents with dragons inferior to ours. We are stuck in the middle, under the Hydras of Imanianoli and the Rocs of Sandrealï. Therefore, we only have two attack options; Curseling and Eastmark.

"The different Dragons symbolise how strong the continent is, with each one representing the amount of damage they'd do in war. So, our best bet would be to attack Eastmark, seeing as the Velcaraz are the weakest Dragons, therefore making it the weakest continent.

"The biggest issue is that the Servians aren't on our side. I'm the messenger for the Riders, as Eragon appointed. And that's where Lupiz comes in. He has been sent to the Capital with a message for the government. If they accept, then I will go to our capital, Pulk, with Nishinkin, and from there we will get on good terms with the government again. See," I said, "it's easy."

Sorin shook his head slowly. "Agh, Ashira!" He moaned. "You're crazy. But anyway... isn't that how I came to love you?" I swooned, hugging him tight. "Okay, crazy Dragongirl, how about this. If the Servians accept, then I come with you to Pulk. I'm not helping otherwise."

I nodded and Nishinkin purred loudly. 

Just then, Lupiz came through the cave entrance.

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