Fantasia: Aftermath


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 Lolinami and I, along with the Oracle, the General and Zixu, the advisor, stood beside my mother's bed of soft hay. She lay crumpled and dying. "Lolinami... it is your time," she said, her voice shaky and hoarse. "Your time to step to the throne. Let the General be your protector, the Oracle your wisdom and Saoni the wind in your sail." Lolinami knelt down close to her and began weeping gently. "Saoni, I appoint you as advisor." It was clear that she was breathing her final breaths. "And Lolinami as... queen..." with this she faded into silence.

My sister buried her face in my mane, short hairs tickling my cheek. "Sister, don't be upset. She was sent off in pleasure with us by her side. Now you and I, together, can change the world for the better. Now... who's that young dragon you're so into? I'm quite sure it's time that silly rule comes to an end."

She blinked and looked at me with a sad smile. "Sounds good. Hey Zixu, you're not loosing your job, don't worry. My sister probably has more fun exploring and you can help her while she's away."

He bowed graciously. "Thank you, your highness. I will see too it that the rule is changed immediately."

I left Mother's room and trotted off to the Ferustyne Healing quarters, where Arvid was being healed. When I got there, he was on his side, looking like the majestic king he was born to be. "Arvid, you goose, there you are!"

"Actually," her responded, "it's eagle to you!"

"You know, that was a lot of worrying you made us do. But in only a couple months they've been able to heal you right up."

"Yeah! I'm actually ready to fly again, wanna go for a spin?"

"You know it."

And with that, we ran out of the emergency room, and leaped into the sky.

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 My horse cantered to a stop as I reached Drakaupi. Glycon had arranged for us to go there when Arvid was healed. At the gates, the keeper bowed his head and lowered the staff gripped in his dark claws. Glycon came to meet me as I entered, his ruby red tail flicking in delight. "Goizu! Hey, how are you doing?"

"Better than ever! After we found the key I realised that something about riding horseback was very pleasing, so I got my own."

"Oh, cool!" Glycon said, inspecting my little, grey dappled pony. "What's his name?"

"Well, she's actually a girl, but I called her Arvid. Just in case he didn't make it out of the emergency room alive."

Glycon laughed. After this he led me into town where a celebration was being set up. I soon found out that it was the new dragon tradition, in which all Representatives would come to Drakaupi and be honoured guests at the king's table. It was in honour of how we saved Fantasia, called The Festival of Lock and Key. It would go on until times end, with every Representatives after us partaking in the tradition of gathering at Drakaupi under bunting of nine colours: Black, white, gold, yellow, deep blue, pale blue, red, green and purple.

It was a fitting celebration indeed.

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 I led Goizu through the streets bustling with activity, just as Klyo arrived. The table was set up with the short end right beside a stream that led off the Startrail. Miriap was at that end, already in deep discussion with Mary, who sat perched on the top of her seat. Along the longest side we would seat Ponte, Junke and Goizu, as those two would take up less space there than if they were sitting with me on the other side. Our plates were delicately carved from stone, as was our intricate cutlery. I sat behind my obsidian plate, taking in how incredibly perfect it was. The royal jeweller must have done these. I thought about how Saoni would love her purple set of cutlery, the glowing amethyst perfectly representing her eyes.

My father came to the table and attempted to sit in Arvid's place next to me. I growled at him. "Nuh-uh, dad. This table's for Representatives only. And the king, but you're not the king."

He responded with hearty laughter. "My son, I'm so proud. You saved the entire world, not just the simple continent of Fantasia. Also, the workers are rebuilding the pegasus statue at Ritual as we speak."

I nodded as Ponte came through the gates. We were just waiting on Junke, Arvid and Saoni for the celebrations to begin.

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